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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Firefighters contained a morning house fire to one bedroom limiting the damage inside. But it’s what else the firefighters saved that have the residents thankful.

When crews responded to the fire at a home on Westchester Road Tuesday morning, they’re main priority, as always, was to put out the flames and contain the damage, but their search of the home found some victims in need of special help.

“Another crew searched the house for anybody inside and found the animals — three cats and three dogs inside, which were retrieved from the house,” WFD Capt. William Camp said.

After bringing the pets out, firefighters gave two of the cats oxygen with the help of special breathing masks for animals.

The family was pleased to discover all their furry friends made it out safely.

“I was actually really glad,” said Caitlin Hilk the girlfriend of one of the people who lives in the house. “I was worried when I was told that the house caught on fire, that they weren’t going to get all the animals, but they did”

Even though the home suffered $80,000 worth of damage, according to the fire department, the spirits of the family who lives in the house and their friends were high knowing the toll could have been much worse.

“Everything is good,” Hilk said. “The house not so much, but the animals and everybody else is safe.”

In all firefighters saved two Chihuahuas, a Yorkshire Terrier, kitten and two adult cats from the burning home.

Investigators say it looks like the fire started with an electrical short.

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  • Guest2020

    I am glad the animals were save, but more importantly, I am glad that the family is okay.

  • Guest1983

    Animals or humans, they are all LIVES! Why put humans first by saying “more importantly…”? SO irritating.

  • Rachel

    Way to go fire fighters!!


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