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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority is no stranger to billing issues. Now the authority has found unbilled utilities, which may mean some unexpected charges for customers.

In our down economy, there’s no question that every dollar counts. What would you do if you received a bill from the CFPUA saying you owed close to $800 in unbilled expenses?”

That’s the reality for at least one Wilmington resident. Suyapa Urbina says she has never missed a payment to the cape fear public utility authority. Last week though, Urbina got a letter from the authority saying she owed an additional $775.75 on her next bill for sewage expenses the CFPUA missed from August 13, 2009 to December 12, 2011.

“If they would have charged me at the time, it wouldn’t have been a problem for me to pay,” Urbina said. “But now I have to pay in full almost $800. That’s not right.”

Urbina’s landlord, Larry Hunt, says she is the most reliable tenant he has ever had. He thinks the unbilled utilities are the authority’s problem, and he says the CFPUA should be held accountable for its mistake.

“The utility company should have to bite the bullet every now and then for some errors they make,” Hunt said. “It’s just not right for the customer to be nailed with this stuff when they didn’t do a thing wrong.”

CFPUA says state statute allows it to back bill customers up to three years. During a recent data scrub it found more than $380,000 in unbilled expenses for 446 commercial and residential customers so far.

The CFPUA did reduce Urbina’s charge to $640 and offered to put her on a payment plan, but it would not do away with the whole charge.

CFPUA spokeswoman Carey Ricks declined to go on camera for this story. She could not explain how the authority missed so much billing for so long.

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35 Comments on "ONLY ON 3: CFPUA customers getting big bills for old, missed charges"

2015 years 10 months ago

You’ve left your calling card in too many posts now. The barley pops have diminished your ability to see that. You never worked with me because that would require you to have done actual work.

2015 years 10 months ago

Boy – it just gets better (or worse, really) doesn’t it?

Another outside consultant – to correct the ongoing billing issues that Authority management has had four years now to correct – and cannot – wow.

And the CEO and CFO actually brought this item to the Board today and was willing to pay the consultant 90%???? 90%??? You kidding me, right? Guess not.

Here’s an idea – forgive the debts – make a public statement – generate goodwill – you were willing to only collect 10 cent on the dollar anyway – do something for the ratepayers for a change.

If the CEO / CFO / PIO had ever worked in the private sector they might understand “goodwill” from an accounting viewpoint. But they haven’t, and they don’t. 90% to a consultant???? You incompentents really took an item like this to the Board? Wow. Wow. At least the Board, for all their faults, had enough sense to reject this one.

And Jason Thompson??? He thinks he is qualified to talk about billing?
Jason “I challenge the public to a fight in the parking lot” Thompson?
Maybe one day someone will take him up on his offer.

Folks – wake up !! This CFPUA management was willing to give 90% of YOUR money that you paid to this company to a consultant from Houston!!

The Board meeting is the 2nd Wednesday of every month beginning at 9am in the NHC Commissioner’s meeting room at the NHC government center. Show up, sign up to speak, voice your concerns at this idiocy from this management. Look at the management there, look at your Board members, speak up! Vote!

90% to a consultant ?? Wow – they almost had you – laughing all the way to THEIR bank in Houston.

1968, Chicago, Democratic National Convention, during Vietnam:
“Hey, hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids have you killed today?”

2012, Wilmington, CFPUA, four years into the billing fiasco:
“Hey, hey, hey, big MJ, how many ratepayers have you screwed today?”

It is time for you and the CFO and the PIO and a bunch of other highly paid incompentent managers to go. Just go away.

Sorry, NHC and COW, it is going to get much worse before it gets better.

Someone should ask what the CFPUA paid the CH2MHILL consultant (JDS and gang) for the Maximo fiasco and get an accounting of how badly that money has been spent……. You think the billing is bad……

2015 years 10 months ago

I think this so called “data scrub” might have some flaws. Can the Authority actually show specific customers on paper that they owe money? Are they just billing hoping customers do not question the bill? It would take more than their “word” for me to fork over questionable cash. If the customers do indeed owe back money, they certainly should have it spread out over several months and not expected to pay all at one time.

Cant afford water
2015 years 10 months ago

This whole water authority has been a fiasco. I have watched our bill increase steadily since it began. I kept thinking it would get better. Don’t understand it? Go to ” What We Earn” on the Star News site and click CFPUA; it will pull up all of it’s employees and their base salaries. The CEO of this small organization is making more than $162,000 (more than our county manager!) Check out all his directors and managers. Their salaries are ridiculous!!!!! 5 are making over 100K, 6 in the 90K range, 4 in the 80K range, and so forth; An executive secretary is making 60K. How can the county turn over this much authority to one small group is beyond me. The authority and the board that oversees it needs to be dissolved and either restructured or taken back over by the county.

2015 years 10 months ago

GF is already gone so he cannot be the insider.

you are as bright as the people running this place

and to think i work with you……..


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