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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — You could wake up to find a flock of flamingos has landed in your yard. It’s all part of an effort to raise money for people who need help getting on the sand at Carolina Beach.

Steve and Melinda Weatherford have vacationed at Carolina Beach for years. They enjoyed sailing off the coast and laying out in the sand, but Melinda’s Multiple Sclerosis made getting on the beach much more difficult.

“We have this chair to help get Melinda out,” Steve said of a special beach wheelchair. “I have carried her once, but it is it sure is a lot easier to use the rolls type chair.”

There are only two of these beach wheelchairs available for use on Carolina Beach, and the Weatherfords say they call ahead months in advance to reserve one.

Now the group Island Women, Inc., is doing something to help the disabled get on the beach.

“You should not have to be plagued with a disability, but you should be giving the ability, and especially the ability to go to the beach is just priceless,” said Lacy Ford, the Beach Bound Project Committee Head for Island Women.

The Beach Bound Project is a creative way for the group to give back to the community by providing more beach wheelchairs. It raises money through flamingo flocking.

Community members can order a flock to be put in the yards of their family and friends with a ransom note that says, “You’ve been flocked.” To get rid of them, people donate to the cause or have them “fly” to someone else’s yard.

“They are going to be migrating and traveling from Monkey Junction all the way down to Kure Beach,” Ford said.

Flamingos have already landed in some parts of New Hanover County. Joann Flowers woke to find the decorative surprise in her lawn.

“I was very, very surprised, and I had no idea where they came from,” Flowers said.

Ford and other members of Island Women, Inc., say they hope more people will also wake up to a yard full of flamingos to support their cause.

“When you visit any beach, just imagine standing at the edge and not being able to move forward,” Ford said. “It’s a worthy cause.”

There are donation drop boxes set up around Carolina Beach. To find out how you can flock a friend, go to www.islandwomen.org to.

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  • Anderson

    Tried calling number on information page to try and give donation. Number is invalid. Called the company directly and they called me back to tell me they were having a meeting and someone would call me back. It’s been 2 weeks and no one has called me back!

    You will never get any donations because they don’t know how set this up properly for people to call them.

  • Guest Reply

    Reminded me of that peskie ole email group I keep getting emails from in my spam folder, offering me a $2,500 deposit into my bank account by simply giving them my account number :-(
    I’ve tried calling them…but the call will cost me $2,500 in over seas charges!!!
    Someone needs to fix this report, or this story will be an embarrassment to someone…soon!

  • lacy ford

    Sorry there was so much confusion on reaching Island Women. I agree that we needed to up our web contact information in March of this year. We changed officers in February and were a bit behind in updating new contacts and content. The beach wheelchair project has made…is making…and will continue to make such a difference for so many people that live and visit Pleasure Island that I would hate to lose your support due to this situation. Please contact me directly at 919-208-6050 lacy ford your support is important to us.

  • lacy ford

    Not sure if this post was in reference to our beach wheelchair Island Women project….if you have any questions or need assistance please call me directly 919-208-6050 . Lacy ford, Island Women, Vice President

  • Lacy Ford

    Thanks to the support of many, Island Women raised over $20, 000 and provided 10 new beach wheelchairs to Pleasure Island. The chairs are free to use and can be reserved by calling the Carolina Beach Recreation Center. ..Kure Beach Fire Department. ..and Fort Fisher State Park. If anyone would like additional information or would like to donate to the Beach Bound Project which directly supports the beach wheelchair project please call Lacy Ford directly at 919-208-6050. Thank you for your support.


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