Crow Hill closes

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Submitted: Mon, 07/16/2012 - 8:09pm
Updated: Mon, 07/16/2012 - 8:12pm

DOWNTOWN WILMINGTON, NC (GREATER WILMINGTON BUSINESS JOURNAL) — As Caffe Phoenix prepares for its July 31 closing, the restaurant that took over the 9 Front St. space Caffe Phoenix originally filled served its last meal Sunday.

Crow Hill moved into the former Caffe Phoenix location in summer 2010, when Phoenix headed to the downtown corner of Front and Princess streets.

The owner blamed a poor economy for the closing, which was announced to staff Sunday night.



  • justin says:

    I’d blame it on mediocre food, snobby waiters and an inability to provide customers decent food at an affordable price… $7 for deviled eggs. $9 for green beans. $16 for shrimp & grits. And, of course, their famous $10 hamburger. Like the story said, guess they weren’t willing to dumb down the menu any more…

  • Chance says:

    It’s a shame that you feel that way. I always had a great time at Crow Hill, enjoyed the food and the service. I’m glad that I came away with a better taste in my mouth and I’m sad that they are gone.

  • Guest423 says:

    Crow Hill was a good restaurant. Sad to hear that they couldn’t stick it out just a little longer.

  • Bill says:

    Agreed. My wife and I dined there at least a half dozen times and were always treated nicely. Servers were friendly, food was always consistent. Yes we also had been turned away on a few visits because they were full and we couldn’t wait an hour. Sorry to hear they closed.
    Several other local eateries are equally or more pricey with less of a value.

  • Puppy1234 says:

    I don’t understand this! I thought their food was excellent and we always got the nicest servers. We even tried to go in the last weekend and were turned away because we didn’t have a reservation.

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