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CAMP LEJEUNE, NC (WWAY) — A Navy corpsman has died after being hit by a car while riding a bike at Camp Lejeune.

The Marine Corps base says the cyclist was traveling along Highway 172 aboard Camp Lejeune just after 6 a.m. when car hit the cyclist at the Hammocks Bay Road intersection.

The incident is under investigation.

The name of the victim has not been released pending notification of next of kin.

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  • Rocky Lane Moore

    Cyclists do not have to die. We can change the laws to protect them and prosecute drivers who tune them out and ultimately kill them. First, I must add that military bases do a better job of protecting pedestrians and cyclists than any community in the country. Many of the safeguards that are standard protocol in the military should be adopted by all communities and enforced by law.

    1. Premis for new cylist law. The driver of the motor vehcile is always at fault. This should be obvious. A cyclist can not crash into a car and destroy it. Therefore, it behooves drivers to be more cautious, and understand that they are liable, if they strike a pedestrian or cyclist, first time, and every time. There will be no appeals, or judicial double-talk. We have drivers who deliberately run down pedestrians or cyclists, and say it was an accident. These criminals walk away from murder as free men or women. This is a class war as pedestrians are frequently homeless. Drivers resent having to see poor pedestrians walking, and they frequently bombard 911 operaters with false reports. Police harass pedestrians by following them or removing them from the roadways. This is class warfare which is currently sanctioned by state and Federal Laws. You take away a person’s job, he loses his house and car. And ends up a pedestrian, who then suffers the humiliation and jeers of drivers who think they are somehow better than pedestrians.

    2. Liability of the Federal, Sate and local governments. Traffic control must be taken more seriously. Our government creates accident situations by its inaction on recommendations from their own traffic smart guys. I asked these experts why they do not suggest changes to certain intersections, and I was told they do make recommendations which are voted down in budget committees. Our own government is waging class warfare on the poor and indigent people who rely on public transportation. They are forced to cross intersections which are designed to kill them. Yet they have no choice but to cross. As they cross the intersection, they are met with evil stares and a veil of indifference. The laws have to be rewritten to wake up the politicians, whose decisions not to fix the workings of road intersections, kill and kill again. Not just once, but a month later the same accident happens again for the same reason, ad infinitum.

    Law Enforcement. Lawmen are allowed descretion. Frequently, law enforcement officers allow drivers to walk when it is clear that they killed a cyclist. This is because the officers are drivers, and have empathy for the driver who may be trumatic over what they have done. But this is a symtom of class war. When the dead cyclist can not speak for himself, the drivers spin the truth in their direction. This is a case of justice running towards the devil. It is obvious that someone is dead, and that the driver was inattentive. Should he not pay for his crimes. Any officer who feels sorry for the driver should resign his badge, if he can not enforce the law. And any officer who helps cover up the guilt of the driver should be prosecuted. It is always the fault of the driver. It is inattntiveness, it is speed, it is sometimes premeditated. The law should be clear that if you kill someone accidentally or otherwise, you will stand before a judge to explain what is unexplainable, and not be let off scott free by a sympathetic policeman.

    3. Insurance companies. Insurance should always cover the cyclist injuries 100%. It is unacceptable that driver error caused a cyclist to become a bed patient the rest of his life, and insurance is saying he’s not covered. This is class war fare. The insurance company is saying, drivers are covered, but pedestrians and cyclists are not. Again, we find Americans punishing the less fortunate of our society.

    4. Bycycle routes: It is a crime against reason for cities to announce bike routes without putting a 100% effort in making these routes safe for the bikers. Besides liability incurrences, death and mayhem result when drivers are unprepared to share the road, because of inconsistencies in design of the roadways. It should be law, that there will be no right on red at a designated bicycle intersection route. Speeds should be lowered to 35 mph approaching bike intersections, and cars should have their flashers on indicating their concern for safety. Signs should be overwhelming in favor of bike safety.

    5. Driver’s Education: All driver’s Education classes should include at least 10 hours of bicycle instruction. If a driver can not understand bike rules, he should not be given a driver’s license. Make share the road a reality and not just a sign on the roadway which drivers ignore. When someone fails to get a license because they do not understand Bicycle rules, it sends up a red flag that this is someone who will get into an accident with a bicycle.

    6. Children who ride bikes: Here you can see some effort to protect children on bikes. But it is a token effort, as if the government wanted you to think they were actually interested in protecting children on bikes. I say, make it clear that if you do not slow down, and pay attention around school buses, student crossings, school zones, you will lose your license for a year or more. Enforce child safety zones and put offending drivers in jail.

    In conclusion, we can do much more to protect the unfortunate, remove unsafe drivers and save lives. We need only rewrite our laws to ensure that our pedestrians and cyclists are protected.

  • Justin America

    Brilliant, you bike riding loon. Like there’s not a law against hitting bicyclist with your car. Kids, once again. If you ride your bike in the street you may very well be hit by a car and die. Good to know.

  • MrT

    Your argument is what most bikers proclaim. Your rights on the highway are well known and I doubt many people suffer from intentional mayhem.
    Your attitude and that of many others is what makes your presence on the highway so dangerous. Only a misguided idiot would attempt to cycle moving with traffic on a busy street or highway with the mind set of my rights. Your rights don’t mean much when a 3,000 pound auto climbs up your back wheel. Now it is true that the law is on the side of bikers and their is an attempt by the state to protect bikers but even if the driver is at fault and ends up in some trouble it is nothing compared to your being lowered six feet under and your foot stone says “He had the right of way”

  • GuestX

    The motorist isnt always at fault.

  • Guest2020

    Many years ago, my sister was driving my father’s pick-up truck after dark when a man on a bicycle, wearing sunglasses darted out in front of her. Was that my sister’s fault? Absolutely not. There were eyewitnesses that saw it happen and the officer concluded that it was the fault of the idiot on the bicycle.

    To make such a blanket statement to say it is always the motorist’s fault is completely asinine.

  • Speed bump

    Practically everyday, I witness cyclists who somehow believe they are immune from traffic laws…hmmm, nobody coming, red light optional. Stop signs are for cars, not me… it doesn’t matter which side of the road I ride on.

    “The driver of the motor vehcile is always at fault.” Spoken like a true utopian candidate for the Darwin awards. Time will tell.

  • Guestwhere

    Your comment is right on some levels but pretty darn misguided on most. everything is not “class warfare”

    First off, most of the careless biking I see is not poor (or nonpoor) people commuting, in general these people have enough common sense to stay out of harms way. The most at risk to be hit are those bikers who are mearly doing it as sport. I see them daily riding on Eastwood Rd in there little tour de France leotards completely ignoring the fact that there is a BIKE LANE 20 feet away from them. Do they have a right to be there? YES Is it smart for them to be there? NO. We all are tasked with doing whats smart to stay alive. I have a right to carry my gun in my waistband with the hammer cocked back but I don’t do it because it’s dumb. And BTW these are not poor commuters in fact they are often very far-off from being “poor”.

    FACT: Roads are dangerous. Big cars, disctracted drivers, heck this is a college town, I don’t feel safe in my car half the time.

    If you choose to ride down a busy road with no shoulder then you are taking a great risk. This is not to say drivers aren’t at fault, because they sometimes are. But your statement that “drivers are always at fault” is categorically false. Bikers do dumb things too, and may ride out into a intersection giving a driver no time to react.

    It is everyone’s own resposibility to stay safe. I ride a bike often and I know this, I have to go out of my way to avoid distracted drivers constantly. but i have the common since to not ride down Oleander or Market St for sport.

    You say the answer is “driver education” which is partially correct, but an even bigger life saver would be biker education. There will always be dangerous drivers, no matter what.

  • Disgruntled

    Before you go all ballistic on the vehicle driver, you might want to sit back on your skinny seat and wait for the results of the investigation. And by the way, bicycle riders can be at fault riding irresponsibly. Not proper protective gear, riding with headphones, cutting into traffic when inappropriate and violating the traffic laws that motorized vehicles have to comply with (and bicyclists are liable for also). Just love it when someone hops up on their high seat when they know jack about the situation. Don’t let facts screw up your reality bud!

  • GingerEngineer

    And I ride a bicycle!! The fact is that someone was killed today in an accident and neither you or I know what really happened. Stop trying to push your class warfare/social engineering agenda through this loss.

  • anne

    “What a maroon” one of Bugs Bunny’s favorite sayings – love it! People want to blame the driver of a vehicle because he/she is sitting behind a steering wheel of a potential accident waiting to happen. I don’t live in Wilmington, of which I am grateful, but I do go there for appts and other reasons and I have seen some very dangerous bike riding! In the span of perhaps one hour or so, I watched a bike rider weaving in and out of moving traffic, one run a red light (which could have been catastrophic) and a few that looked like they were texting while riding (really stupid huh)???

    A bike rider vs. a high powered auto will never end up on a good note. Yes, bicyclists have their rights to bike ride – and I appreciate your efforts to keep more autos of the road, but PLEASE drive like you have some common sense and like you would really like to see tomorrow come!

  • Guesttofferson

    …for their illegal antics like ignoring stop signs, ignoring stop lights, illegal turns, lack of signaling, illegal passing in congested traffic and the sporting of those God-awful homo-looking slightee-tightee shawts, they would think twice about their idiotic traffic habits and ride more safely!

  • Erin Appling

    I can not believe you would write just a stupid comment. You clearly have no clue of what happened and you sound like a complete jerk and that is the nicest name I can think of. The man that died faught for our country and your ability to even write about your jacked up opinion as insignificant as it is. I hope karma bites you in the ass.

  • Cyclist

    Wow, those were some great comments. I was with you right up to where you started talking about your attraction to cyclists tight shorts. I guess it makes you uncomfortable knowing you have homosexual feelings!!!

  • Cyclist and motor vehicle driver

    For all of you speculating, here’s the deal. The cyclist had headphones on and did not look or signal. He turned in front of the passing vehicle and even though the driver hit his brakes, it was too late. Now you people with your smart ass comments can go back to what you do best!

  • Guest6452

    Where is the source confirming this?

  • Salli

    Sorry for this persons family. My thoughts and prayers are with them.


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