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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Leland Town Manager David Hollis says he will hear the appeals of three fired police officers next week.

Hollis says the hearings for Lt. Rick Dellapia, Lt. Bill Kozak and Ofc. John Blasingame are set for July 27. The three men were among five officers suspended in April. The other two quit.

Hollis says the process has taken so long because the attorney for the men has demanded access to an internal investigation the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office conducted for the Leland Police Department that led to the officers’ suspension and dismissal. Hollis says under state law, that report cannot be released. He says the three men each received a letter of termination that explains why they were dismissed.

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  • Bluelinewife

    Maybe we can put this behind us and these men can get own with their careers. I hope that they are given the chance to let it be known that they are innocent of any accused wrong doing and the town lets them get back to work protecting and serving. As a wife and mother I will keep them in my prayers and hope you will also!

  • Kblue2221984

    Get a life Dumb Dumb! 5 down 2 to go!!!!Say’s who!? Say’s Kblue!!!

  • Polly II

    Well David the three stooges are up and coming huh? It took long enough. Are you going to be able to expose them for the criminals they truly are? Sex crimes, thefts, assaults, conspiracy to commit assault with a weapon inflicting serious injury, liars, cheats….shall I go on? These three are the blight on all Law Enforcement. They have set the example on what not to do and what not to be! If you reverse your decision you will be the laughing stock of Brunswick County. Imagine that appealing a decision to the same person that handed it down. How dumb is that??? LOL!!!!

  • blue4life

    As a wife of a LEO, I know what these guys do on a daily basis. I have spent many sleepless nights not knowing if my husband will come home safely while the citizens sleep tucked in their beds. Shame on you for what your doing to the officers and their families!!!!

  • Kblue2221984

    Your stupid, Yah lets have more criminals with badges! Say’s who!? Say’s Kblue!!!

  • Jolly Polly

    So David are you finally going to finish with these three scumbags or what? We feel that if you go back on your decision that you will become the laughing stock of the Brunswick County area. The three stooges as they have become to be known think they have done nothing wrong. Who us? Well we can think of several charges and mistakes. Lying, cheating, making other people’s lives miserable, assault, conspiracy to commit assault with a weapon inflicting serious injury… the list goes on and on. Now is the time to clean house and get rid of the riff raff out of the Leland Police Department! Yes, there are still those that helped including Joe Pierce, McGoo, Irving, Cash, Kermit and the rest!
    These three are the worst but the others are just learning to be like them. Appealing the decision to the one that handed it out has got to be the worst thought! How dumb can they be? Oh, they got the great and powerful Tommy Hicks to represent them. OOOOO! Didn’t he represent Garacio? Isn’t he still in prison? Well maybe they will wind up there as well. One can hope and pray!
    Have a good life ya’ll!

  • Guest28451

    Due to potential criminal activity on the parts of Blasingame, Dellapia and Kozak. 2 of which Blasingame and Dellapia alot of us knew in Leland knew were dirty and bullies with badges. I cant speak as much regarding Kozak but as a Sr officer in the leadership of former Chief Jayne he himself should have easily been terminated for lack of leadership and providing negligent support even if he wasnt involved directly in the illegal activites of the others. I dont know why Hollis is bothering wasting his time with these 3. 2 of them belong sitting in cells in Bolivia or better yet the NHC jail under arrest by the FBI or SBI as the investigation that was ongoing involved (and still is btw according to my sources) conduct that rose to criminal in nature not just unethical and inappropriate conduct that would have been immediate grounds for dismissal from any other department in short order. These 3 stooges dont belong in law enforcement and I hope to get the pleasure of seeing Dellapia and Blasingame in orange jumpsuits picking up trash on the side of the road.. Those two should be damn afraid simple because dirty cops dont fare well in prison be in federal or state alot of times have to be kept in protective custody.

    What sickens me is it just seems to be happening more and more. Not just here but around the country. You have the former sheriff in Brunsco. The sheriff in Avery county in the Mtns of NC who was actively involved with meth drug dealers tipping them off (when the Watauga and other counties were setting records for busts and sadly for 2 yrs the Boone area was the meth capital based on operations shut down the Avery County Sheriffs office only had literally a very small handful of 2-5 total per year compared to nearly 200 in Watauga and only slightly smaller numbers in Ashe, Mitchell, Wilkes and Alleghany counties as well as Johnson County TN just across the state line from Watauga was a massive red flag. Then there was the former sheriff and several of his cronies in Henry County VA (near Martinsville VA) who were arrested on federal charges and did time for all sorts of things from stealing from seized evidence to taking bribes.. Now admittedly LEOs obviously dont get paid enough for risking their lives as they do but they swear an oath and are held to a higher standard then the general public yet they continue to be corrupted and cant even hold up to standards the general public would adhere to 95% of the time.
    To me they should worry about the overall character of the person involved instead of other issues. Before I say anymore this isnt sour grapes on my part but I have had friends who have excellent morale fiber and would never consider taking a bribe or anything of the sort yet have been denied positions due to poor credit scores which had little to do with anything more then getting into financial difficulties usually through medical issues by someone in their immediate medical family and what amazes me is they are looked down on and considered a risk for that yet some have prior exemplary military records and even paid for BLET out of their own pockets and graduated at or near the top of their classes yet couldnt get hired as anything but armed security over something stupid. Given the economy in this day and age throwing out perfectly good candidates because of credit issues due to loss of income or uncontrolled circumstances such as medical bills not covered due to insurance is a crime itself. We lose out on the services of people willing to risk their lives to help others and be there sometimes on scenes and deal with some pretty bad characters but because of a credit score in the 500s they are being blackballed for no other reason other then some idiot decided somebody who HAD financially issues which he would love to clean up cant because some hack idiot decided because he had money issues and may still have them makes him subject to doing unethical things.. Its flat wrong and should be put a stop to.. Sure some of them probablycould have even filed bankruptcy but some people adhere to the belief that a mans debts are his debts and he needs to pay them somehow someday but yet if they filed bankruptcy they could just flush all that debt away and have a nearly ideal credit score at or above 700 in a matter of 2 yrs and obviously the score is not longer an issue. If anythign these individuals are trying to do right by others and yet are punished for it

  • The Unknown Truth Teller

    If you’re who I think you are…..
    Just be glad you didn’t qualify to be in such a group.

  • <3

    I still think about you, JC. Miss you and the fun times we had. Hang in there.


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