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Marques Brown, 27, had a small child in a car seat in his vehicle when Brown shot and killed Master Patrol Officer Jeremiah Goodson, according to Captain Johnny Barnes with the Lumberton Police Department.

Brown was arraigned just after 10 a.m. Wednesday via video conferencing from the Cumberland County Detention Center, where he is being held. The bond hearing and his arraignment were held at the same time, and Brown was denied bond.

Officer Goodson was off-duty when he spotted Brown, who was wanted by Lumberton police, at the Express Depo/Dairy Queen on Fayetteville Road.

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  • guesty

    He has proven he lacks the mental capacity to live in normal society, can we just execute him and be done with this trash?

  • Huber Hanes

    This suspect after a conviction must be tried and fried up at The Big House in Raleigh w/o any delays. a/k/a Central Prison. No need to have him hanging around there on Death Row at our expenses for 10 or so more years. Huntsville, Texas has the right attitude toward cold blooded murderers!

  • Guest12

    Jail is to good for this piece of sh-t. Let him out and let the public take care of him. Bet he won’t last long.

  • GuestV

    According to the article posted on this yesterday Ofcr. Goodson was off-duty at the time he was shot; He had waited for an on-duty officer to arrive then attempted to assist in the arrest of Brown. As sad as this situation is, Ofcr. Goodson should not have been further attempting to assist in the arrest after the on-duty officer arrived. Goodson brought this on himself by going into a potentially volatile situation without the proper equipment, i.e. a bullet-proof vest, etc. If policy permits Goodson police authority while off-duty there is a need to revise officer protocols when it comes to off-duty work as they are putting the safety of themselves and the public at risk.

  • Grand Ole Party

    He is sworn to protect and serve. He gave his life in an attempt to apprehend a dangerous criminal, and you are complaining about this? Just because you’re a coward does not mean everyone else is. In the end it is not really any of your business. Stop whining and get to flipping those burgers.

  • Guest159

    Unbelievable!! I can’t believe you wrote this. Idiot!!


    Mr. offduty, as an officer of the law different departments have different sop manuals. Regardless of what the sop manuals state, you always back up a fellow officer when in need whether on or off duty. Im sure officer goodsen believed this as well. You always back your brother in blue because you never know when you might need him. RIP officer Jeremiah Goodsen, a fellow brother.

  • dec

    it’s officers like him that protect us even when they are off duty..so sad he had to die..we need more like him

  • Amigwyn

    Idiot. And if Ofc Goodson was there and did nothing … and an ON-DUTY officer was killed you would probably be ready to fry him as an accessory or something. Officers put their lives on the line every day. Off-duty just means he is protecting people and not getting paid for it! My neighbor is a police officer that has saved another neighbor from a burning barn, broken up a few neighborhood fights and prevented a burglary at my house. All while off-duty. Off-duty or not, I’m thankful for people like Officer Goodson that is ALWAYS there to do the right thing not just doing it because they’re getting PAID for it!

  • tweety12

    GuestV you are truly touched.Its called protect and serve on or off duty.Why WWAY let your comment through is puzzling.

  • jason

    I don’t know why I am responding to such a idiotic post. I bet we would all be amazed to pull up your Criminal History and see how many times you got away with assaulting a police officer. BTW, there is State Policy that gives an officer the right, while Off-duty to arrest a dangerous criminal. I hope Officer Goodson receives the the Medal of Valor for his courageous act. It’s just a shame that you didn’t encounter this POS before the Officer did.

  • Guest2020

    You would rather he leave the other officer shifting in the wind while he sits there and twiddle his thumb because he is off-duty? That’s insanne.

  • Guest McGuesterson

    What GuestV said is pretty heartless , however, emotions aside this person is making some sense. Officer Goodson did his part in providing a tip, the on-duty officer should have called for backup or more officers who already had the right equipment should have been sent out.
    The question here is, why did only two officers (1 on duty and 1 off-duty) approach a known dangerous subject? Is this because Goodson called the on-duty officer personally or he called dispatch and they only sent 1 officer?

    Something does not add up here and it looks like a chain of command was ignored; where two men were looking to split glory between themselves and a known violent criminal saw a way out of a not-so-intimidating situation. Now, a young woman is left without a husband and child to her father, a mother has lost her son, and a community is without a brave brother. Yes, GuestV, it seems Whiteville PD protocol needs some reviewing as this is a perfect example of what an officer should not do when he is off the clock and ill-equipped to assist his fellow officers ina dangerous situation. Although, you could have said it with some tact.

  • Paul

    Is it just me, but does it seem like there are more crazy, violent criminals in our midst?

    Brown had “a small child” in his car! Amazing! Just imagine what kind of father he has been to that child.

    Anyway, we taxpayers will be paying for his life sentence, just as we will be paying for the incarceration of the six young men who murdered the Chinese delivery man in downtown Wilmington, and then sat down and ate the food he delivered to them.

    There’s lots of moral depravity around; thats for sure.

    I shall be more circumspect from now on.

  • Leah

    Way to go bro, I bet your mother is REAL proud of you.

  • TruthSeeker

    Murderer’s Facebook page! Complete with gangsta profile pic.


  • Philip

    Another reason to get a handgun and learn how to use it. I agree he should get his fair trial and then be put to death


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