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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The Pleasure Island of Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a survey about proposed smoking bans in Carolina Beach and Kure Beach.

An e-mail with the link to the online survey says the “data will be tabulated and shared with our Members and the respective Town Councils.”

The survey asks respondents if they support the proposed bans, if they live in either town, if they think the decision should be made by town council or the voters, if they are a smoker and what age range they fall into. Respondents can also add comments for each question.

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  1. Lord Lipford

    Focus on litter not trying to enforce a rule that will never by enforced, waste of time and will hurt the beaches more then help them.

  2. Regina Penna

    It is about time! Contrary to what I continually read in letters and responses about bans, there is no right to smoke. It is an addiction that has been sanctioned in public for too long. If a smoker wants to indulge their addiction, they may do so out of the way of everyone else who does not smoke. There is plenty of research about the dangers of secondhand smoke and its impact on children and others. The litter on the beaches is unsightly. The butts are a health hazard to any one or anything that could potentially ingest them – birds, children, fish, etc. I think that since the vast majority of the population are non-smokers, that smokers need to respect our rights to not have smoke inflicted on us. Workers deserve a safe working environment away from tobacco smoke. We know too much to be complacent about this issue. Tobacco free beaches are an idea whose time has come.

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