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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina State Auditor Beth Wood will continue distributing a report critical of the state Alcohol Law Enforcement Division chief that details what it called attempts to thwart her investigation.

A lawyer for Wood’s office responded Thursday to a cease-and-desist letter signed by attorneys representing ALE Director John Ledford and given to Wood on Wednesday before she talked to lawmakers about last month’s review.

One attorney for Ledford says the review crossed the line by accusing him and other officials of interfering with the probe. But auditor’s lawyer Tim Hoegemeyer said the report was completed in accordance with state law and the people investigated weren’t identified by name.

The audit determined Ledford and his lieutenant used a government car and public funds to commute weekly from the mountains to Raleigh.

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3 Comments on "Review critical of NC ALE chief won’t be quashed"

Rocky Pope
2015 years 9 months ago

My guess is that you got caught at some point and charged with underage drinking or DWI. There is no accusation or any proof that I can find that suggest they drove every weekend. If you took time to read the audit, she says there was 11 times over 2 years they went to Asheville and according to her, the trips were justified but they couldn’t prove the trips were necessary. (you figure that one out)When the auditor tells us how many miles a month the director and his second in command drive, then I will have a better idea of if it was worth it or not.

I own a place that sells alcohol and I have for many years. I would much rather have an ALE Agent come into my business because I know they are going to be fair and treat us the same as other places across the state.

2015 years 9 months ago

Some political appointee with some police authority in this case doesnt like he’s being shown to being abusing his authority and funding. Personally ALE is a joke in my estimation as far as actually doing their jobs. They ought to just can the whole thing and turn the policing authority back over to local jurisdictions to handle either via police/sheriff or what not. We dont need another quasi police agency in NC we already have the NCHP simply to oversee the enforcement of alcohol sales and yes they also investigate and run stings to catch people being evil and selling cigarettes to 17yr olds who lie about their age and what not. The money spent on ALE could be spent in much more efficient fashion and help cut the bloated beaucracy in Raleigh significantly. I mean heck push comes to shove let the local ABC boards have the option of hiring the local ALE agents if they so choose to provide enforcement or help with enforcement otherwise its just another govt bloated organization which pretends to serve the people of NC under the guise of public safety when in reality it does little to nothing effectively, local authorities can handle enforcement without a problem, it works fine in other states so why does NC have to be any different. We have to define priorities for State tax dollars and to me this aint one of them

2015 years 9 months ago

You may have a decent agent assigned to your area but I can flat out tell you it is not out of the ordinary to get two different answers to the same question by agents in the same district never mind another city.


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