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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a death at the Tesla Park apartment complex in Wilmington.

NHSO spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer says the call came in around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. A deputy found Stephanie Chappell Hobson, 25, unresponsive. The deputy started CPR until EMS arrived. They were not able to revive her.

The Sheriff’s Office says a witness at the scene told investigators Hobson had taken synthetic drugs.

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  • Sola

    I believe the toxicology report has come back saying that she had 25i-NBOMe (a potent phenethylamine hallucinogen), caffeine, nicotine, fluoxetine, and norfluoxetine in her system. It is very likely that the interaction of these SSRIs and the psychedelic played a role in her death.


    It is a tragedy indeed.

  • mistang

    Well, you may have thought she was sweet but she was with the wrong guy and I doubt that he forced it down her.

    Young women need to stay away from these bad dudes. I daughter was involved with him for awhile. I am glad she survived.

  • Has A Heart

    Newsflash: good, intelligent people use drugs too.

    What does altering your consciousness have to do with morality? When someone dies of an overdose it’s a tragedy. Whether someone “forced it down her” (which DOES happen more than you’d think) or she chose to ingest it, it’s a tragedy just the same. What you’re saying is like telling someone they “deserved” to die of AIDS because they’re gay–who are you to judge?

    50 bucks says you’re a drug user yourself (alcohol/tobacco/caffeine are drugs too, d-bag). Get off your high horse and grow a heart.

  • Guest9743

    This is sometimes the price one pays when illicit drugs are used.

  • Merciful

    I agree drugs kill, but I knew this beautiful, sweet human being and knew her to be very, very anti-drug. Please do not ASSUME anything. Just because someone says she did it doesn’t mean it is true.

    Please to all future posters, be kind. Her family is devastated. She was a beautiful young soul,and one of the most tender, compassionate people I have ever meant. Being anonymous on this Internet should never give us a free pass to suggest anything or accuse anyone of anything especially if they cannot defend themselves.

    The police investigation will sort out the truth. No matter what happened the world has lost an amazing human being, we should all cry together with her family for her loss and use this forum to express our compassion for them, not our opinions or assumptions.Please, blessed are the merciful……


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