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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)– The Wilmington Police Department recently made its biggest “spice” bust in its history. Investigators say they found over 1,400 packages of the substance at the Northern Lights Smoke Shop off Market Street.

“I was very surprised, I didn’t even know it was that serious of a thing,” said Chris Brown, a Northern Lights Smoke Shop customer. “I didn’t know it was illegal like that. I had no idea that they could get in trouble for it.”

Their open light may not be on but the Northern Lights Smoke Shop was still serving customers on Sunday.

Thursday the store was busted for the synthetic substance known as “spice”.

Store workers did not want to talk about the incident but some shoppers didn’t mind sharing their thoughts on the drug.

“I smoked it a while back and it was kind of a weird feeling,” said Brown. “It lasted about an hour and it was totally different than anything I’ve ever smoked before and I didn’t really like it too much.”

Wilmington Police say the now illegal substance is a problem in the community.

It’s supposed to be similar to scented potpourri, but when you smoke it “spice” mimics the effects of marijuana.

In the recent bust investigators seized $30,000 worth of the substance and about $2,000 in currency.

Despite the bust at the Northern Lights Smoke Shop the shop has not been shut down and there have been no arrests at this time.

The Wilmington Police Narcotics Enforcement Unit and NCIS are continuing to investigate.

A few people who work at the shop did not want to talk to WWAY on camera but did say the store plans to continue its business as normal.

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  • Guest4546

    Why is NCIS involved?

  • taxpayer

    Most likely because some Marines were involved in some form or fashion.

  • Guest350

    Why keep trying to control something that will never be controlled? It is fine to destroy yourself with tobacco and alcohol, but a little home made “spice” is illegal. I guess it has to remain as such to collect fines, court costs and attorneys’ fees. Our legal system sucks.

  • Remy Schwartz aka el hefe

    You must not be aware of the federal ban which will put the owner in prison for a mandatory twenty years for this. They sell our bongs there so you still pick up our marijuana pipes or water bongs if you visits them!

  • rmoney

    Geez Cbiscuit, not very 1%. You need to keep it gangsta for rmoney.

  • SurfCityTom

    what is spice? How does it affect the human who uses it? What makes it illegal?

    I thought spice was something you bought at the supermarket and used in preparing food.

  • TR

    I will be the first to reference the movie “Dune” in this article.

  • Government Mule

    Kids, the Country is 16 Trillion in debt and going the wrong way fast. Don’t waste your time with this crap. Get you some heron or crack.


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