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By Colleen Curry
ABC News

Penn State’s football team was spared the death penalty today but the university was fined $60 million and the school’s legendary former coach Joe Paterno was stripped of 13 years of wins and the title of winningest coach in history, the NCAA announced today.

“The historically unprecedented actions by the NCAA are warranted by the conspiracy of silence maintained at highest level of the university with reckless and callous disregard for children,” Ed Ray, the chair of the NCAA’s executive committee, said at the announcement today.

The football program will also be excluded from playing in bowl games and post-season games for four years, as well as having its football scholarships reduced from 25 to 15, and having to pay a $60 million fine, the equivalent of one year’s revenues from the football program. The money will go to creating child sex abuse awareness programs around the country.

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  • Guest2020

    Paterno himself said that he wished he had done more. To me that says he didn’t do enough. Since Sandusky was allowed to continue to use the facilities, then that would tell any man with common sense, that it had not been taken care of, if your scenario is even remotely correct.

    Any man who is worth his salt would have done everything withing his power to stop and adult from molesting children. Paterno did not. It may be your feeling that no coach in a major program is going to let this go on and on, but I am sure there were plenty of people in the RCC who didn’t think the higher-ups would let this go on and on.

    The fact is that Paterno cared more about his football program than he did those little boys. Otherwise, he would have stopped at nothing to protect the children.

  • MrT

    It has been my understanding that Joe Paterno was made aware of one incident involving Sandosky and a child. He reported that as hearsay from a graduate assistant. A decision to not call in the police was suggested by Paterno in favor of bring Sandosky in for a conference and some counsel was suggested or further corrective measures would be taken if necessary. What I question and don’t know is what happen beyond this point? Who had the responsibility to deal with Sandosky on the issue. Did a meeting take place and what was done about the accusation.
    Is it possible that Paterno ask those in charge about their follow up and was told, It’s taken care of! Was this issue treated as an isolated case that would never happen again or was their an attitude that we dont care.
    It’s my feeling that no coach in a major college program is going to let something like this go on and on. I have to think that Paterno felt this was an isolated case that was addressed. Sandosky or any other coach would have not been able to keep this going at any college program.
    Nobody is that important.

  • Vog46

    Chuck we agree on something.
    For different reasons but thats OK.
    This crime went far beyond football and sports at Penn State but the penalties seem to be more hurtful to the sports program than anything else.
    The football players themselves weren’t involved. To me taking away THEIR hard earned victories seems misguided. They din’t hide the abuse but people much higher up did. I fell like the W/L records should stand for the players.
    Yes lose the football scholarships. That means the coaching staff has substandard players so the coaching staff does in fact suffer from poor records.
    But now we come to the $60M fine assessed against the university as a whole. I am not sure this is enough of a fine against the administration that hid the abuse THEN gave Paterno a big contract and pension to insure he didn’t sully the university’s name. $60M is not enough given the propensity for fund raising that some universities have. Any Administrator currently working that was there and part of this should face termination. The punishment should hurt coaches, and administrators and to a lesser extent the University as a whole. The Players who played hard should keep their pride as much as can be kept given the circumstances.
    We can’t fix those kids that were abused and money awards don’t take away the psychological damages they sustained. The pain and suffering these kids went through must’ve been terrible to endure.
    The Unversity should offer ongoing and unlimited counselling to the victims in addition to payouts for the pain and suffering.
    This is an epic tragedy for Penn State………

  • 1981duke

    For 2 years on Football should have been the call by PSU president.
    This school has disgraces PSU alumni and teachers for many years to come.
    Aside–what the youth impacted.
    This is sick,inhumane and not the “JOPA’ the press depicted.
    I do not care if PSU plays football again,and this is a University issue and chose to place football over school,people matters.
    PSU deserves worse…not leniancy.

  • Guest10000

    Let me say from the outset that what Sandusky did to those boys was terrible, and Sandusky deserves his severe punishment.

    However . . . many of his victims are jumping on the gravy train of multimillion dollar settlements. One victim and his mother, before going to court to testify against Sandusky, were bragging to their neighbors about all the material things their settlement would buy for them.

    Money is a huge motivating factor in these young men recalling their abuse, and they will reap riches from it. Riches beyond our imagination. They and their lawyers are in for a dazzling windfall–especially the lawyers.

  • Guest21

    They don’t have it yet, and it will be a battle for the $$$$$.

  • Guest461

    The entire coaching staff and administration let down the victims of Sandusky. They all had a responsibilty, a purpose and a reason to stand up, but they didn’t and are all as guilty as Sandusky. Sorry, but this appalling lack of intervention is a reflection of the University to NOT do the right thing! Most of those involved that simply turned their heads should be in a cell right next to Sandusky. Penn State deserves everything they get here! They should be renamed “State Penn”. Who REALLY wants to be associated with a University that ignores illegal sexual conduct between their coaches and little boys?
    Prospective State Penn students, go elswhere for an education where a little integrity and honor are a part of it!

  • picklelily

    Amen to that!!! Thanks for getting it right!

  • 1981duke

    PSU playing football in fall 2012.
    There comes a time and place to set an example.
    PSU should have elected to not play for 2 years.a self imposed “death penalty”.
    This way they could have saved $60 million but they chose “football” over “The university”.
    The players should transfer,and so should coaches seek new pastures.
    When these players recruited,they were basically “lied to”.
    For a higher institution of learning,this obsurd.
    I grew up in NJ when JOPA was King,have been to Happy Valley for games and now I do not care if they play one more football game again.
    Again PSU took the easy road,they should have acted faster.

  • Guest 1948

    I agree that a suspension and fines are understandable but I don’t agree with stripping Penn State’s legitament wins. This is more punishment for the players who gave their all rather than a punishment for the school.

  • Huber Hanes

    It would be understandable if the NCAA needs $60 Million Dollars to handle the forth coming civil law Suits for the Victims of Jerry Sandusky sexual exploitations w/boys over the years. But to literally try to: ‘close down’ Penn State’s scholarships, ect. and strip them of their Pre-2012 legitimate football wins — is sheer dumbness by the NCAA. What “good” would does all of this bring — as its now going to hurt potential students — who had nothing at all to do with this. Or-Compare this to the recent Aurora, Colorado shooting maassacre. Don’t fault the gun nor the ammunition that killed/wounded these students — place the entire blame on the Shooter instead.

  • Guesttenheimer

    And the leaders didn’t show one ounce of honor or integrity! With all involved, perhaps this will teach those that have the power to use it and make a difference next time. Far too many heads were turned to allow this man to single-handedly ruin the lives of many young men! A lot of people worked and played hard for Hitler too. Doesn’t mean they were right.

  • Guest61246

    Certainly all involved in the coverup should get what’s coming to them, but to strip the team itself of their wins seems to be going a little too far. They (the team) worked and played hard to win and had nothing to do with what was going on with the perverted coach(es).

  • GuestNCAA

    Why is the NCAA involved in this at all. They just want to throw their power around. This should be criminal and nothing for the NCAA to do. They just see a way to get money and to show they have power. I never had any respect for the NCAA, because they use the young man and women to make money and to pad their pockets and never give them anything in return.

    I can hear the big shots at the NCAA “Bonus Time”

  • picklelily

    Wow. I hope you never are put in a situation where follow up by your supervisor is questioned. It is a mind-set like yours that allows crimes against defenseless children and teens to go on.

  • Guest2609

    Shame on Penn State, Shame on NCAA. While I agree what happened to the young men was wrong, the blame is not Joe. For everything that he has done for the university and not just the football team, he deserves better. Penn State deserves better, the NCAA should have never been involved. He reported what he was told and his superiors should be held responsible. I would never question my superiors if they followed up or not followed up on something that I reported to him.

    Penn State’s reputation is gone and thank God Joe isn’t around to witness its’ demise.

  • Guest2020

    You can sit there with your head in the sand while a child is being harmed all you want to, but I would be doing everything withing my power to keep a monster from molesting children. Your attitude conveys that you have never known, much less loved, a victim of child molestation. Otherwise you wouldn’t have a second thought about following through with such a report.

    If Paterno cared about those children more than he cared about the football team, he would have followed through and would have not let that monster continue to claim victims. Every child that Sandusky molested after Paterno and the others knew about are just as much to blame for all of Sandusky’s victims after that, as Sandusky.

  • Rick wilson

    The NCAA just stated that paying players is worse than covering up for and allowing a pedophile to roam free. SMU received the death penalty for 2 years for paying players. Penn State should have gotten at least 1 year per victim. A 10 year suspension of football should have been the minimum. The worst case in history should have received the worst penalty in history. Vacating wins does nothing for the victims, and hurts the players that earned them. The fine means nothing, the boosters will pay that. The reduction is scholarships is significant, but certainly is not enough punishment for the crimes committed. The people that claim it has nothing to do with football are dead wrong. A legendary football coach and the administrators at he highest level not only failed to stop a pedophile, but covered up for him and allowed him to continue to violate small children. There are more victims because of their actions. With the NCAA’s failure to give Penn State the death penalty, they have said that paying players is worse than covering up for a sexual predator. The cover up happened to save embarrassment and because of money. I guess the NCAA thought this was a good enough reason not to give out the death penalty………They just lost what little respect I had for them.

  • Old Man

    There should be no fine, unless the entire sum is paid out to the victims. There should be no stripping of wins.

    There SHOULD BE a historic removal of Penn State from all college athletics for 10 years, not just football. A clear message needs to be sent…that there will zero tolerance of pedophilia and any ensuing coverup.

    For the NCAA to fine Penn State just shows piling on to get as much cash from them as possible, from entities who have not been damaged by them.


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