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CENTENNIAL, Colo. (AP) – The suspect in the Colorado movie theater shootings has made his first court appearance — though at times, he didn’t seem to be there at all.

James Holmes was unshaven and appeared dazed. He sat virtually motionless during today’s hearing in Centennial, Colo., his eyes drooping as the judge advised him of the severity of the case. At one point, he simply closed his eyes.

His hair was dyed a comic-book shade of orange-red. He didn’t say a word during the hearing, letting his lawyers do all the talking when the judge asked if he understood his rights.

Prosecutors said later they didn’t know if he was on medication. Authorities have said he is being held in isolation.

The hearing was the first confirmation that Holmes’ hair was colored. On Friday, there were reports of his hair being red, and that he told arresting officers that he was “The Joker,” Batman’s nemesis.

Authorities say Holmes is refusing to cooperate with investigators, and that it could take months to identify a motive.

He’s expected to be formally charged next Monday. A prosecutor says her office is considering pursuing the death penalty.

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  • Guest7969

    GUY WILL NEVER see capital punishment in Colorado…BANK ON IT! However…I hope he finds a Bane like guy in prison to share a cell with and is reminded every day of what it’s like to be a victim!

  • RushGuest

    I guarentee you this piece of garbage was either abused or molested as a child. He was a victim. Is it an excuse? Of course not. Is it the reason this happened? Absolutely.

  • eGuest

    Follow the money

  • Justin America

    Since I do not believe you could possibly know this suspects upbringing, I presume you are referring to yourself. Absolutely.

  • SurfCityTom

    and you have the nerve to throw out this type of unfounded trash.

    Gomer would say Shame, Shame, Shame on you!

  • Guest2020

    It may be the excuse he gives for doing this, but it is not the reason. There are many victims of child molestation who never commit a crime.

  • someone

    How in the world would you not persue a death penalty for someone that has murdered several?

    The system is so messed up.


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