8th DWI conviction lands Leland man 11.5 years behind bars

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Submitted: Thu, 07/26/2012 - 12:56am
Updated: Thu, 07/26/2012 - 1:02am

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Leland man will spend about a decade behind bars after being convicted for DWI for the eighth time.

A judge sentenced Wilbur Brown of Leland this morning to nine to 11.5 years in prison after Brown was convicted of habitual impaired driving and sentenced as a habitual felon.

Prosecutors say Leland Police stopped Brown November 11, 2011, for suspicion of DWI. They say Brown failed a field sobriety test and had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.10. Brown had gotten out of prison eight months earlier after completing a sentence for a previous habitual impaired driving conviction.

The District Attorney’s Office presented Brown for habitual felon prosecution to the grand jury upon learning of his previous felony and seven misdemeanor DWI convictions, as well as convictions for felony drug and property crimes. The availability of enhanced penalties under the North Carolina Habitual Felon Act allowed the State of North Carolina to pursue a sentence greater than the maximum two year term that would ordinarily apply.


  • Guest1111 says:

    Well said Delco!

  • Guest2020 says:

    If you had a loved one hurt or killed by a drunk driver, you may not be so quick to dismiss the severity of his crimes. I wasn’t sentenced based on one blood alcohol test. He was sentenced because he drove drunk time and time again. That is eight times that he could have killed someone and it is only by the grace of God that he didn’t.

  • Guest1111 says:

    @Guest7969: go have a drink and relax

  • Guest7969 says:

    he killed your child or wife with that .10..you would be singing a different tune!

    Here is how it SHOULD go down….FIRST OFFENSE..your vehicle is confiscated by the authorities and sold at auction with the money given to schools! AWWWww you need it for your job…TOO BAD!…AWwww need it for your family…TOO BAD!

  • Guest1101 says:

    You are correct, it’s not much. But did you know at least 1 maybe 2 of his DWI’s were from when he was driving a cab with passengers in it? While there are much worse crimes and criminals; he does not learn, he will not stop drinking. He will not stop driving while drinking. He has had shot after shot after shot…how about we just let him off and then we can crucify the courts, police, DA, etc. when he eventually kills someone. He is very honest in the fact that he’s still gonna do it, do we wait til someone dies?
    He is all things considered a nice guy; never have a negative thing to say, but he has no intention of not drinking…so, i hate to see hi go for so long, but he’s had many chances

  • Switch says:

    Why in the world did it take 8 times? A very pitiful legal system!

  • Guest2609 says:

    I agree, you would think after the 1st one, should have gone to jail. And we wonder why so many people are killed in drunk driving accidents. What is wrong with this picture??????????

  • Guest2020 says:

    Why does it take 8 DWI convictions to get this man off the streets?

  • Guesttenheimer says:

    There is a simple answer to this question. To observe first hand, go to district and superior court. Watch the antics of the attorneys and the judges. Watch all of the bargaining, the shuffling of cases, the plea deals. Watch the obviously guilty criminals walk right back out the door with a big grin on their face, knowing full well that they “slid through” the turnstyle once more.
    This is our legal system, these are our judges and this is your answer.

  • Guesttoo says:

    It didn’t take eight. From the sounds of it, it took seven. It took eight to get him BACK off the streets.

    Over what period of time did this occur?

  • taxpayer says:

    Because the current legal system allows it.

  • Delco says:

    For a man this size I as a taxpaying citizen prefer he has a BAC number in the high teens or .20 + to justify 11 years supporting him in jail. .10 is not necessarily dangerous to anyone.So he has a few property crime petty thief reports?The cops are tired of seeing him? There are far bigger issues of danger to citizens when the last 15 years of youth growing up here think nothing of shooting a food delivery driver to get food for free.

  • Guest Redneck Across the River says:

    Lawyer’s fees, court costs, driving school fees, rehab fees, fines……it is all about the almighty dollar, not public safety.

  • Guest Reply says:

    “Why does it take 8 DWI convictions to get this man off the streets?”

    Because it is job security for the courts…$$$ in the bank!

  • Gray Cameron says:

    poor guy. Nine to eleven is a tough stretch

  • Guest2020 says:

    He did this to himself. Nobody did it for him. He deserves no pity.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    My bet is…..
    He’ll be getting arrested again, within the next four years.

  • chris mcpeck says:

    8 dwi and he gets 11 yrs ,, so your saying its ok to have one or two and maybe three dwi…. we need to get tough on this law one is two many !!!!!

  • GuestReality says:

    The length of Brown’s sentence is not due to blowing a .10 on the breathalyzer. It’s due to the fact that he’s a habitual felony offender, with EIGHT previous DWI convictions.

    Brown was released from prison only eight months earlier for a previous habitual impaired driving conviction. With the previous felony and SEVEN misdemeanor DWI convictions (and his convictions for felony drug and property crimes), the courts were able to give him a longer sentence for being a habitual offender.

    Face it, he’s a menace to everyone, and we’re all lucky to have him off the streets.

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