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OCEAN ISLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Sunday school turned scary at a Brunswick County church when a man threatened there was a bomb in the building. It happened over the weekend in Ocean Isle Beach.

“There is an individual in this church who’s screaming, ‘Bomb,’ and we had to carry him out,” a caller told 911 operators. “He’s in the parking lot. We’ve restrained him.”

It’s probably the last place you would expect something like this to happen. For the Beach Assembly of God congregation, it was a Sunday they may remember for all the wrong reasons.

“We had a subject who I believed was under the impairing substance of something. To what, we’re not sure,” Brunswick County Sheriff’s Det. John Holman said. “But what he was doing was going around, interrupting sunday school and services, walking up behind people and slapping them extremely hard on the back, and then he would say bless them.”

Pastor John Chase says it was a pretty unique incident, and that luckily members of his church were able to avoid more harm. He says the situation here at his church was under control very quickly, as there was an off-duty deputy in his congregation, and the Sheriff’s Office responded very quickly to their calls.

“It really encouraged our congregation, even in the midst of the disturbance, that such expertise and professional care and help was available to our congregation within just a matter of minutes,” Chase said.

Deputies arrested Christopher Walker, 31, of Wilmington, for disorderly conduct, simple physical assault and assault on a female.

Despite the original bomb call, investigators searched the church with a K-9 unit and did not find any explosives.

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  • Olympic Torch, 1000’s gather,cheer,hug jump,slap each other on the back,scruff each other on the heads, wowed by the humanity manifest in near perfection of brute strength and show. Zealous for their catagories and extremes manifest therin, emotions flow, fester and show in fans and competitors. Chris walker is simply overflowing by that which has touched him and filled him, and the outward expression (a man speaks by the fullness of his heart) to others may be questionable and unacceptable by others form and formality and understanding. i wasn”t there for the matter of his “disturbance” at a place of worship, arrest following, but who among us all hasn’t known how to explode from within in tactfullness acceptable to every single person present if we won the lottery, free car, ect. the press has an extremely low flash point to ignite, combust, missconstrue, trump up or whatever it takes to make or attempt to make people convinced they said,saw,heard, or want to believe what just happened. i’ve witnessed many things in places of worship i didn’t understand or questioned, yet i”ve been divinely healed twice in life. a reporter can”t convince me otherwise. thanks for the wake up call church and believers, and thanks for being on fire watch Chris. the torch is forever lit in the kingdom olympics. keep GOD out of man”s golden cage. roger rogers

  • Wilmington Observer

    What, in the world, were you smoking when you typed that??

    Wilmington Observer

  • Guest2020

    Talk about putting the fear of God into people.

  • geturfacts straight

    I am very upset due to the fact that yall have your facts incorrect!! this person said nothing of a bomb, He was just going around the church saying ” boom boom boom” as he was praising the lord and advised that the holy spirit is gonna blow up in the chruch… Do you know what the Holy spirit is?? Read your bibles .. Get your facts straight and whoever gave this story, shame on you
    This church took things into extreme matters and had this person arrested for praising the lord in church! This church should be ashame as well , what is this world coming too when one cannot praise how they want too !!!! Let him FREEE

  • tiffany

    I would just like to say that y’all got ur information wrong. There was no bomb or bomb threat. Chris was just praying for people like he read in a smith wigglesworth book. There was no assault. And the word bomb was used. But not in the way u think. He said that god was going to explode in the church as in the holy spirit was flow through there heavily. This whole thing was blown way out of proportion. And the gentleman threw him out of the church on his forehead and split his head open. This is what happened. And the preacher of this church said he was going to get the charges dropped after this happened.. but yet let this story get out without all the facts…. wrong… really wrong.

  • Kara

    This story is completely inaccurate. I know this man and his family. His only crime is being very enthusiastic about his worship. He was misunderstood and never said bomb! He said boom whenever he got excited about the lord. The situation was blown completelt out of proportion. He was also absolutely NOT ON DRUGS! it is completely WRONG and UNFAIR to report that he was with no more evidence than heresay. Since when is our local news into spreading rumors and ruining a good mans reputation!

  • tijgnngj

    This is completely true… I was there! He also assaulted one of the pastors.

  • Guest5

    Unless you were physically there then you don’t know what happened. Stop saying its all wrong when you was not present. You don’t know what you would do unless you were in this situation. You have to think of the safety of everyone! Imagine if one of your children was there?


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