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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County man may spend more than a decade behind bars for driving drunk again and again. District Attorney Jon David says the county’s DWI court is to thank for Wilbur Brown’s sentence, but the program faces the chopping block.

Most drivers fear getting even one DWI. Brown has eight. He has already served two years behind bars for his drunk driving, but now he will spend between nine and 11.5 years in prison.

“We were able to focus on his status and the case that was put in front of us because of his habitual status to make sure he never drives again and hopefully save some lives,” Assistant DA Cathi Radford said.

David says he understands that DWIs can happen and everyone makes mistakes, but he says Brown’s habitual crimes were inexcusable.

“In Brunswick County, a lot of our ‘murder’ cases are not guns and knives. It’s people driving cars while they’re impaired,” David said. “So when you have a person that’s done eight DWIs and haven’t learned their lesson? We’re going to aggressively prosecute them and take that case and give it something special.”

David is proud of his team for their efforts in Brown’s case, but he is worried about the future of the program. He says the state had to cut funding that allowed Brunswick County to have a separate DWI court. Those cases will no longer get the same attention they do now.

“The criminal justice system will be fine at the end of the day,” David said. “My people have learned to do more with less. We’re just going to have to work smarter, not necessarily harder, to identify the right defendants towards the courtrooms we already have.”

David says come October, DWI court will no longer exist in Brunswick County. He says that not only inconveniences the court system. It also means some rearranging of jobs so people stay employed.

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  • B M

    Not about the money??? Ha! Ha! just remove all the tax revenues from alcohol and see how long NC stays in the alcohol business. Does anybody think this state wants people to stay home and drink, if so why does all the restaurants serve alcohol, why did all you hear avbout the proposed new baseball stadium say the profits were gonna come from the sale of beer and hotdogs?

  • Guest461

    Yeah…it’s all about the money, righto! It’s really all about the “idiots”. As long as there are people with only three brain cells that feel the need to drive after drinking and knowing what the laws are, sure…easy pickings for revenue.

    Wanna save your money? Stay home and drink or hire a cab! No rocket science inviolved with this scenario… No matter what you think, DWI’s are not a part of a government conspiracy to take your money.

  • Guest90210

    He is one of the first to get jail time in Brunswick County. There is a man that lives on Oak Island that has 5 DWI’S Felony hit and run and was tazed got off with 2 years supervised probation. He is still drinking and driving his moped and laughing at the Court System everyday because in a year he can get his license back. He hit a elderly lady but the next time he might not be so lucky he might kill the next time that won’t be so funny than. This man still drinks and does drugs everyday he will never learn his lesson.

  • Polly

    DWI – standard $5,000.00 first DWI and no license for one year. second DWI $10,000.00 no license for five years. People love money I say hit em where it hurts. Make it LAW – – NO LICENSE UNTIL YOU HAVE A ZERO BALANCE ON THE CHARGE AND A 60 HOURS COMMUNITY SERVICE!!!!! This way tax payers don’t have to feed them or house them!!!

  • Guest461

    It isn’t illegal to drink and drive, it is illegal to get DRUNK and drive. The average person with average body weight can have a couple of cocktails, a balanced meal over an hour and a half or so and not be impaired to drive home. Just because a restaurant serves alcohol, it isn’t prividing permission to slam down 6 harvey-wallbangers, snack on pretzels and attempt to drive home. Nobody at the baseball stadium will tell you that you can guzzle 10 beers, watch the game and drive home afterwards. Restaurants and Ballgames are not in the adult baby-sitting business!!!
    This is all about personal accountability, recognition of the law, your personal safety. I’m having a hard time understanding your concept that due to your own lack of self control, you blame DWI arrests on a government conspiracy to generate revenue. Okay, I’ll play your elementary game. Let me ask you: If you KNOW the government is wringing money out of your pocket with this DWI conspiracy, then why do you allow them to do that to you? You DO have choices, right? No…wait…the governement is also exercising mind control on you to boost the DWI conspiracy. Now I get it….

  • Guest2020

    “So when you have a person that’s done eight DWIs and haven’t learned their lesson? We’re going to aggressively prosecute them and take that case and give it something special.”

    If they got more than a slap a wrist to begin with, then they would learn their lessons. If you would aggressively prosecute DWI cases and if the state would aggressively sentence DWI cases, then it wouldn’t take eight conviction for a drunk to learn his lesson.

  • momofapom

    I realize that this man has put people in danger every time that he drives drunk; however, they put him in prison and the turn around and release violent offenders due to overcrowding.

  • Guest461

    …should they stop selling knives and forks because they make people fat?
    Adults drink alcohol, adults are fully aware of the laws concerning drinking and driving. Adults choose to break the law by drinking and driving. There is nothing here supporting your rediculous theory that the government forces people to drink and drive to double dip the revenue.

  • GuestUSMC

    Brilliant observation. It is all about the money.

  • B M

    Wouldn’t you think that if drinking and driving have become such a dangerous issue in the state of NC that the state wouldn’t just get out of the alcohol business? The state of NC is up to it’s eyeballs in the sale of alcohol and do more to promote the consumption than the vendors do, but the minute you have a couple drinks they are bent out of shape, kinda double dipping don’t you think?

  • Guest00000

    They don’t get bent out of shape when you have a couple drinks. Just don’t get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. That’s the difference.

  • Guest2020

    NC is responsible for making people drive drunk as much as McDonald’s is responsible for people having heart attacks. Both involve choices on the part of the individual. If a person chooses to drink alcohol and get behind the wheel of a car he is the sole person responsible for his decision just as a man who has a heart attack from eating too many Big Macs. The seller is not responsible, the consumer is.


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