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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI’s Cyber Crime Task Force are warning of a telephone scam designed to allow people to gain access to your computer.

Investigators say the scam involves unidentified individuals calling random telephone numbers saying they are from Microsoft and that your computer has an issue such as: a security issue, a virus, or some software is not functioning properly.

Investigators say the callers have had strong accent, the calls were unwarranted and have been made to people who were not even near a computer, and caller ID identified the number as coming from an unrecognized area code, for example 555.

Detectives say if you receive a call in the future or have received a call like this already, contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center on-line at http://www.ic3.gov. Do not contact the FBI directly, as complaints will be forwarded by IC3 to the appropriate Law Enforcement Agency.

Law enforcement also warns you not to provide username, password or any account information over the telephone. They say you should, though, take notes on what was said or told to you during the telephone conversation. If you think the call is legitimate ask yourself did you call company X (whoever they say they are working for)? Do you even use/have the software in question? Do they have a call back telephone number that works?

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  • guesty

    If people are dumb enough to give out information over the phone, they deserve to get taken to the cleaners.

  • taxpayer

    are you saying I didn’t win the British lottery? I got an email that said I did, and all I have to do is…. :)

  • Guest 4545

    I just sent a Nigerian king my bank info so he can deposit my millions in there. Anybody got the phone number for the palace in Nigeria.

  • Anti-guesty

    I am so glad to find out that guesty is so smart and well educated on all the various scams and frauds. I wonder if his parents, grandparents, etc are among the dumb ones since so many of these scams are targeted at the elderly who don’t have a firm grib on today’s technology, whose children don’t stay connected ,and who love to talk to anyone on the phone because of their loneliness. Maybe you will take another look at your comment when your elderly relatives fall prey to these con men and POOF, your meager inheritance disappears before your eyes. But in your words, “they deserve to get taken to the cleaners”

  • Bootoguesty

    So many of the people that are caught in phone/computer scams are the elderly parents, grandparents, etc who do not totally understand the technolgy, are lonely due to the fact their family doesn’t stay in close contact with them or in guesty’s case a family that just doesn’t care about their older family members. They long for a phone call where someone will talk to them. Unfortunately that leaves them great targets for scammers. I wonder how guesty would feel if his “dumb” parents or grandparents got caught up in a scam and lost all of his hoped-for inheretance. According to guesty, they deserve it. Hmmmmmmmmm!

  • guesty

    That is true. Even though you never entered the lottery, you still won. Just send some “processing” money to cover the taxes and they will quickly send you a check. 100% legit. I’ve won 6 times now!

    Hard to believe people fall for this crap, but like the old saying goes: “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

  • Guest7969

    saying, not only did you NOT win the British lottery…You are NOT getting the millions of dollars for acting as an intermediary to the Royal Nigerian family!

  • guesty

    Sorry chuckles, not only does my family have enough sense not to fall for such foolish scams, we all have plenty of contact with all family members no one is ever lonely.

    I won’t disagree with your last statement, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. And if you fall for it, better luck next time.

  • SurfCityTom

    available to fund the baseball diamond construction. Avoid taxing the city property owners.

    They could have this park ready to play by spring if they use this revenue source.

    Why haven’t duke or MikeT put an email address or phone number up for such a purpose?

  • guesty

    First what you will need to do is get some commonsense. That might be hard for you, but if you had just a little it would then be apparent that it is a scam.

    No, my parents and grandparents are all more than comfortable with technology and have enough sense not to fall victim.

    And yes, folks do deserve to be taken to the cleaners if they fall for such foolishness.

    Don’t worry about my inheritance because if my parents want to spend every dime of it, that is their right because it is theirs and they earned it. I don’t worry about it or count on it.

  • Chefnsurf

    Hellooooo ?

    I am Microsoft # 1 employee!

    I am callink to fix you a bad problink on yoor computer!

    You cannot see but computer iss very bad inside!

    I vill help you very much as I am Microsoft #1 ace employee!

    Please giff me all security code now for me to helping you!


  • Guest353434

    See, you can’t trust people that call you. At least you can always trust people on the Internet because it’s illegal to lie on the Internet, and everyone follows laws once they’re made!

    I just got an email from a banker in someplace called Nigeria. He says an uncle of mine died, and they need to send me the money. I didn’t know I had an uncle there, but hey, it came in over the Internet, so it has to be true.

    See… they just have to make me next of kin!

    “After you have been made the next of kin, the attorney will also fill in for claims on your behalf and secure the necessary approval and letter of probate in your favor for the move of the funds of US$10,500,000.00(Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) to an account that will be provided by you.”

    They even give me an attorney! I just have to give them my bank account number. Wait, can I borrow yours?



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