Shooting witness: ‘He just went crazy, I think’

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Submitted: Tue, 07/31/2012 - 3:57am
Updated: Tue, 07/31/2012 - 3:19pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Two members of one family are dead after a shooting this morning in New Hanover County. It happened around 10 a.m. on Normandy Drive near Monkey Junction.

“He shot her,” a woman who identified herself as the wife and mother of the two people killed told a 911 operator. “He came out with a gun and started shooting. He shot her and then he shot himself. He just went crazy, I think”

A neighbor found the elderly woman in the street covered with blood and called 911 turning the phone over to the witness.

“Why didn’t he shoot me?” the woman said. “I’ve lost my daughter.”

Investigators identified the two people killed as Eduard Nagel, 85, and his stepdaughter Valerie Kelly, 53.

Neighbor Tasha Green was at work in Leland when she heard about the shooting. Her thoughts immediately went to the safety of her own family.

“Within 15 to 20 minutes I was here,” Green said. “It was very scary knowing the kids were at home.”

Now she and her neighbors are left to pick up the pieces of their normally quiet community.

“We never expected anything like this to happen, especially in this type of neighborhood,” neighbor Dondrea Baker said. “We have very nice neighbors. Everybody speaks to one another most of the time. We never dreamed of anything like this happening… ever.”

The Sheriff’s Office says while the investigation continues, deputies are not actively seeking any suspects. A group of friends planned a candle light ceremony.


  • SmartBlackGuy says:

    Oh no, no comments yet! If it was downtown Wilmington or Creekwood, the supremists would have been all over this! LEt me guess, that happened in downtown Wilmington huh? Not surprised, typical white crime! ;)

  • Guestsck says:

    OH! So THERE’S that southern hospitality, Christian love and compassiom that I keep hearing about… Nice! NOT

  • Guestduh says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and bet this was not gang or even drug related…just a guess.

  • Guest57788 says:

    still butt-hurt over the outrage over the six predators who killed the delivery driver? There is a huge difference because this was a family situation that boiled over but was generally not a threat to the public or bystanders. But on the other side of the city, people can be doing their job, laying in their bed or sitting a car and fall victim to “other kind of crime.” Have you checked out the stats from Chicago lately? You’re safer in Baghdad circa 2006-2007 than you are in parts of Chicago this year.

  • kkbdheyyy says:

    how could u say smthn like that? It was not downtown thank u. If it was black.ppl white ppl Hispanic whatever it shouldn’t matter. U should still have the decency to keep a comment like this _to yourself u racist heartless person

  • former wilmington resident says:

    What a tragedy, no matter where it happened. I do not understand all the anger in the previous posts…an elderly woman just lost her child. Where is the sympathy?

  • Guest9743 says:

    You’re right, this probably wasn’t gang related….but it was committed by a thug, an 85 year old thug!!!

  • portcity rider says:

    This was a tragic event and a lady is without her husband and daughter.Gang or drug lated is petty and of no importance.85 year old woman without her husband.At some point we have to get away from crazy comments and think about the people that are going through hell and try to image there pain.Hopefully she has friends and family that can help her cope with her lost.

  • Guestduh says:

    You are correct. This was in response to the racist “crazy comments” by “SmartBlackGuy?”. Didn’t matter what the race.

  • raleigh-close-friend says:

    for anyone that reads this article please say a prayer for our dear friend and loved one, valerie. she was such a special woman who offered so much love to our entire family she will be missed dearly. this type of sudden crime and shock is so hard to deal with and we are finding peace in knowing she is with god who will protect her and care for her. valerie had a deep love for life; she helped so many people through her healing presence and her genuine care for other humans – we love you and miss you valerie please rest in peace

  • Guest824 says:

    Pray for the one left alive, not those already gone.

  • dream says:

    so sorry for that fAmily,my prayers go out. and on another note im so glad I moved Way from that the looks of the comments nothing has changed,still small minded and racism. life is to short to judge and playing the race card.set good examples for ur kids. I feel sorry for them.

  • Shannon J says:

    I would like to start by saying that I am deeply sadden by this. I am so sorry for loss. Your aunt, mother, sister, duaghter, friend or whom ever Valerie was to you will be missed I am sure. I know personally I will be praying for your family. As for your grandfather, father, husband, friend, I know that none of this makes ANY rhyme or reason to you and it probally never will. I know that you will still miss him too and I am sure that you have mixed emotiions as well, but one thing to remember,YOU are entiled to YOUR feelings. Don’t listen to these IDOTS that don’t have a clue~ This had NOTHING to do with them. God bless you all~ With love and respect~ Shannon J

  • Guest922 says:

    I agree with this post.. I see that this does not have all the comments as the posts when a “black” person, commits a crime… Im saying that to say this, WWAY & other stations are just a way for people to voice their racist comments publicly & anonymously, but honestly it just shows the continued ignorance of the society. If you believe that crime is committed more on one race then you are truly stupid! At this time, there is no race or age who commits more crime than the other, nor a part of town, its just that ignorance puts more emphasis on it. Such as the white college graduate who just slayed 12 people in Colorado, including a 6 yr old girl. Do you look at mugshots on star-news? If you do, then you see there are just as many whites & Mexicans committing crimes as black. A total disregard for life is affecting everyone from all walks of life. Always remember “Evil is not subjected to one culture in particular, yet it is a problem in the human race as a whole”… So remember that no once race is better than the next. We all need to pray for the human race in itself. & nowadays, you never know if you can be shot riding through creekwood or any other projects, or if you can be shot while sitting in a movie theater enjoying a movie with your family… Please stop the ignorance!

  • theportcity says:

    I understand this case may turn out to be a murder/suicide. It just goes to show that shootings/crime can occur anywhere in the city.

  • Joanne T says:

    I was a client and friend of Val’s for many many years. this is so tragic, words cannot explain the sorrow that I feel for her having to go like this and for her family to deal with this. She did not derserve this… Val, was a good good person with a huge heart, who had the God given talent of helping others through theraputic massage. I will forever treasure the time and talks that we had over the years. She was a great friend, person, mother, daughter, sister and aunt. To her family, I am so sorry for your loss, please let your memories of Val keep you going through this difficult time and treasure those times forever.

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