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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington man has teamed up with a local ministry to capture its impact in Africa.

Curtis Thieman will take his video camera to Rwanda and Kenya this weekend. He hopes to put together a touching video showing how Zoe Ministry is helping orphans struggling in poverty.

“My goal is to the tell the story,” Thieman said.

He is ready to set out on an African adventure.

Although he has quite the resume of production work from projects with MTV to Def Jam Records, even winning Telly and Addy awards, Thieman’s trip to Kenya and Rwanda will be a new challenge.

“Their story is not an easy story to be told in eight minutes,” Thieman said. “So I need to, in six days of shooting, I need to make sure we get everything we need to tell that story.”

Thieman has teamed up with Zoe Ministry, a group that empowers orphans in Africa to break the cycle of poverty. He says the ministry inspired him through its mission to make orphans self-sufficient.

“It’s more than just teaching them a skill,” Thieman said. “They address six different things that are needed to sustain and not get pulled back into poverty.”

Through Zoe, native social workers connect orphans with local churches and business training programs. In just a few years, the program has reached nearly 30,000 children.

Thieman will use his lens to capture the ministry’s impact.

“The cool thing about it is once these kids are done with this program, they’re doing really well,” he said. “They’re bringing in other orphans underneath them, and they’re teaching them so it’s kind of got a ripple effect.”

Thieman has high hopes for the eight-minute video he will complete in the next several weeks. He says the tedious work will be worth it.

“There’s no greater good that help kids,” Thieman said.

Thieman and Zoe Ministry are hosting a fundraiser for his trip to Africa at Front Street Brewery in Wilmington tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $40. Or you can donate online at zoevideo.com.

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  • Guest666

    …”They address six different things that are NEEDED to sustain and not get pulled back into poverty.”…didn’t have to guess that this included “cultivating faith”…always an angle to charity. I know its a ministry but can’t these orphans be helped without the need to push christianity on them. If things don’t work out for them and they pray for something better, what are they going to be told when their prayer isn’t answered? Maybe they weren’t a good enough christian…or maybe, it was just god’s will. Hey, its a good thing they’re doing, just leave the proselytising out of it.It certainly hasn’t done any good in Uganda where American evangelicals have helped in getting a bill signed that would put homosexual individuals to death or in prison for life because they believe it is a direct attack on the cohesion of African families. Plus, with the news lately and all of the chick-fil-a stuff, guess whose contribution, through another christian group, has contributed to trying to make this bill possible…c-f-a…help the kids, don’t damage them with uneeded fairy tales

  • Guest12

    Geeezzzz 666 your just plain evil. I know you have a right to speak your mind but damn.

  • Portcity rider

    You said all that to attack Chic-Fil-A.Really???

  • Moses Mwongera

    Hey,i had the opportunity to work with Curtis when he came in Kenya for three days.He is great and so professional,working with him was fun and inspiring.
    Cant wait for the end product of the whole shooting process.
    The work that Zoe Ministry is doing in Africa is amazing.Their Empowerment program has reached over 7500 orphans and Ovc in Kenya.Their success stories tell of how Zoe Ministry has empowered them and the POSITIVE changes they have experienced in their lives since joining the program.
    Zoe Ministry working model is a real success,it is not aid giving but empowering.Zoe Ministry Does:
    >reaches children in their home villages, towns or cities;
    > helps them build community with other orphans and vulnerable children;
    >teaches them about God’s love;
    >and provides the training, inputs and skills needed to care for themselves and their siblings.


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