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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick Count jury has found New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger not guilty of violating a protective order. Berger had appealed an earlier ruling that he had violated the order back in November.

Berger’s appeal came down to a war of words today. His attorney Thom Goolsby says Berger never knowingly violated an order to stay from his ex-girlfriend Heather Blaylock.

“I can tell you from personal experience, my life has been destroyed because of a false allegation,” Berger says. “I certainly have my shortcomings but domestic violence and harming a woman is something I would never do.”

Goolsby says the entire situation became an issue, because New Hanover County Community Action Executive Director Cynthia Brown did not want Berger digging into her organization. Berger was arrested after he attended a Community Action meeting in November. Blaylock works for the organization. Berger says he did not know she worked there, and that he attended the meeting in his official capacity as a commissioner.

“She required Heather to get the protective order, not because there was a threat to her,” Berger says. “Not because I’d ever harmed her or threatened to harm her.”

On Friday Brown emailed a statement to WWAY saying she had never made any such statement to Blaylock and said it was shocking to hear such a thing. Brown says she never interviewed Blaylock directly and says she found out about Blaylock’s relationship with Berger through the media, not through personal conversations.

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  • 1981duke

    Let us move on………

  • Guest28403

    The accusation of him violating the order was bogus to begin with and Goolsby is dead on in that Berger was trying to investigate and reality was Blaylock wasnt even in the bldg when he was present so it was a bogus charge to keep Berger from actually trying to do his job. Yes Brian has done some pretty weird crap and their relationship problems became public fodder obviously but there is still alot of crooked crap going on in NHC and such and sadly Jason Thompson and the rest refuse to do a bleeping thing about it which makes them just as culpable as those guilty of the corruption and misuse of funds. Its just too bad we’re stuck with the only advocate on the board for the citizens is a bit nutty.

  • B M

    Finally justice has got it right, never thought he violated his court orders, score one for what’s right.

  • taxpayer

    Brian afforded the legal services of Thom Goolsby…or did Thom take this case pro bono. Given Brian’s lack of employment other than his Commissioner salary…he doesn’t appear to have any visible means of supporting himself.

  • Media Watcher

    You lambast Berger for lies and insults over several years, one price he’s literally paid for fighting the corruption and big government waste of Barfield, Thompson and the other commissioners. Given what’s been said about him for fighting the status quo and proven crorruption, as the fbi and sbi found and documented in detail, and the insiders like Barfield and his robin, jason thompson, approve of and have had roles in, if only not doing their jobs and not carng about fraud and waste of my tax dollars when many of us have lost wealth without our heads in the guillitine like Berger. Your insults against him are as false as the allegation he took hostages at nightpoint and jumped off a buildin, all lies but no doubt hurting Bergers career and job prospects. False allegations from those that poured tons of money into keeping Berger from being elected and opening the door to the backroom where old-timers like Caster and Davis did their real work, at taxpayer expense, made Brian a clear threat to the status quo corruption in New Hanover County. He’s keeping his word (not the politcian thing to do) and that creates bitter enemies: vindicative theives like Cynthia Brown who hurt children and taxpayers, and sending a message to others that for the first time in memory, these public sector and nonprofit leaders who lack ethics and engage in abuse of their offices, might be held accountable someday. For a Change. Heather Blaylock has contradicted herself every time she’s opened her mouth and now its apparent she doesn’t belong in a classroom before being psychologically cleared she appears very unstable and “out there”

    Berger isn’t a politician being in a relationship with a single mom and psuedo adopting her children, he’s rare in the entire state of NC in his passion and sacrifices for the public (it is called “public office” someone should tell our other representives). Courageous leaders and reformers like Berger are almost always attacked and subjected to evil lies and retaliation and intimidation and harassment by those who profit from the current system needing reform. Berger is no different and we should support him and keep our taxes down and govt out in the open. Would you make the sacrifices Berger has for principles and values? Few have and few would ever have the guts to do what Brian Berger is doing, and I can’t see how it benefits him (he lost his house to pay baseless legal bills for pete’s sake). Brian, thanks from a citizen who pays property taxes and has children in the public schools.

  • Good luck Brian, Good job Senator Thom.

  • SouthEastNC

    crazy little guy

  • Guest1234

    While you have some good points Media Watcher, you have also been brainwashed like many others who voted for him. It is a shame that the only person who is blowing the whistle on government corruption is a man who does the same and engages in criminal activity. Because of HIS actions, many will probably get away with the same old good ole boy system that is in place.

    However, you can not truly blame a woman who was simply protecting herself and her children. She told the truth on the stand. She didn’t call the police when he violated the order, her boss did. Who knows why? Maybe because it was a violation or maybe because she was being vindictive for his calling her out on fraud. To blame the woman whom he was aggressive toward and sent 140 texts in one day and acted crazy, prompting her to protect herself is insane in itself.

    Berger needs help. He does not do his job, expects to get paid for not doing his job, and is constantly in trouble with the law. He was ticketed for going twice the legal speed limit with a revoked license. He was held liable for paying damages to personal property. He has a protective order against him. He has gotten into public arguments with other officials. He has been accused of abuse by another ex-girlfriend (who is on the deed to the house). And his house has been in and out of foreclosure.

    Ms. Blaylock never accused him of physical abuse. She was worried about his well being, and in turn hers and her children. She didn’t cause his legal troubles. HE DID! He chose to take it to jury trial. He fought for it to be moved to another county. He wasted tax payer money. Anyone else in this situation would have been treated differently. He abused his position of public power. We don’t know if he even paid for his lawyer!

    Oh and the house was in foreclosure before this. He refuses to sell it at a reasonable price. He refuses to rent the house. His ex paid her part of the mortgage even though she doesn’t live there. The money never made it to the bank.

    Stop making excuses for him! He will never get the help he needs if people continue to excuse his behavior or blame others.

  • Really

    Yet again Brian writes a post under an assumed name and in third party. Quit… you are an embarrassment to the county, those of us who voted for you and your parents.

  • Peyton Garrett

    While I really don’t care about the results of Berger’s appeal, I do care how he continually puts himself in positions to have these things happen to him. Media Watcher er Brian, again, when you have proof of corruption by any of the commissioners, bring forth the evidence. You can’t. There is none. You sir are the crook and wasteful as evidenced by your travel records. Please, go elsewhere and get a job, get a life. You are unemployable in Wilmington and unwanted in this political theater. Just move on.

  • Challengetheworld


    You must have written this in your “spare time”. He is the worst politician that New Hanover County has ever seen!

  • Bs detector

    Berger=Courage??? OK I get your math…so that means Courage= standing up in front of us and lying about being a small business owner when instead you are sucking down unemployment.
    Or Sarifice= taking the government hand-out and bilking the taxpayers out of salary (with health benefits) while you’re unable to be on time or even perform the duties because you can’t get your act together.

    My god I never thought we’d see someone worse than Juila Bozeman but you are Brian, you are!

  • Guest2020

    He has a constitutional right to a trial by jury. It is not a waste of taxpayer money for a person exercising his rights. If Goolsby did it pro bone then it’s nobody’s business. If it was a court appointed situation then it took a judge to determine qualification. If you don’t like that then take it to the judge that made the appointment.

    I have never met Brian. I wasn’t there when things happened. All I know is what is in the media and the claims made on these message boards. I don’t know what he has or hasn’t done. I don’t know what he is guilty of, but I do know that regardless of anyone else’s opinion on this matter that is now considered not guilty of violating this protection order and agree with it or not, we all have to live with it.

    Regardless of anything else, the man is suffering and I hope that he is able to get his life on track and that his suffering ends.

  • witGuest

    Vote Democratic- their hypocrisy on womens’ rights, Titan and their hypocrisy should revolt all of us—they think they will walk right into raleigh- lets send these political demons into retirement.

  • Old Man

    Oh great. Now it’s all a big conspiracy.

    I’ll be happiest when Berger disappears into the sunset. What a tool!

  • old dog

    Old Man, You of all people know many people come and go but the 2 top people in charge the whole time are in the same family. They have been ruthlessly brutally fighting each other for power the last 50 years here.

  • Guesttoo

    I just want to know if he managed to make it court on time!


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