UPDATE: Missing swimmer found this morning

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Submitted: Mon, 08/06/2012 - 3:05pm
Updated: Mon, 08/06/2012 - 11:33pm

UPDATE: WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office along with additional emergency response agencies have located the body of the missing 13-year-old boy from Snow’s Cut Park.

The body of Shandon Tyre Wright Jr. was found about a mile south of Snow’s Cut shortly after 9:00 this morning. Emergency personnel found the victim in the water near Sugar Loaf sand dune in Carolina Beach State Park.

According to eyewitnesses, the boy was in the water Saturday afternoon with his father and a young girl, all from Rocky Point. The girl started struggling, so the father got her to safety. He then realized the 13-year-old boy was distressed as well but was unable to reach him. After an unsuccessful attempt to rescue the boy, an eyewitness told us the father was then rescued by two fishermen.


  • annette says:

    our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the lil 13 year old boy who drown

  • WeMissYouTJ says:

    Everyone from Cape Fear loves and miss you TJ.

  • a friend from cape fear middle school says:

    Shandon Tyre Wright Jr only if i could see him one last time with all of his friends i cried for 2 days str8 hope and praying they would find his body we will allway love you and miss yoy Shandon Tyre Wright Jr

  • Guest2020 says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

  • kris says:

    I& my family will keep u in our prayers. We went through the exact same thing last year, my brother drowned … Keep your faith in God, he will help you through this. Itwill take awhile, but you will begin to heal..all our love & prayers,
    Kris Heidt

  • mckenzie says:

    my heart goes out to you, we are truly sorry for your loss, no words can ever express our sorrow

  • T.j imy so freakin much says:

    T.j wehad jst started tlkin 2 weeks b4 school ended I cnt stop the tears caz u was made coll n funny !! Hope to c u again somedayyyy !!! Love n miss u t.j !!:’,(

  • La Toya B says:

    Nephew I will never forget you, I will ALWAYS hold you dear to my heart, I LOVE YOU BABY

  • Danielle says:

    I just happened to be at the site hours after he went down, we just left the beach. I was overcome with sorrow when I found out what happened and just cannot imagine what the parents and family of this boy are going through. My 6 year old son and 12 year old daughter were with me and it made me want to hold them tight and never let go. We are new to this area and I am so scared of the waters around here. My thoughts and prayers are with the Wright family is this terrible time. I will pray for your strength to overcome this and the ability to see a brighter day on the horizon. Terribly sorry for your loss.

  • Jason says:

    It’s a shame when this happens. But, they did have signs posted. Everytime the county posts a sign, the are torn down. Even if they put up a fence, someone will manage to cut through it. I wish people would quit blaming others but themselves. we all take risks, and this is a risk that ended in a tragic death.

  • Guest111 says:

    I think there are signs posted and I think the news channel report showed one of those signs. Think it said NO SWIMMING

  • C.C. says:

    There are signs very clearly posted…

  • 1953Guest says:

    My sincere sympathy to the family of the 13 year old. Let’s make sure these senseless drowings come to an abrupt end now!Contact your New Hanover County officials and ask them to please post “No Swimming” signs at Snow’s Cut. When people aren’t familiar with this area, they don’t know not to try and swim there. I can’t believe they haven’t already posted signs, this happens every summer it seems! So sad.

  • SusanK6461 says:

    It breaks my heart that this happened on what should have been a fun family vacation. My prayers go to this family for their loss. I certainly hope the powers that be will use this tragedy as an opportunity to warn visitors to the area of the dangers of this area, which by all accounts I’ve heard was well known to locals.

  • SonOfaSailor says:

    Living here my entire life on the water…

    I am SO sorry this had to happen to this family.. I can’t imagine their loss and they most likely did not know of the hidden dangers, so for everyone else..

    Please don’t swim in Snow’s Cut.

    As calm and docile as it seems Its current which crosses into the river, is one of the strongest and most dangerous in our area.

    You might as well swim in Masonboro Inlet. PLASE don’t even wade in snow’s cut… It’s what you don’t see, which is a voilent underwater rapid like current and rip current that kills…

  • RSimmons says:

    I can’t imagine the grief of watching one of your children drown. I went through Snows Cut on my sailboat about an hour before the reported drowning and the tide was strong going out.I am surprised they found him over by Sugarloaf Dune.

  • Guest111 says:

    My sincere sympathy to the family.

  • thumpp says:

    There is no imagining the pain this family is going through, my prayers go out to them.

    I am a local and one of the first water safety lessons I learned was to stay out of Snow’s Cut. The currents are too strong, it gets deep fast, and the bottom is lined with broken glass and various sharp objects. It is no place to swim, under any circumstance.

    This place has a history of drownings and injuries, but there are still no warning signs at the access. Please everyone let this story be a lesson and stay out of that waterway.

  • Guest1948 says:

    I’m a local also and cannot imagine anyone wanting to swim in Snow’s Cut. It’s man made and as treacherous as any body of water in these parts. Swimming should not be allowed there and the state or county should post warning signs for those not familiar with the dangerous currents.

    So sad for this family’s loss.

  • GuestReality says:

    This is so incredibly sad. My heart just breaks for the parents. I’m so, so sorry for your loss.

  • B A Benton says:

    My husband always warned my children to never swim there because of the strong current.

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