UPDATE: Troopers release identity of pedestrian struck and killed near Monkey Junction

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Submitted: Tue, 08/07/2012 - 8:21pm
Updated: Tue, 08/07/2012 - 8:21pm

NEW HANOVER CO., NC (WWAY) — State Highway Patrol has identified the woman struck and killed by a vehicle Monday night.

Troopers say Jena Ravelli, 39, was crossing College Road in the Monkey Junction area at about 9:30 when she was hit.

The intersection near Carolina Beach Road and College Road was closed off while crews cleared the area.

No charges have been filed against the driver.


  • LEX says:

    Leave these two families alone and let the work it out!!To both the family that lost a loved one and to my daughter grandchild and her friends in the car,my heart goes out to all of you IT’S a tragedy that anyone should lose their life,but it is also a tragedy for the survivors of of both families.Now I ask you kindly all to give these families some space and keep your opinions to yourselves and wait for all things to be settled by the families and they will let you know when all the facts are in if your one that needs to know.Other than that stay the hell out of it !!Stop showing you ignorance!! What you THINK things to be is not necessarily what it is .I think the authorities know how to handle this better than you people running your bell clappers!!! LET he or she without sin cast the first stone. My daughter is devastated and rightly so.Put yourself in her shoes.If it had happened to you I’m quite sure you would be the same .Try showing compassion to both sides,for one day you could be standing in her shoes–Reminder I will persue you if you keep this up and I am NOT afraid to give my name:LEX SKIPPER SR>

  • LEX says:

    I would also like to make a request that wway channel 3 take the comments of this site as did T>V>6 because for one there are people that are making comments that they know nothing about and for the families involved.This whole subject should be between the families and not for the public to stir up crap that is not based on truth only hear say!!TELL THE STORY BUT PLEASE BLOCK THE COMMENTS .I am a father who is not only concerned for my daughter granddaughter and the family that lost their loved one .THANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND ATTENTION.

  • Hutch says:

    I have known Jena for many years through work at Wilmington Broadcasting Co. and through friendship, and she was a very special person. I am devistated about this accident as I am sure many are, but the Ravelli family are Christians, who I am sure forgive anyone invovled. With that being said, I don’t understand how this woman could not have seen her at all, even being night. It does sound like she did not have time to react, which makes me think that she was not paying attention. Her funeral was yesterday. Donations can be made to the women’s ministries at First Baptist Memorial Church, 411 Market Street. Jena, you are gone too soon and you will be missed.

  • Guest111 says:

    What in the world is going on? Seems like someone is killed every night around southern New Hanover.

  • New Guest 9 says:

    Any news on who she is yet?

  • Guest824 says:

    True… I hope it’s better down there than it is up here. But this is an incident Wilmington can learn a lesson from – people would be more likely to cross highways and streets safely if crosswalks were at every intersection.

  • Jason says:

    I watched it all happen. I cant imagine how her family feels and how the driver feels. R.I.P. to her.

  • Devastated Guest says:

    The driver is devastated, as were the children in the car at the time. She had no time to stop being the lady was wearing dark clothing an stepped in front of her vehicle, our family are all in remorse for this ladies death an her family. No one has any clue who she is, we are all praying for them as well as our own family after experiencing a death in our own family just weeks ago, my prayers go out to this family an their loss of there loved one

  • former carolina girl says:

    Tragic loss for jena’s family and friends.my sister is at a loss for the death of her friend.please keep all families involved in your prayers.

  • robint says:

    I seen it happen this lady had more than enough time to stop. The girl was crossing to get to the median from the lowes food side. You ssayin the driver didn’t see the girl that was already crossin from a distance. This woman clearly wasn’t paying attention to the road. She had a car full of teenager which could of been her distraction or maybe a phone. Why didn’t the police check her phone? I happened to be the one to stop the other cars from drivin over the girl how come nobody hit me,, I had on a black shirt? This woman didn’t break AT ALL no tires sqqueal, beccause she wasn’t payin attention. Otherr cars rode by when she was crossing how come they didn’t hit the girl? To have peace the driver needs to admit to the police that it wasn’t the clothes the girl had on it was because she wasn’t paying attention a woman is dead because of her being careless. The hit happened about 9 25 I’m sure we see people all the time walking with dark colors on and know to slow down get in another lane or KEEP OUR EYES ON THE ROAD. So what the driver was doing all that crying who wouldn’t when they know they killed someone and its their fault. When the driver got out the car not once did she go to the woman and see if she was still breathing she just stood there and cried. I told the police my story they didn’t even write my statement if I was the parent I would file a civil suit. This woman didn’t just walk or run in front of the car to die she was on the way to a ffriend house from lowes foods. What if this was our child or family member?

  • Jason says:

    I watched it happen. I had just got off work from waffle house and seen it. I ran over to the girl. She was dead on the spot.

  • steve says:

    Well, if what your saying is true, I agree the women needs to come clean. yes it was an accident, but an avoidable accident if there were no tire brake marks which indicates she didnt see her due to carelessness. If that woman was my child or family member and the police did not write down anything i would be contacting an attorney. i am sure the driver is devistated, but that doesnt bring back the woman. what happened was a crime, not intentional or premeditated, but a crime non-the-less. I hope the right thing gets done, otherwise it ok for you to talk on cell phone and hit someone and not be accountable for your actions, because, ooppps, i sorry, i didn’t see you.

  • Ginger Hauge says:

    I have known Jena for many years, although we had lost touch over the last few. She was a sweet, loving girl who will be deeply missed. No blame can bring her back. My thoughts and prayers are with her family today. Please post any arrangements so we can all pay our respects.

    Ginger Hauge

  • tweety11 says:

    what makes your version right?There have been instances when you are driving at night and out of no where someone appears and its a close call.Maybe not with you but other drivers.Civil suit you really believe her family is thinking about a civil suit at this time having had this happen to them.

  • RockChalk says:

    Jay walking. This was an hour after sunset. The woman crossing (illegally) was wearing dark clothes. There are all sort of background lights and other roadside distractions. You’re all aquiver to have someone sue someone.

    I see college kids doing this very same thing on College road..running across 4 lanes of traffic in broad daylight…100 feet from a crosswalk with a traffic light!

    This is a tragedy all the way around. But, you seem to have complete command of the facts and circumstances. An incompetent attorney could tear your argument to shreds.

    As for me, I just wish I could smack some sense into you! It probably wouldn’t take.

  • Michael Jones says:

    This is the second loss for the Ravelli’s this week, my thoughts and prayers are with them through this very difficult time. She was a bright soul

  • laurie60 says:

    To guilty the driver you are referring to is my daughter and yes she is devastated. Obviously from your statements you do not know all the facts.You should be reminded however that there is such a thing as Slander, and as far as the family suing the driver coming from the experience of a mother whom has lost a child I assure you that is the last thing on their mind. The fact is that the driver has spoken to Jena’s father and he holds no malice or hatred for my daughter. She was not on the phone and to quote the N.C. Hwy Patrol “there is nothing you could have done to avoid this tragic accident” My prayers go out to Jena’s family and friends,I am very sorry for your loss. Even though I did not lose my daughter she is a victim also. Of course she feels guilt and remorse anyone decent person would,but she will live with this tragic ACCIDENT for the rest of her life,so please think before you speak.

  • Guest114 says:

    You act like you know the whole story. And i’m absoulutley sure that you don’t. Did you see the damage on the car.? You could clearly tell the driver tried to stop. It was 9:30 at night, it was dark. But the girl was DRUNK. She had to see the car lights coming. The driver didn’t see her. How would you feel if you were in the situation? It was an ACCIDENT. It’s not like the driver purposley was planing on killing someone that night with all of her kids IN the car with her. I really feel bad for both the driver and the girls family.

  • GuestReality says:

    You sure are easily swayed by one person’s account. There’s always two sides to EVERY story.

    You insinuated that there were no tire brake marks due to the driver’s carelessness. Maybe the driver didn’t brake because she simply just didn’t see the woman. If you didn’t see someone, there would be no reason to stomp on the brakes, would there? I know for a fact that it’s much harder at night for a driver to see a pedestrian than it is for a pedestrian to see a car.

    Everyone is always so motivated these days to sue, sue, sue. Believe me, if it was my daughter that had been hit, the thoughts of my daughter would be foremost in my mind, not suing.

  • Jena's friend says:

    As a friend of Jena’s, I beg you all to please stop sullying her name on this site. If you feel guilty, so be it. If you want to lay blame, please do it elsewhere. If you don’t know her, then definitely do not put up assumptions as to whether or not she was drinking or at fault. Let a toxicology report verify that. As far as jumping up and down and the other nonsense… she was buying groceries. She was crossing a busy road that has no crosswalk. A mother was driving with kids in the car. There is a reason it is called an accident. Pass your judgement on yourself first. Let Jena Rest in Peace.

  • LEX says:

    Well Kim or Guilty or who ever you are I would like to know who made you chief detective,sounds like miss busy body to me and Fluff how dare you attack a child that is showing her remorse for everyone involved,you both show your ignorance when you should be showing your compassion for both sides,for both sides are suffering.Do what’s best and let the authorities handle the situation and keep your two bit opinion’s out of it!!Let the two families deal with this!!!It’s obvious that the both of you don’t know what you are talking about,so I consider the both of you liars!!So best watch what you write and say because slander and degradation of character.Also I am one who will pursue the both of you or anyone else that wants to slander my daughter.I know what my daughter is about and what kind of person she is and so do so many of her friends!!!But she is a loving person and you have no right to judge her at all!!Mr.Tuff or Fluff or whoever you are you need to keep my granddaughter out of your lips.You are the most ignorant.If you know so much and have so much of an opinion then put your real name out here so we can get to the bottom of this.THOUGHT SO!!well,i have much more to say ,but going to take a break the more i type the angrier i get.But before i do let me tell you money talks and B>S>walks and you keep this crap up I will go to no expense to going to the proper authorities to track you both down and hold you responsible for you actions!!this is no joke.Try Me!!If you dare>Use your common sense if you have any . running out of space will post other half behind this one .

  • Ravelli Family Friend says:

    This is a HORRIBLE tragedy for this family… Jena was a sweet, caring, beautiful girl that God took from us too soon! Her uncle died days before and she’s being buried on the anniversary of her father’s death. Thoughts and prayers go out to this family-especially her mother and brother, hopefully they can find some sort of comfort in the days ahead.

  • Guest824 says:

    Maybe this will prompt the city to put in some crosswalks. I don’t know if there is a crosswalk near there, but in general, there is a serious lack of crosswalks in this county.

  • guesty says:

    Monkey Junction isn’t part of the City of Wilmington.

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