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NEW HANOVER CO., NC (WWAY) — State Highway Patrol has identified the woman struck and killed by a vehicle Monday night.

Troopers say Jena Ravelli, 39, was crossing College Road in the Monkey Junction area at about 9:30 when she was hit.

The intersection near Carolina Beach Road and College Road was closed off while crews cleared the area.

No charges have been filed against the driver.

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  • Hutch

    I have known Jena for many years through work at Wilmington Broadcasting Co. and through friendship, and she was a very special person. I am devistated about this accident as I am sure many are, but the Ravelli family are Christians, who I am sure forgive anyone invovled. With that being said, I don’t understand how this woman could not have seen her at all, even being night. It does sound like she did not have time to react, which makes me think that she was not paying attention. Her funeral was yesterday. Donations can be made to the women’s ministries at First Baptist Memorial Church, 411 Market Street. Jena, you are gone too soon and you will be missed.

  • LEX

    I would also like to make a request that wway channel 3 take the comments of this site as did T>V>6 because for one there are people that are making comments that they know nothing about and for the families involved.This whole subject should be between the families and not for the public to stir up crap that is not based on truth only hear say!!TELL THE STORY BUT PLEASE BLOCK THE COMMENTS .I am a father who is not only concerned for my daughter granddaughter and the family that lost their loved one .THANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND ATTENTION.

  • LEX

    Leave these two families alone and let the work it out!!To both the family that lost a loved one and to my daughter grandchild and her friends in the car,my heart goes out to all of you IT’S a tragedy that anyone should lose their life,but it is also a tragedy for the survivors of of both families.Now I ask you kindly all to give these families some space and keep your opinions to yourselves and wait for all things to be settled by the families and they will let you know when all the facts are in if your one that needs to know.Other than that stay the hell out of it !!Stop showing you ignorance!! What you THINK things to be is not necessarily what it is .I think the authorities know how to handle this better than you people running your bell clappers!!! LET he or she without sin cast the first stone. My daughter is devastated and rightly so.Put yourself in her shoes.If it had happened to you I’m quite sure you would be the same .Try showing compassion to both sides,for one day you could be standing in her shoes–Reminder I will persue you if you keep this up and I am NOT afraid to give my name:LEX SKIPPER SR>

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