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Wilmington, NC (WWAY) — Andy Pettigrew, the editor of the Pender-Topsail Post & Voice, stopped by the Good Morning Carolina set to talk about the big stories developing out of Pender County.

Student athletes will now get accident insurance no matter what. It’s a new safety net for local schools.

You can get all your Pender County news when you pick up a copy of the paper. But for a sneak peek at what you’ll read…watch anchor Ashley Jacobs’ interview right now.

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  • Five words were cut off at the end of the story due to a computer glitch that occurs occasionally in transmission to the printer.
    The full text of the last quote in the story is:

    “I hope they can resolve this but, the truth is, that the building was given to the women’s club and they can run it however they see fit.”
    – from Commissioner David Williams

    Andy Pettigrew, Editor, The Post & Voice

  • Jim Williams

    First of all where is the rest of the story in the paper. Second How did the Womans Club get control of the community center? Third -We have a valid contract that is good until 2016. At the beginning of this year we wrote a rent check to the Womans Club for the entire year. The check was never cashed. Per our existing contract the Womens Club had the option to re-negotiate the rental rate in 2011. They chose not to execute that option. We inquired in May as to why they had not cashed our rent check. The next thing we know we get a letter from and attorney advising us to pay the new rent or vacate the premises. I do not call that negotiating in good faith. At the time of entering into our current contract Post 167 Paid almost $30,000 to install air conditioning in the existing building. Thus the reason for the our current reduced rate. The Womens Club is certainly not negotiating in good faith thus reneging on a valid contract and causing harm to The American Legion Post 167
    Jim Williams (Finance Officer)


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