B.J. Wright jumps out of courthouse window

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Submitted: Fri, 08/10/2012 - 3:50am
Updated: Fri, 08/10/2012 - 2:37pm

WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — One of the troubled young men with ties to R.C. Soles is back in trouble and in the hospital.

The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office says B.J. Wright jumped through a second-story window at the Columbus County Courthouse in Whiteville this afternoon.

Maj. Lewis Hatcher says Wright was in court for some prior charges. Hatcher says a judge ordered Wright held for drug testing. He says during a conference with his attorney in a jury room, Wright threw himself through the window and landed outside.

Hatcher says Wright was taken to the hospital. He said he did not believe any of Wright’s injuries were life threatening. There’s no word on his condition.

Hatcher says Wright will likely face a charge of damaging county property and possibly an escape charge.

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  • ww says:

    I wonder who had to pay the bill for that medical attention, oh yea I forgot, I did. A man who works 60 plus hours a week to support his family not losers in jail or prison who pay pennies for healthcare.

  • linenlady says:

    Hey, I would jump out the window to if I had to be heard in columbus county court room. Even though he probably created the situation for himself those officials are so crooked and one way, they would put him away for life. Good thing he wasn’t arrested for growing marijuana, 10 years for that!! I am sure Batten and Carteret were involved some way….. they always are. When you do hire the bail bondsman at Sellers don’t be surprised if you never see your money or posessions again.

  • Outraged says:

    I guess now RC Soles will claim BJ is insane and was trying to commit sucide. RC needs to have his head examined for supporting these boys drug habits. He’s not helping them by buying them homes, cars, jet ski’s, boats, motorcycles, cash, etc. BJ has never worked a day in his life but has all these things along with a $2500.00 a day drug habit. He demolishes RC’s property and RC presses charges and then goes his bond, what is wrong with that picture? BJ should pay the price for his illegal activity and RC needs a shrink !! BJ worried his poor Mother to death with all of this nonsense and RC was the enabler. BJ stole from his Mother and was violet with her and BJ will answer to a higher athority some day and RC won’t be there to save him from the hell he put his Mother through.

  • Guest1234 says:

    Hey Linen Lady. Better leave Batten along. Have you not beat that horse enough? Two sons who were drug thugs who got caught dealing. It isn’t Sheriff Batten’s or Cartret’s fault that the Dept of Revenue seized property for dope. That’s how it goes and how its done in your state and this state. I hear your boys made some real friends and adjusted well with bubba. Anyway seems like they are not complaining. Grow up. Tell the truth and find God. Maybe if you had of raised the twins better they would not have taken a path down a dark and dirty road that lead to a life of crime. You should have took them to church. The guys you mentioned have done no more than their job.

  • Dcnw says:

    Thisss is realllly sad. Bj is one of the sweeetest, funnyest, men I knowww. If youuu dont knowww him, dont judge himm. People changeee. He is in my prayersss. Loveee youuu Bj. <3

  • Mrs.SuzieSampsonofTaborCity says:

    My prayers go out to B.J. He’s a fine, but misunderstood, young man. He will be in my prayers.

    I was coming out of Bo’s just the other day loaded down with bags and B.J. said, “Let me help you with those bags, Mr.s Sampson.” And I said, “May the Lord bless you B.J.” And when he had put the bags carefully on the back seat of my car–a 1976 Buick I bought over in Loris back in the days–I patted him on the head and said, “Thank you, B.J., you’re a fine young man.”

    And now this!

    I will check on his condition tomorrow,If my arthritis is not acting up again, and if he’s receiving visitors, I will pay him a visit. I’ll take a few Hershey bars with me.

  • Ruthy says:

    This is a sad story. Columbus County is one of the poorest areas in the state of North Carolina. Bail Bondsmen and attorneys seem to thrive at the expense of poor uneducated pillar of the earth citizens. Actually the bail bondsmen and the attorneys have got rich off of the suffering of others and these vulchers have made huge profits from crime and criminals and at the taxpayers’ expense. Probably the richest men in this backwards county are the attorneys and bondsmen namely Cartret, Soles and Dennis Worley. Now I see where Cartret owns house arrest offices and his company Tarheel Monitors a/k/a Satelite Tracking of People benefit from taxpayers who foot the prison bills of thugs who rob break kill and steal. Soles lives on the water in his beautiful mansion as does Dennis Worley while Cartret flies his planes over our heads for his district attorney friend Jon David announcing Vote for this or that candidate. I hope these guys find out what its like to go hungry for a day or have to have their power turned out for once. God help those of us less fortunate.

  • OKI Resident says:

    Guess he couldnt pass his drug test!

  • guesty says:

    From the story: “He said he did not believe any of Wright’s injuries were life threatening.”

    If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Go for the gold and win a Darwin award next time.

  • Guest420 says:

    WWAY, PLEASE stop reporting on these people!!! I have no use for them and you are taking up space on your website!! Put up some turtles instead! OMG!!

  • Wilmington Observer says:

    Obviously, this report is not relevant to anyone but those involved. However, when I visit a local news outlet’s website, I would rather read about the, local, wackos here in, southeastern, North Carolina than see the same stories that are covered on the, national news outlets’ web sites.

    Wilmington Observer

  • Guest 10101 says:

    They’d probably have to break it apart to see if you baked something inside it to help him escape.

  • Guest lonnie says:

    Those elected officials in Columbus County are nothing more than “overseers”. The average person does not stand a chance or a shot at justice or getting elected. The corrupt machine controls everything from the courthouse to the jail house often church bussing voters to the polls for a hand-picked candidate. Judges’ positions when appointments are allowed are held and reserved for those groomed to take the throne. A powerful banker’s son rose through the ranks very quickly and has used his position to manipulate everything from child custody to allowing criminals to walk free. One has but to dig not so deep into the shucks and sit in the various courtrooms to witness first hand how blind justice is in Columbus County. There is a God that sees all and some day the thugs in black robes will be called to answer to a Higher Bench. Thank you for allowing us a venue to speak WWAY.

  • guesty says:

    That must be some really strong medication you are on if you think he is a fine young man.

  • Michael Bolick says:

    Is this sarcasm? When you say ‘fine young man,’ did you mean to say he was in the military dedicating a part of his life to defend our freedoms? Or if not in the military–does he volunteer to help the needy? Is he a fireman, police officer, EMS, RN or any other person who helps others in some way- other than carrying groceries once? I guess the definition of ‘fine young man’ is different than I thought. How long ago did you ‘pat him on the head’? Was he 10? This is sarcasm isn’t it?

  • AreYouSerious says:

    “Fine young men” aren’t habitual criminals.He is. I’m glad he showed common manners and helped with your groceries, but there is little good about him.

  • TaborLady says:

    Hahahaha. He probably only carried the groceries because he was going to rob you but found out you didn’t have anything he wanted or else someone was watching! I’ve never seen a “fine young man” in so much legal trouble!

  • Wade Griffis says:

    Bring him down here to Wilmington, team him up with “our” nutcase. The guy who threatened to jump in. Take them down to the river, give them each a cement block and tell them that whoever makes it to the other side with the block is a free man. Problems solved.

  • GuestKaren Williamson says:

    It seems that in today’s society that people are so quick to judge, they fail to realize that he is a human being and that God loves him no matter what he has done in the past. I am for him and who cares who is against him , there opinion really doesnt matter anyways , when it is all said and done , God will have the final say, and for those that think that they are so much better, here’s a wake up call for you; Who do you really think you are and are you considered ” The Elite ” so high above everyone else that you cant see past the hidden scars and things that have played apart in his life; I almost forgot , How much do you do to help those that are down and need help? For God sent his son to redeem all mankind and if it were just for BJ Wright , he would have suffered the same. We are so quick to judge others , when in fact we have no business doing so. The bible says that “those who judge will be judged in like manner. How do you really stand with God, I do believe the land at “The Cross” is level and all will be judged , so be careful ! Thank you so much for your comment, I am his wife and I love him and I will stand by him through the good times and the bad and will see him fulfill his destiny, God has a purpose and a plan for him and our future; Thank God , that our future is not based upon others opinions. “for I know the plans that I have for you , God said and still says. Please feel free to contact me by way of e-mail. God bless those that still believe in GOOD things,lol. Please keep us in your prayers!

  • familymemberofwright says:

    Are you sure he didn’t sneak a Hershey bar out of your bag, or your wallet out of your pocket book. If he would steal from his own Handicapped Mother he will sure steal from you. Just give him the opportunity. This is someone who has known him all his life not just one day at the Grocery Store. He was out looking for a predator…..did he ask you for money so he could go get drugs??? I would recommend staying away from him…..BAD NEWS!!!!!

  • Guest Law says:

    Crazy and insane are two words I would use to describe the judges’ bail policy. I recently had the honor of representing a client in Columbus County. Being from another area of this great state, I had, in the past heard about the policy someone has termed the “Sasser and Jolly bail policy.” While I did get to meet both judges, Judge Sasser and Judge Jolly and found both to be nice and very respectful; I was shocked at the number of defendants appearing who had $0 bonds. I have not in 18 years witnessed such a ludicrous demagogy. Armed robbery, incest, child molestation, attempted murder, habitual felons and you just about name it; these people are running loose free and out of jail on no bond. This policy is a direct reflection on the two judges who crafted it and it should be placed into a deep waste basket. The public safety be damned. How Judge Sasser could obtain an appointment on the crime commission is beyond me. The next governor should look closely at this appointment.

  • Guest 25 says:

    Thank you for your comment, Karen.

  • Wilmington Observer says:

    If someone breaks the law, and is arrested, they have the option of staying in jail, pay the bond or hiring a bail bondsman. They also have the option of hiring an attorney, representing themself or using a tax payer funded attorney. If they are found guilty, they are required to pay the attorney fees. These people have many options, the first being the option of not breaking the law. If attorneys and bail bondsmen have, financialy benefited due to lawful, sound, business pratices I don’t see how you can bash them. If you “have” to blaim anyone for their sucessful, blaim those who have to use their services……… the law breakers.

    Wilmington Observer

  • Guest3130 says:

    Don’t you wish everyone was so loving & forgiving? I don’t know the young man, but I’ll keep him in my prayers, too.

  • Rex says:

    Oh yeah. Another day in the life. RC and his buddy Sellers Bail will once again get this Wright out. This is a joke and if it was anyone else they’d have been locked away. With RC’s friendship and Mark Cartrette’s company criminals can walk for years and never face a trial. Shameful.

  • ldjones says:

    …must have landed on his head.

  • Paul says:


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