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TABOR CITY, NC (WWAY) — An early-morning shooting in Tabor City may be linked to as many as five people in two states.

Police say they are working to figure out what crimes fit where after a shooting in a church parking lot led investigators to three other crimes throughout the night.

After getting a call around 6 a.m. about a suspicious vehicle parked in Great Grace Church on Lewis and 5th Streets, Tabor City Police found David Grubbs. They say he had been shot in the neck and through his face and was being held up by his seat belt.

That’s when police began piecing together other crimes they say are connected to the shooting.

Earlier in the evening, someone stole a car in Tabor City. Police say it may have been used in a shooting in Loris, SC.

Investigators say Grubbs’s son was also robbed Wednesday evening. Police say they believe David Grubbs called his son’s stolen cell phone and contacted the robbers. They say Grubbs planned a pick-up with the thieves, and that’s when they think the shooting happened.

Tabor City Police say they suspect up to five people in the string of crimes, but they are not willing to release information about them yet.

Police have found the stolen car.

Police say Grubbs was taken to Loris Hospital in South Carolina and then to Grand Strand Regional Hospital in Myrtle Beach for surgery. No word yet on his condition.

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