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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A raccoon from New Hanover County tested positive for rabies, making it the 12th case this year.

Animal Services was called out Thursday after a dog got into a fight with the raccoon near Barnett Avenue in Wilmington. The dog’s owner handled the dog after the fight, which means they were potentially exposed. The raccoon was euthanized and sent for testing Thursday. Friday, the lab in Raleigh confirmed that the raccoon tested positive for rabies.

The dog’s owner was notified of the positive results, and ASU verified the dog had been re-boostered.

Animals that have a current rabies vaccination at the time of exposure should be re-boostered within five days of exposure. Animal Services’ recommendation is to euthanize exposed animals that are not current with their rabies vaccination. A vaccine is the primary defense against the spread of this fatal disease.

This is number 145 in overall cases and the 12th positive case for 2012.

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  • shoglo

    New Hanover County needs to contact the NC Trappers Association. If the county would get some control over the population of these animals we would not have this much trouble. YOu dont see this amount of Rabies in counties that have animal population control. When you allow the animals to breed and over populate areas where we are building our houses inside places where they live then this is what happens.


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