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BELVILLE, NC (WWAY) — Belville leaders are making moves to get the town back on track after former Mayor Jack Batson quit last month.

“Everything is new,” current Mayor Mike Allen said. “We are starting like day one, with a new drive and a new push to make things happen for our citizens here in the town.”

Mayor Allen and the rest of the Belville board got together Saturday to get focused, brainstorm, to look at any policy changes that need to be made and to discuss town projects.

Commissioner Joe Breault is now a member of Wilmington’s Transportation Advisory Committee. Mayor Allen is now part of Belville’s Technical Review Committee.

The group also discussed business and personnel policies and procedures, including the idea of having a public information officer, requirements for out of town travel and rules for amending meeting agendas.

“I’m very, very pleased with how we’ve come to decisions and the fact that we need to do a lot of information-gathering so we can come to other decisions,” commissioner Donna Schardien said. “So we can move the town forward in the things that the folks in the town want us to do.”

One of the major talking points was about adding a recall measure to the town’s charter.

“So if there is a major overriding issue with any of the board of commissioners or the mayor, that the town and the citizens will have the ability to do a recall,” Allen said.

The board will get more information about specifics and costs and make a decision at a later date.

Overall, board members and present citizens felt the meeting was a positive step in making sure the board is a team with one goal in mind.

“In getting things accomplished for the people in this town and to do it without taxes going up,” Schardien said. “We want to keep our tax rate very low all the time.”

The board also discussed street and drainage projects, potential changes to animal control and renovations to town hall.

The town continues the search for the fifth board member. Applications will be accepted through August 20, and then interviews begin. A new commissioner will be named at the town meeting on the 27th.

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