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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — The economy is tough, and banks are seizing homes across the region. One foreclosed home in Leland is grabbing some extra attention because of its previous owner and controversy surrounding the property.

According to an online listing, former Leland Police Chief Tim Jayne’s home in is under foreclosure.

The four-bedroom, four-bath home in the Brookhaven neighborhood is listed for close to $340,000.

You may remember Jayne’s home was involved in part of the controversy within the Leland Police Department. Sources say police officers worked on Jayne’s home and neighbors’ houses while on the clock for the town.

The SBI investigation is done, but the results have yet to be released, including what investigators found out about the allegations involving the house.

For now, we know Jayne is no longer living in his Leland house. A sign on the door says the house is to stay vacant and if anyone is to be found living there, they should be removed immediately.

The online listing says the home has been on the market for nine days and is available to buyers through the Freddie Mac First Look Initiative until August 14. This program gives buyers a headstart on investors, so they can get a better deal on the home.

We were told Jayne owns another property in Davidson, but that address is not listed.

No word on where Jayne’s family has moved.

Leland fired Jayne in February. Town Manager David Hollis said at the time that the choice was to reorganize the town’s priorities.

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  • You seriously consider this news worthy? Who cares if his house in on the market? Why don’t you list the property for every house that’s on the market? I can’t believe you took the time to write and print this BS. C’mon WWAY, get a better handle on the news than this!!

  • GuestUSMC

    I pretty much agree with Seriously. If Chief Jayne had not been in the news lately, this story would never have been published. I know the guy has probably done a lot of wrong while chief, but I hate to see him or anyone else lose their home. Hope it all works out well for him, regardless.

  • mannie

    As I have said in past post, WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND. His home is not the only one to go into foreclosure. The guys he fired, their homes were lost into foreclosure. Not just the homes were lost, but families were busted up, wives left along with the children,their whole lives turned upside down. None could find a job because of being “black balled” by that SOB and his department. I heart goes out to those officers because my son was one of those young men. I know what he went thru, no money to pay bills, no money for meds,no money for food,no money for NOTHING!!!! ALL because of Tim Jayne. The destruction he caused in these officers lives should not have happened. His wife and children deserve better but not him. He is not worth the manure in a cow pasture.

  • Guest28451

    NOT!!!. This is karma biting him square in the posterior.. Maybe Jon David can help him out since he helped him cover up his shenanigans or at least tried till he had no choice but to do something or risk being investigated for conflict of interest by the AG.. Seems Jon doesnt have the same standards as his brother Ben in NHC which is too bad I voted for Jon but I wouldnt now

  • SurfCityTom

    the foreclosure is complete and he no longer owns the home.

    Now it’s listed for $340K with Freddie Mac, a Federal lending agency, holding the title.

    And in this economy, with a dirth of distressed properties on the market, $340K is a pipedream.

    Check back in a year and see if it is still on the market.

  • justin

    But look at that landscaping! The finest done by Leland’s finest…

  • Guest1

    What’s the “controversy surrounding the PROPERTY”? Who’s attention is this grabbing other than WWAY’s? I don’t think anyone else really cares about this story. Yes, from what we understand he was a corrupt cop. It doesn’t matter what house he lived in or what town he lived in. He was a corrupt cop. Justice prevailed and he was fired. End of story. When you lose your job, you hit financial hardship which can lead to loss of home, etc. I agree with the other person’s comment. Why aren’t you doing a story on everyone else who is facing foreclosure? And there are very prominent people in Wilmington who has faced foreclosure and other legal action that hasn’t gotten the news time that Jayne has received. Bottom line…Jayne is OLD NEWS. Let it rest. WWAY is showing its TMZ colors again.

  • Something to Talk abouT~

    Really? Who’s business is this? Not the public’s. He, you, or me , we could all be in the same boat right now. This economy is horrible. That man’s living arrangements is NONE of our concerns.. Goodness~ Someone is always trying to knock someone else down.. If you really want something to report on, report on WHY the government say they don’t want illegal immigrants here, BUT they pay 100% for their child care while they work in our fields going from state to state with places like east coast head start.. they take kids from 6 weeks old and up. That is a FEDERALLY funded program~ That’s something to report on~ Not that mans home.. Come On~ Oh did I mention, they have their own buses, they supply diapers and wipes and things.. yeah it’s better than what most of us get now. So how many of American’s are out of work and could be pick crops and could use FREE childcare?? Just food for thought~

  • Kblue2221984

    Allow this post to be a lesson to crooked, bully, Cops around the world! Now this man gets to wake up each morning knowing he was foolish and made bad decisions! Buh buy Mr Balboa…..Say’s who!? Say’s Kblue!!!

  • Guest1978

    I don’t understand how a person’s home being foreclosed on is “newsworthy”. Yes, I understand that Mr. Jayne has been in the news and not in a positive way, but honestly there are homes being foreclosed on left and right in todays society. The news stories of his actions with the LPD is one thing, poking into his personal lives and making it entertainment is another. If you want to report news on someone do it regarding legimitate issues such as the LPD and his involvement NOT his personal life.
    Yes I understand what he did affected others lives financially but him losing his home to foreclosure had NOTHING to do with that.
    If this is ALL the media has to report on then the world must be a lot better off then I thought!


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