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Bald Head Island, NC (WWAY) – A community is in shock after lightning strikes a home and causes it to catch fire.

Early Sunday morning lightning struck a home on 27 Mourning Warbler Court on Bald Head Island causing the third floor of the home to catch fire.

“You could see the lightning just crashing down and the thunder was booming at exactly the same time and it was hitting so hard that my whole house was shaking” said Connie Bertram.

There were renters in the house at the time of the strike and they were able to escape the home without injury.

This is the second home on Mourning Warbler Court to be struck by lightning. In April a home at 32 Mourning Warbler Court burnt to the ground after being struck.

“Lightning is fair game anytime of the year here” said Stephen Keebler of the National Weather Service. “Lightning loves heat and humidity and April through essentially September we have plenty of both.”

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  1. Brandon

    The street is called Mourning Warbler Trail and in April the house that burned down was located at 1 Palmetto Point Drive. 32 Mourning Warbler Trail is a vacant lot that has never been built on.

  2. Guest345345

    But, a properly installed lightning protection system (lightning rods) would have likely prevented any serious damage in both cases.

    From what I understand, a lightning protection system and fire sprinklers add a few thousand dollars to the construction cost. Given that the house that was just struck, and the house at 1 Palmetto Point Drive have property values of $1.2 Million and $1.9 Million respectively, it would have been a drop in the bucket.

    The positive things here are that no one was injured, and no one’s personal home was damaged. These are both commercial investment properties, and likely well insured. (Source – tax records) Maybe when the reconstruction is done, they’ll take the necessary precautions.

    The houses on any of the islands are all very vulnerable since they literally are targets due to being the highest objects in the area. Really, any unprotected building is at risk during a thunderstorm. We’ve seen houses, condos, and apartment buildings take hits locally in the past few years.

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