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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Imagine spending one $190,000 on something, but it only works part of the time. That’s the challenge Wilmington city workers are now facing with a new communications system.

The new system, called The Cloud, was implemented as a way to save the city money. Instead it has turned in to quite a headache for city workers.

Every day Wilmington city workers take dozens of calls, but lately they have been noticing a problem. According to city e-mails, city workers say the system shuts down and reboots unexpectedly, it drops important calls, and users experience long audio delays as well as static during storms.

This problem started earlier this year when the city installed a new digital system to streamline workplace communications.

“They are integrating phones with the computers and email, so both of those systems operate off of a hosted environment, which means the city IT department doesn’t have to maintain as many servers as in the past,” Wilmington spokesman Dylan Lee said.

The Cloud was supposed to replace an antiquated system and make Wilmington a progressive 21st Century city.

“These are things that in the long run will save a lot of money in time, as it’s a efficiency measure that allows employees to work quickly,” Lee said. “It will also reduce our fuel cost as far as the number of meetings that people have to go and attend off site.”

Despite the bugs, the city does not view the new system as a failure, but as the future of the city.

“In this day and age we all use a lot of technology that’s new, and often times you have to work on a few bugs with it,” Lee said. “This is a large system that affects a lot of employees, but the problems are not universal. They are intermittent, but we recognize that they are present. Of course we are working to fix those, and it will get resolved.”

The city is under a contract with Genisys Global Networks to help implement and maintain The Cloud for the next three years.

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  • Guest123

    Genisys is laughing to the bank with our tax dollars. Under contract for the next three years means they will get paid for a system that they can not make work. Typical with Genisys. They were our prior IT provider and all we had was empty promises and high bills

  • Guest 1

    The old phone system worked great and was a Cisco VoiP system that was far from antiquated! The City should look into this hosted system and ask more questions!

  • taxpayer

    works for Genisys?

  • Guestarticulatore

    Spending $190000 on something that works part-time??? Sounds like a congressional salary.


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