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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Through a survey sent out via email last month, town leaders asked 122 Chamber of Commerce members about their feelings of a smoking ban at Carolina Beach.

Fifty nine percent of respondents said they are in favor of a ban.

When asked who should have the authority in passing the ban, 64% said this is a ballot issue while 30% feel it should be a decision left up to the council.

Nearly 84% of respondents were non-smokers.

Council will discuss the issue at a meeting tomorrow night at 6:30 at the town municipal building.

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  • Guest111

    It’s way past time to ban alcohol on the beach, too. That is a more serious problem than smoking. People (kids) drink all day, get in their vehicles, drive off and put everyone on the roads at risk.

  • Guest Reply

    All of that is OK…as long as they don’t smoke!
    Too many politicians and BIG SHOTS around that drink and catch that buzz they so long for every day.
    Granted…cigarette butts have “No Place” stuffed in the sand at our beaches or laying on the roads…as well as beer cans and bottles.
    But with so many “Bad” things in today’s economy going on…people lash out at whatever they can within their power. They can’t seem to elect officials worth a poot (none around) so pick on smokers.
    If cigarettes completely vanished when a person was done with it..and they had no smell at all…certain individuals would still raise Haytees about them…because they can…and they get on the news!

  • B M

    smokers are becoming there worst enemies, by this I mean the disposal of their butts, they all ride around and throw them out their windows, off their golf carts, out of their boats, etc.. and they expect us to clean up after them, we need a 25 cents refundable deposit on each and every butt and then we’ll help them clean their nasty mess up!

  • Altamontt

    Are these the same idiots that came up with the ‘Road Diet’? Take care of your life and leave us in peace.

  • Guest36

    The beach is not an oversized ashtray and many smokers forget that when they are finished with their cigarette. I am allergic to smoke and sitting downwind of secondhand smoke while I am trying to relax at the beach is quite challenging. There have been many occasions where I have had to move to another location just to breath. But my question is this: Who is going to monitor for violations? Will it take the attention of life guards who are supposed to be watching the swimmers? How is it monitored in the off season?

  • D. Price

    While we are on the kick of voting all these new bans in maybe we should think of banning all children under the age of 4 from restaurants and beaches. Why should I be annoyed by parents who spoil their children so they scream and act out when they don’t get what they want?
    Sound stupid to you also? Yeah some people feel this way. There is nothing free about our country now, everyone is offended by something. Guess what people making other peoples lives miserable does not make your lives any better. Life should always be about trying to learn how to love thy neighbor, not stab him/her in the back.
    Someone will read this post and think that my ban is a good idea although i was only using it for an illustration and do not feel this way at all, but If they ban smoking all over what will they find to pick on next?
    Parents beware You may not be able to eat out soon if they keep taking our rights away.


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