ONLY ON 3: Boseman, girlfriend involved in custody battle

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Submitted: Tue, 08/14/2012 - 10:05pm
Updated: Mon, 08/27/2012 - 9:39pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Former state Sen. Julia Boseman is again in the middle of a child custody suit, this time involving the children of her live-in girlfriend.

According to court documents, the 12-year-old and seven-year=old were living with their mother, Lala Ohnmacht in a New Hanover County home. The children’s father, Charles Ohnmacht, says his ex lives there with Boseman.

Charles Ohnmacht filed for emergency custody, claiming his ex-wife and Boseman use illegal drugs, like cocaine, abuse alcohol in front of the children and left the 12-year-old alone, who was found walking down Carolina Beach Road.

In July, we reported Boseman was accused of hitting the owner of a Wilmington restaurant. That allegedly happened in front of the seven-year old. That violence was also cited in the paperwork filing for emergency custody.

Monday, a judge ordered Lala Ohnmacht to submit to a drug test within 24 hours.

We called Boseman to ask her about these allegations. She denied doing drugs and eventually hung up.

Boseman currently shares custody of a son with her ex-partner, Melissa Jarrell. She also shares custody of a two-year-old with ex-wife Chrystal Medlin. According to Medlin’s attorney Duke Lineberry, “The results of the motion may have an impact on this case… Right now, can’t say whether it will or not.”


  • kimrlpa says:

    Married? The State of NC DOES NOT recognize the marraige of same sex partners! She went all the way to CANADA to marry Ms. Medlin…..and a little FYI….. I also have personal knowledge of the extent she loves her two sons and I also know she is about a breathe away from losing her right to practice law in the State of NC…. she is burned way to many women who were more than willing to help her and stand by her…. I almost feel bad for LALA…. she has no idea exactly what kind of woman Julia REALLY is….

  • ? says:

    I am really surprised that an attorney and ex senator would fly to New York after only two months of dating and marry a Pure Gold Stripper.

  • guest1300 says:

    Question…how long is going to take for the State Bar association to take her attorney license. She is making a joke out of the New Hanover county judicial system. Maybe Julie and Brian Burger ought to get together maybe they could make as a couple????

  • walkingman says:

    Question…how long is going to take for the State Bar association to take her attorney license. She is making a joke out of the New Hanover county judicial system. Maybe Julie and Brian Burger ought to get together maybe they could make as a couple????

  • carol montgomery says:

    Let’s start with the first inaccuracy of the WWAY piece that Lala is Julia Boseman’s “life in girl friend.” They have married. Regardless of the retrograde attitude toward gay partners in NC, Julia Boseman and Lala Ohnmacht are wed. I have personal knowledge of the extent to which Ms. Boseman loves her two sons. She has made sure that she is in their lives and has continued to go to SC to be with Jacob for several years. I also have testified as a character witness, UNDER OATH, and heard all of the actual evidence regarding her fitness as a parent. I testified on her behalf some years ago at a custody hearing. Does it matter to any of you trash talkers that the courts, not esp. friendly to gay parents, have upheld Ms. Boseman’s parental rights? So while you are searching around for the stones to cast at her, since all of you are so clearly without any sin and are qualified to judge, I am not surprised that Ms. Ohnmacht’s ex-cop, ex-husband is pissed off – they hate it when the little woman prefers another woman.

  • Intheknow1 says:

    For someone who “testified” for Julia you sure don’t seem to know what you’re talking about. The court did not uphold “parental rights” for Julia. The court overturned the adoption. What they did was give her visitation rights, which she clearly should not have. Maybe Lala’s ex-husband is concerned about his children. I would be.

  • getreal says:

    I am glad that people are finally realizing the true character of Boseman. Those of us who know her personally and have been negatively affected by her have been speaking out since 2006 and received harsh backlash for a long time. I’m glad that it is public knowledge now and gay people aren’t backing her just because she is gay. I would be much more impressed with her if she was HUMAN.

  • Child Custody Relief is probably the worst part of a divorce. Parents love their children and want the best for them.

  • TB1967 says:

    It’s old, fictional storytelling to bash the one County Commissioner with a pair at any opportunity. If the headline reads “Storms Likely Tonight” the same five people will be on here posting attacks against Berger that are completely removed from the real Berger, the nicest guy in politics whether or not you agree with him. Read the Julia Divorce saga and the facts are that its Jason Thompson who is in bed, a bird of a feather, with Julia. Boseman’s biggest supporters, Ben David, Lillian Saltines, and Thompson are by no coincidence the same people who have abused their power to lie and destroy Berger, who doesn’t fit the mold of Julia and her friend “conservative” Mr. Thompson. The same five people with their cowardly attacks to mislesd people lack the character Mr. Berger brings to the County Bosrd, and unable to understand Berger’s limited gov’t and individual liberty philosophy can’t think of anything intelligent to say so they chirp “crazy” like a parrot with too many head injuries and meals of lead paint chips. Look in the mirror. Bergers more human and selfless than you will ever be…and that goes for Julia, Jason and the slick commissioners and big government staff poor Commissioner Berger has to deal with…and he deserves a heartfelt “Thanks” from men & women with integrity.

  • Truthseeker says:

    County Councilman Berger needs to hook up with Boseman. Those two could keep the entire Southeastern Mental Center busy.

  • guest755 says:

    Berger is an imposter not a county commissioner. He is really Gonzo from The Muppets.

  • Peyton Garrett says:

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, We we all know the rest. Ms. Bozeman is no stranger to drug use allegations. They follow her around like a puppy. One has to question her mental state and her ability to practice law. Always a problem with her girlfriends or whatever they are. Her dad would be so, so proud of her. One also may wonder when the state bar is going to look into her shenanigans. Of coarse just like men, money, liquor, and women can bring you down.

  • Silver surfer says:

    She better be glad she is a white female. She gets away with things other would not and the media and her kind stand by and idlely watch until something terrible happens.

  • YuYuMa says:

    Julia Boseman is a reckless, foolish woman. Her conduct is becoming more and more vulgar and irresponsible.

    The gays that I know are embarrassed by her erratic, shocking behavior.

    She and her shenanigans are an embarrassment to the gay community.

    Julia, dear, please see if you can avoid bad press for a while. That’s all we ask.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Creepy Old Guy isn’t going to be around forever, and it’s only fitting that we have another former state senator gradually ease into the “I am trash and lead a trash lifestyle” mode so that she’s ready to take over immediately when he passes.

  • Guest 3 says:

    The COMMON SENSE Foundation
    Common Sense Foundation david at
    Mon Nov 1 17:07:07 EST 2004
    Consider This.
    Of all the many trends to watch tomorrow, progressives should take note of the performance of candidates who engage in gay-baiting campaign
    tactics. It’s a disturbing and growing trend in both North and South
    Carolina this year.
    Here in the Tar Heel State, state senate candidate Julia Boseman seeks
    to be the first openly gay legislator in state history. Boseman, whose record as a New Hanover County Commissioner reveals her to be in the “social moderate/fiscal conservative” mold, has been the victim of a
    Republican smear campaign based on her sexual orientation.
    The smear campaign was so blatant and personal that the Wilmington
    Star-News withdrew its endorsement of Boseman’s opponent, Republican
    Senator Woody White, as a direct result of the gutter tactics, of which Sen. White apparently had advance knowledge.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    she thought she had the maturity to seek a Judgeship about 18 months or so ago.

    There’s a frightening thought.

    But now here is a question worth asking. She filed for bankruptcy a while back. How did she manage to retain her law license?

  • Guest1324 says:

    Now I know why Medlin was always so crabby when she was with WPD. Since she is now a PI I guess she can look into the doings of her ex for full custody.

  • Guest A says:

    What is the name of the judge? There is a family court judge who was also there when a very hateful anti-gay brochure was mailed out, when his candidate was running against Boseman.

  • ruined says:

    I hired Bozeman a few years back and she hired a PI on our case… yep crystal medlin. a year and some later when trial came julia had nothing on our case.. and the PI she hired to help us- who she had been sleeping with were now in a custody battle so all of the work on our case went out the window. We carried this to the court room in 2012 and the judge denied to give us another attorney regardless of the negligence on bosemans behalf. She is ruining peoples lives out there!

  • Carol Montgomery says:

    POSSIBLY you haven’t seen it on any reliable news source because it is not true. Consider that?

  • Guest 211 says:

    Always the race card has to get involved.I never voted for her, and thats before i even knew she was gay. Her behavior is way out of line and embarrasing. she needs help, just like Berger. Yes, some people get away with a lot, but its not just white people. All races of people get by with some things. Is it fair? no, but change it if you can. I can’t.

  • anne Russell says:

    Silver, I am a white female who has not stood mutely by as Julia Boseman, who lived off my tax $ as a legislator and then sought a judgeship to continue the largesse, has demonstrated she is unfit to have custody of any child, even those she pretends are her own. I rather suspect she has enabling family members who keep her afloat, and of course she trades on her sexual orientation as a qualification for holding public office (I support gay citizens holding office, but not dishonest and irresponsible folks of any stripe). What her lovers see in her is beyond me, but she seems to keep reeling them in. I can’t find a mention of her latest domestic dilemma in the Star News, so I wonder whether pressure has been exerted to put the quietus on a print story.

  • AREADER says:

    Its not the first time Julia’s involvement has somehow affected the lives of others! I have first hand knowledge of her behavior, not to mention, her lack of respect for clients, current and former. I sure hope Melissa and Chrystal are watching this unfold, and keeping their children safe and AWAY from Julia!! Is this the same LALA that was involved with Julia’s old law partner Jennen? Cause if it is, I would love to know who Charles’s attorney is, cause I have some INFO!!

  • LB says:

    Sadly once again WWAY has made false allegations. My children have not been taken away from us. They are both right here in our home. My ex husband who has continuously harassed myself and anyone I have dated is continuing on the same path. I gladly took the drug screen. He is goin on his 3rd marriage. His first ended while losing his job as a police officer in topsail for abuse with his first wife. I was a stay at home mother for 8 years with our children one who he adopted when we were married. He has outright disowned our 12 year old. Anyone who has the nerve to speak of someone who has fought so hard for our state needs to look in he mirror. Julia and myself are loving caring very involved parents to all of our children. Who do you think brought this story to WWAY. There is no mention of Julia anywhere in the papers filed so either my ex or his attorney are the ones who went to the station with this false report. It is extremely as to see a han use their children to make a person pay. At the en o the day the only thin that matters is the welfare and safety my children have.

  • Justin America says:

    She wasn’t smoking on the Beach was she? That would be real trouble.

  • Areeader says:

    Keep your children safe and away from Julia!…… When the Narc unit shows up, or better yet when she gets disbarred from being practing Law, you my dear will no longer have a use for her!! Not to mention you will be called to testify!!!

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