Leland council passes changes to yard sale ordinance

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Submitted: Fri, 08/17/2012 - 3:09am
Updated: Fri, 08/17/2012 - 3:39am

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — During a meeting Thursday night, Leland town council passed a motion changing the town’s ordinance on yard sales.

Moving forward, one yard sale per calendar month will be allowed. This applies to both residential and commercial properties.

Leaders said they had to address the issue after people were essentially running a business from having yard sales nearly every day.

Council passed a separate motion, clarifying that selling a motor vehicle at a residence does not constitute a yard sale.

Also tonight, council was expected to discuss a contract for Town Manager David Hollis. Council skipped over the issue on the agenda.


  • Guest327 says:

    So what? Does it hurt you in any way that someone has a perpetual yard sale? They pay tax on their property and should be allowed to use it as they see fit. I don’t go to yard sales, but see no harm in them. Always somebody meddling. Just load your stuff on a truck and park it in a different place every day. Problem solved.

  • Rocky says:

    An ‘eyesore’ is strictly your opinion – you don’t have to look at it. Why is it that a select few feel as though they have a right to dictate to everyone else?

  • Tc says:

    from what i understand the flea market is closing down. the land has been sold.

  • justin says:

    An eyesore may indeed be a personal opinion, but it’s also a matter of law. A home is a residence – it’s not a business. That’s why we have ordinances that regulate folks working out of their homes. And hauling stuff out to the yard and leaving it there for weeks on end isn’t a “yard sale”…it’s an eyesore, plain and simple.

    Rocky, we live in a democracy. And in a democracy, WE elect a “select few” people to represent the citizens. Leland town officials have been battling this issue for years, giving folks every opportunity to clean up their acts. The citizens were fed up, they flooded town hall with complaints, and the elected officials responded…you’re in the minority on this issue. Democracy works.

  • AllenParnell says:

    I also pay taxes in Leland, and I have one of these dumps next door to my home. I’m tired at looking at the rotting, molding junk stacked up in their yard. They don’t even bother to cover the clothes when it rains – hate to be the baby that ends up wearing those nasty bloomers.

    “As they see fit…” ? So, they can sell drugs from their house? Prostitution? Why have zoning for residential and commercial if anyone can open up a business in their home?

    Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with yard sales, but the new rule isn’t about the occasional weekend yard sale – it’s about people who leave their junk out in the yard all day and night.

    And, FYI, operating a business from a residence is illegal, unless you have a permit and pay taxes on receipts collected.

  • allenb says:

    I live on Village Road too. Speaking of the flea market, isn’t that against the Town’s ordinance and wasn’t there an order made about 6 years ago that what was originally allowed was to be interior only? Or does no one care now that someone is looking at buying that property and developing it with some stupid apartments that aren’t needed. Seems to me that this is just busy work for the staff and why the heck do they have to keep bragging and putting every little stupid thing that they do in the news?

  • Guest2020 says:

    Weren’t those “select few” selected by the voters? I think that they should allow the possibility for have a two-day yard sale not more than once a month. But is it really fair for those people to essentially have a business without following the requirements of others who run businesses?

  • chris says:

    I cant belive what just happen in leland ,
    as gas is going up and food price’s are riseing , with school comeing very soon , people have yard sales to buy them thing ,
    not that there are a lot of jobs in leland , or people have a lot of money ,,
    this is a sad day for the people who are just trying to get by ,
    i stop and buy from some ,, just to give them money to get by
    i think its wrong and its getting that we will have no rights anymore , carolina beach [ no smoking ] wrightville beach ] have a law on jet skis , and now leland has a law that you have just one yard sale a month ,, wow !! is this germany in the 1920’s

  • justin says:

    Thank goodness! And, for the record, the ordinance isn’t preventing people from having yard sales – just limiting residents to holding a sale to one per month. More important, the ordinance specifically addresses the reoccurring problem of folks leaving their belongings out all day -and night- under tarps and blankets, sometimes for weeks and weeks on end. I live on Village Road, and there are three residences between the downtown area and Sturgeon Creek that ALWAYS have fold-out tables cluttered with lamps, toys, bottles and clothes, 24-hours a day, even in the pouring rain. Don’t forget, there’s a flea market site on Village Road, as well as multiple consignment shops, where people can go to sell their trinkets. Hats off to the town council for addressing these constant eyesores!!!!

  • GuestVader says:

    It absolutely amazes me that Leland can actually see a difference between selling a motor vehicle and a yard sale. Will wonders never cease? But, so what if people want to sell stuff from their home? They are just trying to pay their bills.

  • KathyD says:

    I ABSOLUTELY agree with Justin – the “perpetual yard sales” all along Village Road, and within the city limits, are a true eyesore. People just haul their old toys, clothes and junk out to the road and leave them there for days and days and days. One trailer park on Old Fayetteville Road has a site with a paint bucket for shoppers to drop money in – there’s never anyone outside sitting with the items. These are supposed to be residences, they’re not supposed to be businesses – and one yard sale a month is enough for any home. The flea market “may” be closing (us locals have heard that for decades) but until then, take your junk up there to sell it after your once-a-month attempt in your own yard. Or use one of the three consignment shops in town. Nobody wants to see your moldy bloomers and broken toys out by the road, day after day after day…

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