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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — For some families sex can be a taboo topic. But a new study suggests teens may not have the info they need about the birds and the bees.

A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows teens may be turning to oral sex as a safer alternative to intercourse. It’s a fact that’s not surprising to pediatrician David Hill.

“We are seeing rates of oral sex go up, and a lot of teens think there is no risk whatsoever,” Dr. Hill said.

However there are many health risks with oral sex, including the spreading of many sexually transmitted diseases.

“Gonorrhea is a cause of a really severe sore throat as a result of oral sex, and it is getting much harder to treat gonorrhea, because it is resistant to most drugs that we have,” Dr. Hill said. “Also genital warts can be transmitted, and those can be associated later in life with throat cancer.”

Despite the increase in the number of teens having oral sex, Dr. Hill says teens are waiting longer to have intercourse.

“I think the good news that we have is that teen pregnancy rates over the last decade or so have fallen in the United States,” Hill said. “That suggests in part that sex education is helping and that a lot of teens are making better choices.”

Choices that can start with a simple conversation at home or in the classroom.

“Nothing helps safeguard kids against against sexual behavior better than good education,” Dr. Hill said. “And that conversation is really a lifelong conversation.”

Click here for more information on age appropriate ways to educate your child about sex.

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  • Das Weibstück

    I feel sure Mom and Dad are proud that their daughter is still a virgin, bet they don’t know shes blowing the football team. Oral sex is still sex, these girls are fooling themselves if they think they are “virgins”.

  • B M

    What’s the problem, I recall a president on national tv that said oral sex was not sex, why wouldn’t the younger generation be confused?

  • Paul

    How about no sex till marriage as a safer alternative.

  • WilmingtonMAJ

    in a million years that will never work. Kids are going to have sex…period

  • Guest1946

    They still walk among us in their idealistic little world. Won’t work………never has, never will.

  • Southernmomma

    Ialways talked to my kids about sex.My daughter got involved with a young man older than her and at 17 had her first child.I took her to get birthcontrol,but later found out she was skipping pills!She got pregnant again at20.I love my grandchildren,but my daughter & her boyfriend still have alot of growing up to do!They are always struggling financially.I feel for other parents that have had to face this issue.You can talk about the birds & the bees,but if they are not responsible for their actions and do not take precautions ,I blame both of them.Parents like me talked to their kids,but one did not listen.Teens need to realize the expense that comes with a child!

  • bobbyB

    Man, Things have changed alot since I was in High School. Who would think that everyone would grow up to be Facebook Porn Stars…..


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