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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Sunday morning the National Guard Armory on Carolina Beach road in Wilmington opened its doors not for soldiers, but for sales.

Kids Exchange, a bi-annual consignment event, held a half off sale on all of their merchandise.

The concept behind Kids Exchange is simple. Sellers bring in gently used items and earn two-thirds of the sticker price with the other one-third going to charity.

Most of the merchandise is between fifty and ninety percent off of it’s original retail value.

“My kids get really excited,” said Christina Bollinger, a shopper who took advantage of the deals. “They get especially excited when you find a really good deal like on school clothes, school uniforms, Halloween costumes, and toys that you normally couldn’t afford.

Sunday August 19th was the final day of the half off sale. All of the clothing left over won’t be going to waste. At the discretion of the original owner left over clothing will be boxed up and sent to needy children in Romania and Haiti.

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2 Comments on "Kids Exchange puts new spin on consignment"

Julia 2410
2015 years 10 months ago

I love consignment, especially being a mother of three kids in this economy. Consignment in the area has been going on for a while so I wouldn’t call it a new spin. There are a lot of other consignment events locally that benefit our community. Just to name a few from my experiences are, The Posh Whale-September 5th, Duck-Duck-Goose-September 13th, and Cape Fear Mothers of Twins Sale-September 28th. I would check out their websites and view the information that is available. All the events mentioned above, consignors earn 70% for the items they sell.

2015 years 10 months ago

What a wonderful idea and a great way to help the area. After saying that instead of boxing the leftover clothing and sending them Romania and Haiti keep them in the US. There are planey of children in this country that are in great need. I am not saying that the children in Romania and Haiti won’t love to get the boxes, but there are children right here in the US that would love to get them too.


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