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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Leland dance studio is temporarily closed. The owner is behind bars facing child sex charges.

Revolutionz Dance Studio and Entertainment just opened in a strip mall on Village Road in Leland August 1. Now a handwritten sign on the door claims it’s closed for maintenance.

The owner, Jamie Watson, 36, faces charges of first degree sex offense of a child.

Leland police arrested Watson late Friday night. After his first court appearance Monday, his family did not have much to say.

Watson’s attorney, Bill Peregoy, is waiting to gather more evidence from Leland Police before he discusses the case..

“At the moment, we don’t have a law enforcement agency with sufficient acumen to do an investigation before they make an arrest,” Peregoy said. “They tend to arrest somebody and then see if they can build a case.”

Leland Police would not talk about the case.

Watson has taught dance for more than 20 years and is a member of the All American Clogging Hall of Fame All American Team. Clogging is just one of the styles of dance he taught to children of all ages in the studio; a studio that sits empty, for now.

Watson’s attorney asked for a probable cause hearing. That is scheduled for Aug 30. For now, Watson remains in jail under a $200,000 bond.

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  • Guest28451

    If the Leland PD hadnt been under such scrutiny the Defense lawyer wouldnt have even had grounds to make his snarky remarks regarding the LPD but given circumstances over the past year he has a remotely valid point. My guess is they didnt arrest this guy willy nilly (especially since the town manager took out the trash at the police station), but its going to be awhile before LPD gets the tarnish off its badges sadly. That being said the lawyer will use any and all means to try to discredit what is likely a legitimate case against his client.

  • Fetcher

    this comment demands names please WWAY? Investigating officers names, charging officers names, magistrates, judges, DA’s and/or exact names of all state employees involved helps the public to see any possible patterns of mistakes before it gets as bad as it was in Lelend PD. It makes the system more credible when investigators are named as signing their name and making the affidavits under oath. A false affidavit is a criminal charge in North Carolina, and most definitely an offense punishable by law and loss of job if it’s a police officer.

  • Guest350

    That is exactly what the lawyer is getting paid to do. If he were to represent you would you want any less?

  • Guest61246

    Do you realize that you are in North Carolina? Only the names of the accused are published so that they can be judged, convicted and executed before they even have a chance to appear before a judge the first time.

  • Grand Ole Party

    Calm down cowboy, the names at this point are none of your business. Jumping the gun a bit aren’t ya?

  • SurfCityTom

    the law enforcement officers investigate. They gather facts; or at least they should. They take statememts from the accussor or accussors. They interview the alleged crimminal. They may or may not arrest him.

    Ultimately, the DA makes the decision to press charges or in the case of questionable charges should refer it to the Grand jury.

    What false statements are you refering to? An officer has committed no wrong doing if he gathers facts and takes statements which are presented unvarnished to the DA.

    Now if the persons making charges make knowingly false charges, that’s another story.

  • Very Surprised

    I am very surprised by this news.
    Jamie was my dance teacher several several years ago.

    I would hope that this isn’t true, and almost don’t believe it.

    The dance world in Brunswick County can get very competitive betweens business and the money involved. I hope he was not sabotoged by another company.

    Sad sad news. and VERY SURPRISING!

    as a 22 year old female, I am rooting for you Jamie!

  • ClogginBloggin

    Ok, No, I wasnt a student. I most certainly know him. And like many others in our little clogging world, know him like friends would from High School that still see each other around. Anybody that really knows him, knows me, hell we all know each other……but i digress;)
    There is no program ran by the state or police department, or questionaire designed by Nancy Grace, that could have profiled this. Let the cloggers say amen? He has been judged by all different kinds of people ever since his shoes hit the floor. (i.e. the long hair, the uncomfortable contact, his mockery of traditional clogging, flamboyant costumes, his favorite color is orange, etc…really silly) But a very certain and small group of people know why you just cant trust him. Everbody else that cant exactly put their finger on him and dont trust him, have a talent for discernment. Personally he cracks me up, and he is motivated and creative with dancing. He’s very talented and a great teacher when the ADD isnt kicking in, then hes just a hoot to be around. I think alot of us hope that this isnt all true from the accusing side. Its true that some men’s lives have been brutalized by convoluted stories and facts, fueled by witchunt personalities, and professionals judging people on a daily basis as a career. Although I cant just skip over a post in here where the main point is something like “How could anyone think he would do this? or This isnt true because he never was out of line with my kids.”
    The Truth is in the middle always, whats important is in the middle of what?

  • Aguest1

    A couple of things. 1) The father of this girl has been accused of molesting another one of his daughters. Maybe someone should be checking into that! Also, to the posts from the other article that said that this has been going on,why haven’t you stepped forward? Why did you keep dancing or taking your kids there. It’s time for everyone to stop looking for their 15 minutes of fame or an easy paycheck and realize that you are messing with an innocent family’s life.


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