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Former sheriff’s lieutenant sentenced to jail after plea to DWI


By Brian Freskos

WILMINGTON, NC ( -- A former lieutenant with the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office will spend seven days in jail after pleading guilty Monday afternoon to driving drunk during last year's Labor Day weekend, an official said.

The deputy, Lawrence Miller, then 44, resigned from his post with the patrol unit after he was charged with DWI in September 2011, ending a career with the sheriff’s office that spanned 19 years.

The jail sentence was imposed by a judge in a New Hanover County courtroom after it was determined that Miller was driving drunk while transporting a passenger who was younger than 16, said New Hanover County Assistant District Attorney Jason Smith.

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Former sheriff's lieutenant sentenced to jail after plea to DWI

What goes around comes around! Remember September 1996 Opie????

What goes around comes

What goes around comes around, it seems!

I guess the Courts are going

I guess the Courts are going to let him serve his seven days at "his''s Wednesday and sure haven't seen a MUGSHOT yet. LOL Or is it because he was a former NHCSD that his will recieve "special" considerations such as no mugshot.....heck, he might even have the days broke down where he serves on day at a time....LOL.....he might even be allowed to have take out delivered....Does the New Hanover County DA's Office and the New Hanover County Courts REALLY expect us to believe they are going to REALLY make him serve 7 days in jail? Bet he will bunk down nicely in the "deputy" quarters where he can watch tv and make phone calls all day....might even get to wear his own clothes....Whats going on WWAY.....Is he being given "special considerations" because he WAS a Deputy? Hey McMahon.....whats the real deal??

Was just made aware of the

Was just made aware of the happenings with Deputy Miller and would like to know if he has served his seven days. Loved your comments!

You should find out a little

You should find out a little bit more before making such ignorant comments. I currently work at the NHCJ and I can assure you that there are no "deputy quaters" or any way whatsoever that any inmate is going to get away with wearing his own clothing. The man committed a crime and was found guilty. I assure you that as many have already said, he will serve his 7 days consecutively just as any other citizen would do. I am not ignorant to the fact that many-a-scandal has occured in this town and been covered up. BUT McMahon is a stern and just Sheriff and Former Deputy Miller will NOT get off the hook with this one. He endangered the life of his minor son and WILL do his time. Also to be noted is the fact that Mr. Miller is not the first NHCSD to serve time at the jail and he certainly will not be the last.

Really?..... Cruel? Unusual?

Really?..... Cruel? Unusual? NOT at ALL! Did you read the article it said the DA imposed such a harsh penalty due to the fact this man decided to DRINK and DRIVE while he had a child UNDER the age of 16 in the vehicle.....that CHILD had NO CHOICE...but this man DID...he could have made the choice NOT to drink and drive! Maybe the courts have FINALLY decided to take a STAND for individuals who DRINK and is NO longer just a slap on the wrist with the cuffs, bond out and get GET ACTIVE JAIL TIME......why should he be any better than the rest of he too good to do time behind bars? Why? Because he was a cop? WRONG! Maybe that is why so many drink and drive is because they think their LEO buddies will just pass them on through....Yes, it is sad that such a long career in Law Enforcement has now come to an it is time for him to start the time...AS HE ADMITTED HIS GUILT...and move on....maybe he will NOT TO DRINK AND DRIVE in the future?? Who knows??

Hope he gets some help...

Addiction destroys families. I hope that you get the help you need sir. You are no less because of addiction. It's not the measure of a man when he gets knocked down, but how he stands back up and gets the help he needs to come back to his family. Best to strong.

NHC's Sheriff's Lieut.

Being an election year -- its more than obvious that the judge needed some good " PR" for his re-election campaign. Otherwise -- this extreme DUI sentencing would have never taken place during an 'off election' year. Its commonly called :Cruel & Unusual Punishment. We will elect better for 2012 !

Wonder how much time Jon

Wonder how much time Jon David's Bladen County Investigator will get when he goes to trial for his DWI??


gotten 7 years another fine upstanding cop...they're all the same. Think they are above the law, figured one of his "buddies" would never charge him. You lose scumbag!!!

He got more time than the

He got more time than the average Joe on the street. He even got more time than repeat offenders get. Hopefully, he has learned his lesson.