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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Rex Gore was the criminal prosecutor for three counties for 20 years. Now, he finds himself facing criminal charges. One man says Gore’s questionable actions started years before this latest development.

“I hope they put him in jail and he should be there a long time for what he has done,” Loy Buff said.

Buff’s daughter, Davina Buff Jones, died under mysterious circumstances on Bald Head Island in 1999. Gore called it a suicide.

Now, almost two years after ending his 20-year reign as the top prosecutor in three counties, Gore appeared before a magistrate Tuesday. He turned himself in a day after a Grand Jury indicted him for felonious conspiracy to obtain property by false pretense.

“We are disappointed that an administrative decision that he made back in 2005 has resulted in criminal charges today 7 years later, but we do look forward to a jury making a decision and having an opportunity to be heard in front of a jury,” Gore’s attorney James Payne said.

Gore is accused of allowing Assistant District Attorney Elaine Kelley to submit false expense reports. Buff says this doesn’t surprise him. He has been fighting for more than a decade to get his daughter’s death ruled a murder instead of a suicide.

“He’s corrupt about everything, because four times I proved in court that my daughter did not commit suicide,” Buff said.

At the time of her death Jones was a police officer on Bald Head Island. In May 2011, current District Attorney Jon David reopened the investigation, seeking a definitive answer to the cause of Jones’s death.

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29 Comments on "Gore indictment reignites old issues"

2015 years 10 months ago

I am the former 911 dispatcher that was working the law channel the night Davina was murdered. Up till now I have kept my name out of the news because it was hard enough to hear my voice over and over again calling for Davina everytime the 911 tape was played. Except for the killers I was one of the last people to hear Davina’s voice and I still hear it. If I had not been listening closely to that radio that night it may have been a lot longer before she was found. When she checked out with 3 people and told me to stand by she was on Channel 1 the main channel, but when she started saying there was no need for a gun on BHI, put the gun down she was most definatley on Channel 2 the backup channel. Only a few people in the county heard her,I was one,her partner on the island was 2 and because of the proximity the Holden Beach officer on duty heard her transmission. I believe the squelch heard at the end of her transmission was both channel 1 and 2 being keyed up at the same time which would have happened if someone had grabbed her mike while she was close enough to one of the radios. As far as waiting 7 days for Rex Gore to rule her death a suicide that was when it was made public. After a sleepless day on that Sat I was told by several of the officers that were on the island that it was a suicide. On the night of her visitation when they were treating her death as an officer killed while on duty, they were already convinced it was a suicide and case closed as far as most of them were concerned. I’ve always disagreed with that finding. I didn’t know Davina personally but I find it hard to believe she would have committed suicide in that manner knowing her partner would be the one to find her and I would be the one to hear her voice in my nightmares. I’ve heard both sides and I have to say there are way more questions than answers. I don’t like to point fingers but the powers in control at that time should be ashamed of themselves for how the scene was handled. Anyone with any sense of crime scene investigation knows you don’t move a body before processing the scene,you don’t bow down to any pressure from citizens,fire chiefs,mayors or anyone else until the scene is processed completely. Another thing,I have had family members that have worked as contractors on BHI and they all knew you needed to complete your work by Friday evening and you got off the island as early as possible not to interfer with the residents or visitors. Did no one think it strange that 3 workers rode the ferry over on Friday evening to work and then leave on Sat, what work were they doing? The case itself is not closed and there is an ongoing
investigation. Do I think it will ever be solved? Not unless someone comes forward and admits to it. IF nothing else Rex Gore,and the others involved should at least be men enough to admit that mistakes,grievous mistakes were made. I know none of this has anything to do with the charges Rex Gore is facing now but the Buff family is just asking the question “If he did this to help a friend and employee, what else has he done?”

Former BHI resident
2015 years 10 months ago

THREE statements made by a BRAVE public servant should be noted and highly commended:

1. “As far as waiting 7 days for Rex Gore to rule her death a suicide that was when it was made public. After a sleepless day on that Sat I was told by several of the officers that were on the island that it was a suicide.”

2. “I don’t like to point fingers but the powers in control at that time should be ashamed of themselves for how the scene was handled.”

3. “They all knew you needed to complete your work by Friday evening and you got off the island as early as possible not to interfere with the residents or visitors.” (This is 100% accurate as can be verified by BHI Town Hall – NO CONTRACTOR ACTIVITY IS ALLOWED ON WEEKENDS)

I will say Terri represents the “role model” of BRAVERY, INTEGRITY, TRUTH, and simply put “DOING THE RIGHT THING”

Thank you Terri!

2015 years 10 months ago

Thank you for your willingess to tell your side of this. You are exactly right about my family simply wanting to expose the injustice done to Davina. A line of duty death is a difficult and tragic occurence any time it happens. . .but this. . . the way they treated her – and us – well, there just are no real words to explain it. I regret that you endure sleepless nights over this experience. On behalf of my parents and my sister Tanya and of course, our sweet Davina, thank you for speaking out. We are so very appreciative! God Bless you.

2015 years 10 months ago

Mike is that you?

2015 years 10 months ago

Loy, Let her rest, she committed suicide

2015 years 10 months ago

I feel sorry for you … Eternity is a long time to be wrong. And kinda hot, too.

2015 years 10 months ago

Were you there? I highly think not! Is your daughter dead? I highly think not! Was she a family member or a friend of yours? I highly think not! Loy Buff can go to his grave defending his daughter if he chooses! Who are you to tell him what to do?

2015 years 10 months ago

I want to start my comments by first saying, I remain very much in sympathy for you loss of Davina.

Time does not heal all wounds. Time at best just helps you live with the wounds and continue in life. It is remarkable to me that there are still a few that support Davina died at her own hand. The evidence that this is not the case and that it was a murder is overwhelming even with the fact that so much evidence was destroyed. I applaud Jon David for re-opening this case but it has been quite a while now and the FBI has also been involved. Not just the Buff family but all those that want to see true justice prevail at least to whatever level is left in a timely manner. The industrial commission has already ruled her death a murder now it is time for the DA’s office to take the veil of lies and deceit from the terrible job done by Gore and Hewett. Come on Jon, allow this family to have what is rightly theirs to have and once and for all clear Davina’s name from the stigma of suicide that was wrongly put on her by unethical and immoral men. Do it now!

To the family, I pray but the Grace of God your long road to justice is soon to come to at least the point of an official declaration of Murder. After all, that is what it was.

2015 years 10 months ago

On behalf of the family, I want to thank you for your willingness to express support for my sister in this public forum. Too many people are unwilling to do so because it does not involve their family. For us, the grind of the act from Oct, 1999, lives on every day.

I also appreciate your urging Jon David to get on with the business at hand. Unless you have lived it yourself, you have no idea what this kind of aberration in your life can do. I want something done before my parents die. 12 years is a long time to wait for what many, many people know need to be done.

Without support from people like you, it would be even harder to still think there is much good in the world. We don’t have a choice: we cannot let Dee’s death go uninvestigated. Anyone who has a loved one should be able to understand that; even Gore and Hewett and a few others.

Guest TS
2015 years 10 months ago

My family member cries every day on the phone to me. She works for the new District Attorney Jon David and is terribly ashamed he has done such a thing as exploit this unsolved murder victims family for his own selfish promotion. He is a sad deeply abused man to discredit every legal matter in this county and inflame every hurting citizen who has lost a family member to the legal system, to cause harm to so many people who now believe their family may be in jail because of corruption.The gravity of his thoughtless immature actions will be felt for a very long time and the wrath taken out on innocent people here.

2015 years 10 months ago

No, dear, despicable describes your friend Rex Gore. Your family member needs to find another job if she can’t support the man who is now her boss; the district needs people loyal to the person who serves the people in it. She should be ashamed because she is as dishonest as the rest of Gore’s personnel John David let remain there instead of cleaning house – which he was encouraged to do. Rex Gore exploited and ruined my sister intentionally. Keep your sympathy; the Buff family does not want it or need from a supporter of Rex Gore. As a matter of fact, when your family member finds a new job, make sure it is away from here – and go with him/her.

Awake up
2015 years 10 months ago

She was executed.Everything reported says she was too vocal about being after drug dealing ‘international’ people. She did not recognize her own limitations and did not have the resources as a resort cop to confront those people.The other officers didn’t back her up because she could get them shot too.End of story.

2015 years 10 months ago

Jon David, regardless of how you feel, is the DA here. I expect him to do a better job than Rex Gore did. I met someone not long ago who talked about how much she missed working for Gore, how sweet and wonderful he was to his employees. I think that was great because I know only too well how he treated the families of victims he didn’t personally know on a social or political level. I would have thought his duty was to support the citizens of his district, whether he knew them or not. Oh, that’s right. He made the statement that he wasn’t here for the people, he was here for the state.

This is funny. In the last two days, all of a sudden, coming out of the woodwork, people are telling me that international drug cartels killed Davina. Where in the world were you when the police were trying to find her killer? Or when after a scant seven days, Gore said she had committed suicide? To make it clear, I never heard her mention international people. The ones she named were local or at least from the state.

The other BHI officers didn’t back her up because they were not exceptionally professional, too busy looking the other way. You forgot to mention in this post that Jon David is only using the family. That is new in the last two days as well. If he solves the case, let him use us!

As my sister and another of Dee’s fraternal brothers have stated on here, we are NOT going away. So you can tie this to Noriega as someone else did, or you can clamp it on some unknown international thugs. International thugs can’t cover up what happened and keep it secret from the public like Gore did. And telling me that Gore was too afraid to do his job proves to me that he should have resigned back then. You are also admitting that he did not do his job – that means he should be indicted on that charge as well.

And when did you get to be such an authority on the motives and history of Jon David? Please just go away and spew your words to someone else.

2015 years 10 months ago

David, it was good to hear that after so many years you and my Dad were able to reconnect. He always spoke fondly of you and enjoyed his Scotland trip. I actually do remember you coming to Charlotte those many years ago, even though I was elementary age. Thank you for your comments on this page. Your experience in law enforcement and your opinion about the shoddy police investigation is credible. It is good to know that people around the world who have read about this case can come to the right conclusion that she was murdered and that the investigation conducted was a sham. I mostly love your advice to Daddy, that he should remain strong and know that the truth will prevail, as it is what I have believed, from my inmost soul, from the day I learned of her death. The truth will eventually be known and justice will be had. Mr. Gore stated in his press release determination on December 10, 1999, “God and Davina know the truth”…well that much is true and I would add, may God and Davina have mercy on the souls of those who chose to commit these heinous acts of murder and cover up. I am a patient person and trust that God, in his time, will bring it all into the light.

Former BHI Resident
2015 years 10 months ago

Here are the facts from a former BHI resident

The morning after the murder of BHI police officer “Davina Buff Jones”, BHI officers, Brunswick Co. officers, and the NC SBI flagged off the area the murder took place for investigation. This included a “chalk” outline of the position of the body. This took place all day Saturday as the murder took place Friday night. On Sunday morning all the “Do Not Cross” Yellow tag lines, the body outline, and the blood trails on the payment were removed for preparations of a wedding taking place at the BHI Chapel at noon this day. (Please note the murder occurred directly in the vicinity of the BHI lighthouse and BHI chapel.)

On Monday morning (this is 2.5 days later), the entire area was re-flagged, re-chalked, and posted “Do Not Cross” for the investigation…If this doesn’t show foul play…..what does?

The acting BHI Police Chief “Chief Gene Hardee” interview everyone leaving the island Saturday. He asked for ID documentation from all departing island guest. He then conducted an investigation and learned that 3 of the ID’s came back fictitious. These ID’s were from departing construction workers of Hispanic origin. These three workers came on the last ferry to the island on Friday night as was documented by several passengers about the last ferry to the island. The seas were extremely rough in the Cape Fear this night and the passengers noted it was unusual for these three construction workers to ride on the ferry outer area. In other words, passengers would not of traveled on the exterior due to the high-waves and sea splash. It was noted these three passengers were soaked upon departing this last ferry.

Chief Gene Hardy brought this to the investigative team’s attention with no resolve. Once he learned it was ruled a suicide, he immediately resigned.

This was a cover up from the start to the finish (a mere suicide ruling less than 7 days later by Mr. Rex Gore, acting DA, Brunswick County)

I feel the Kent and Mark Mitchell, developers of BHI, had a heavy hand in this ruling and should be investigated themselves.

Feel free to contact Mr. Gene Hardee along with other BHI residents (current or past) for a FULL confirmation of what has been said here.

2015 years 10 months ago

Thank you for coming forward and saying what I dare not do. You pointed out two individuals whom I thought/think rule what goes on over there. They are friends of someone who was quite powerful in Raleigh at the time. They and several others over there were quite involved. The only thing you did not mention was those citizens who wanted it ruled suicide to protect their property values. Do you know about the meeting where they insisted on it? Thanks.

2015 years 10 months ago

She was murdered. It is a fact we all know. As for Gore doing his job! No he did not do his job. I never thought I would ever have to deal with the justice system. Most of the regular citizens of the county never have to deal with the office of the DA. But I had to when my 5 year old grand daughter told the horrible truth to her Aunt, that she was being sexually molested by her grand father. It was reported, DSS followed through, the sheriff dept investigated and acknowledge it was was true as well as a child therapist. The child’s mother was also involved ,I am sickened, to say and pleaded guilty and went to prison, but the grandfather… I could not get Rex to prosecute him. Phone calls emails and letters to his office went unanswered. The sheriff Dept was waiting for the decision by the DA to prosecute . He would do nothing. After two years of this, I wrote to Mrs Gore, begging her to help me get her husband to take a stand for my grand child and for all the other children this man was in contact with. It was within a week of my letter that I received a call for the DA’s office that he was turning the case over to the SBI, still not sure why he did this but the SBI did their job.Finally the case went to court . The man was convicted . All the time I was going through this frustration with Rex and his office I continued to think of Davina’s family , knowing my situation was hard and imagining how very hard it must be for her family. God Bless them all. Davina was murdered and Rex and his cronies failed us all. I wrote this as just an example of how Rex operated while in office.

2015 years 10 months ago

Thanks for sharing your story. Just another example of how Rex chose to ignore victims of all ages. Dispicable.

Guest opinion
2015 years 10 months ago

This goes on in every district, not just Gore’s. At the end of the case does it destroy the child less to be labeled with their family being convicted of unspeakble abuse or does it destroy them less to keep them away from a family member’s abuse? If the new DA endured abuse as a child would that somehow make him better suited for the job? Would a person abused as a child then be more likely to accuse others of child abuse, because they were exposed to abuse?

2015 years 10 months ago

Rex Gore and at least one of his henchmen, the one he still plays golf with every Friday, created an argument for suicide, each point of which can truly be discredited by use of the real facts. I’m glad you used the word ‘concluded’ because you sure didn’t ‘prove’ anything. If Gore had really wanted to shut up Buff (and all the rest of us here who never believed she killed herself), all you had to do was allow the case to come to trial. But that was the last thing any of you want. You’d all be headed somewhere, wouldn’t you?

Why does what Buff think matter now? Why did what Gore did for this woman years back matter now? That’s what Payne asked. It matters now because a wrong was done, that’s why. And there is no statute of limitations concerning murder. If you help cover it up, I guess it is conspiracy, either before, during, or after – and still – as you are doing.

An axe? Gore aided and abetted the murderers of this father’s daughter. I think it says more about you than Buff that you even make that statement. If it had been my child, I would be after all of you, too. And after reading Out With Three, I surmise that your name might really be DC.

2015 years 10 months ago

Rex Gore and several others concluded Ms. Buffy’s death to be a suicide. I understand her family not wanting to accept that. His decision on that case has nothing to do with this matter and interviewing Mr. Buff about this pending charge is misguided. Mr. Buff has had an axe to grind with Rex Gore for quite some time. Why does his opinion matter right now?

Loy Buff
2015 years 10 months ago

Can someone explain to me that whatever decision Rex Gore makes overrules the findings of 4 court cases regarding Davina’s death. I thought that judges from the North Carolina Industrial Commission and the Dept of Justice in Washington had a little more authority than a corrupt DA in Brunswick County. All of those cases presented by the Buff family were Ruled NOT Suicide. How is it possible that REX GORE was DA and THE ALMIGHTY? Why was he such a coward that he would not talk to me? Every one I have a chance to talk to about Davina agree that she was murdered.There are many people that have been treated badly in cases like ours that were mishandled by DA Gore. Hopefully, more of them will stand up and be counted and telling of their experiences of the shoddy work Rex and his buddies did to them.

2015 years 10 months ago

Rex Gore pretends to be “straight” but he is shady, sleazy, and petty. He was RC Soles’ water-boy. He spent his career throwing mud at anyone that disagreed with him. Karma is funny.

2015 years 10 months ago

Nice! (please inject sarcasm font here) It is quite interesting to me that Lawdog and Tired of Buff want to make these comments 13 years later. Seems that you have an axe to grind with my Dad for some reason. . .maybe the fact that he won’t go away? News flash for you: this will never go away for our family as long as we all are living to tell our story! You see, you Rex and Hewett cronies underestimated my sister, because you did not know her like we do. And guess what? You underestimated us as well. We are fighters, especially agains arrogant, narcissistic politicians who abuse their public office. My father, for as long as I can remember, had numerous friends who were police officers – he always discounted their steak meals at his restaurant and often played golf with them on Sundays. This taught my sisters and I a deep RESPECT for those in uniform and is the VERY REASON Davina decided to pursue a career in law enforcement! Yet, 10 months into her rookie year, she is MURDERED and many of those she should have depended on to “have her back” are the very ones who “turned their back” on her – and our family. So go ahead and make your snide comments and believe that she committed suicide. . .but the truth will prevail, I can assure you of that. We will not stop telling our story until we die. Live with it!!!

2015 years 10 months ago

Beverly, As a long lost friend of your family, whom i visited in the 80’s when you were just a child. I finally tracked your father down recently and learned of your sad loss. I am a retired Police Officer in Scotland and when reading the acounts of your sisters demise though the internet and later through the book ‘Out With Three ‘ it is glaringly clear that the Official account of the inident is wholy false.

Basic policing was overlooked and ridden rough shod over the whole investigation. It is blatantly clear that the truthn has yet to come out and some signifiant heads will roll.

The book is and has passed through many hands here in Sotland and nobody has the slightest doubt the whole ase was a smear on what Policing is about throughout the world.

As i have said to your father, be strong, the truth always works its way through the lies that others manufacture.

May you and your family have the outcome that Dee was due, a honourable and brave Police Officerwho has been let down in her time of need..


M. Lee
2015 years 10 months ago

I had taken my elderly mother on a fall vacation to The Greenbrier in West Virginia to see the mountain leaves change color. We departed the Greenbrier on 10/22/99. I drove mother to her home in Wilmington and then drove to the Bald Head Ferry terminal to catch a ferry to go home. I lived on Bald Head Island as a permanent resident. I caught the last Ferry that left the mainland at 10:00 p.m. When I pulled up to the Ferry terminal to unload my suitcase 3 awful looking scary men were unloading brown boxes about the size of 30 x 30 from the trunk of an older small station wagon that looked like a ford pinto. Two of the men looked hispanic, and one was a short wirey unclean looking white man with greasy blond hair. When I pulled up to ferry terminal their station wagon was already there curbside, and they were unloading boxes. I had to pull up behind them. The blond white man was giving the other two men orders. When I took my suitcase out of my car this blond male looked me straight in the eyes, and I can tell you I got chills. He looked so evil and mean. After I parked my car, and walked back to terminal to get on Ferry I did everything I could NOT to look at these men in the eyes. I’ll never forget the feelings I felt. This was Friday night (last Ferry),and (IF) they were construction workers they are not suppose to work on weekends, and are suppose to ride the construction ferry during week days, not the regular passenger ferry. Three (3) scary men going to the island late at night with no more ferrys running after this last ferry. I never saw them unload any luggage of theirs….only boxes they unloaded. I would bet my life on it that these men were NOT vacationers. The Ferry arrived Bald Head Island around 10:20 p.m., and the newspaper stated Devina went out on patrol rounds approximately 11:30 p.m., and at 11:48 she contacted 911. On October 26, 1999 The Star News Newspaper printed the entire 911 transcript of radio transmission on night of slaying: “Officer Jones: “Show me out with three (people). “Standby please (pause) There ain’t no reason to have a gun here on Bald Head Island. Now put down the gun. Come on, do me a favor and put down the gun.” These were Devina’s last words. I think she was ambushed. It’s hard to keep your eyes on 3 evil men at the same time especially when one is pointing a gun at you. I believe Devina Buff was a warrior and a good officer. I believe she showed courage in light of being outnumbered. I believe she pulled her gun out of it’s holster, and as she did one of these murderers came up behind her and ambushed her. Devina was only about 4’8″ or 4’9″and tiny. It would have been easy for 3 men to over-power her, tell her to put her hands on top of her head and then use her own gun to kill her point blank. I believe this is why gun powder was found on her glove. I believe there was not enough time for a struggle. I believe these armed murderers put Devina’s gun back into Devina’s hand after killing her and fled the scene. I believe law enforcement officers let the murderers go free by alolowing them to board the first 6:30 a.m. ferry off the island. I believe the crime scene was totally botched up by Bald Head Island employees who were instructed by the then employed Town Manager, Wade Horne, to hose the entire crime scene down with the fire truck’s hose (get rid of blood), and told to take down the police “do not enter CRIME SCENE” yellow tape securing and surrounding crime scene, BECAUSE a wedding was taking place on the next day Sunday….and Lordy Mercy we don’t want these fine wedding folks knowing anything about a murder that happened only a few hours earlier, and at a location that was only a few feet from the church chapel. Wonder how many visitors and vacationers walked over the crime scene taking photos of Old Baldy and the wedding party???? What a total screw up. I hope in a new court hearing that Wade Horne will have to testify, and take a polygraph test. I hope the fire chief gives testimony as to who gave him the order to hose the crime scene down. they should all pay for the consequence and aftermath of their stupid unlawful actions.
I believe Gene Hardee, the then acting Police Chief, should be allowed to say in court the truth about who told him not to speak to anyone, and not to investigate the case, and tell the court exactly what he wants to say. If the truth be known Officer Gene Hardee (an excellent honorable Officer)took early retirement because of this botched up case, and because the Town Manager was ordering him to keep quiet and stand down. WHY?
Officer Dee Buff was tiny in size but a giant of an Officer and woman. She loved her family, and cared deeply for her friends, BHI residents and her pets, and had even written a note to herself Friday morning, and left it on her kitchen table reminding her to buy pet food. Does that sound like something a person would do who was contemplating suicide? All the residents and fellow officers thought highly of Dee Buff. She was quick to say hello, talk to residents and vacationers, and give everybody a big friendly smile. She was like a little bit of sunshine everytime you saw her. Bravo to DA Jon David for reopening this botched up abortion of a murder investigation. Think about this folks……three scary ominous men ride the last 10:00 p.m. ferry to Bald Head Island Friday night with only boxes and no luggage, and arrive at BHI about 10:20 pm. Devina Buff told 911 dispatcher she was out with 3 ????? Do you think for just a tiny second it could have been and MOST LIKELY WAS the same men I saw that rode the last ferry? They also were the first people that boarded the 6:30 a.m. ferry leaving the island the next day (Saturday morning). Who in heavens name in law enforcement is respondsible for allowing these three creapy men to leave the island at 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning after right after a BHI Police Officer had been murdered? We are told in the newspaper that these three (3) men showed their ID to law enforcement before boarding Ferry, but all 3 turned out to be bogus later when researched…..Ya think??? Does this surprise anybody? A 3rd grader could figure this one out. What in the world did these 3 men do for the few hours they were on the island other than murder Devina? Where were they staying…whose house? This is a very important piece of the puzzle. They had to tell officers what date they arrived on BHI, and where they were staying unless they pretended to not speak english, which would have been more reason to detain them and hold them for more questioning. Was it a big drug deal Devina came upon? After Devina was murdered rumor on the island was told that Devina had been working for months on an investigation (on her own) of what she believed to be a person living on Bald Head Island who was a Drug Lord. These 3 scary men looked the type to be involved in something evil. Even the first mate working on the 10 p.m. ferry Friday night told me he had a bad feeling about these 3 men, and kept an eye on them during the boat ride. The first mate also told me two weeks after Devina’s death that he had not been questioned by detectives. What? Why not?
I respect Mr. and Mrs. Buff (and Devina’s sisters) for standing tall and tough in the eyes of this bogus suicide determination by Rex Gore. The Buffs know the truth. Devina needs to be vindicated and cleared from this horrible suicide determination. Hopefully she will send down an army of angels to help DA Jon David rest his case with clear evidence that will pave the way to the truth…the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The truth will prevail.
M. Lee

2015 years 10 months ago

First of all, how DARE you refer to Davina as Buffy!!!!!!! If she was a member of your family, would you refer to her as such? Maybe; you seem to have a lack of a lot of things, including respect for the dead, manners, and no facts about the case. Which law enforcement wanna-be were you back then?

As far as the other poster who is tired of Loy Buff, I don’t know which Gore/Hewett sycophant you are, but it is NOT just about Davina, it is about county and state leaders being responsible for covering up what happened that night. The citizens of the state deserve to know what leaders we had who still consider themselves able to do as they please to whom they please, when they please.

The only people interested in keeping this case closed are those did the crime and those who covered it up – you can take your pick. Some of the policemen that night did do their jobs correctly, others did not. So I am to assume that the cover-up was to hide shoddy investigation or to hide the identities of those wanting to keep their operations from becoming known.

I guess the fact that Davina’s arm span from middle finger tip to middle finger tip being too short to allow her to hold that gun to her head means nothing. What do forensic experts know. The investigations, especially the one on the federal level, where they ruled she did NOT kill herself and could not replicate such a stance was done by inept, lying administrators? I guess Hewett not allowing the dogs off the boat once they were brought to the island that night means nothing. I guess that blood left where she couldn’t have left it and no subsequent lab work on the samples because one of the detectives, still serving this county btw, mean nothing. I guess white powder on the ground in only one place, yet found in the floorboard of her truck mean nothing. I guess the disappearance of her shoes from that night mean nothing, even though they would have shown she had been dragged.

I’ll tell you what I am tired of, Mr. Gore, Mr. Hewett, and some other folks, I am tired of you trying to stonewall. What I saw of the evidence you had was laughable, were it not for the circumstances. Other families can testify of the same thing in their case. I’ll tell you something else: nobody who is not of your little gang has believed for one minute that she killed herself. They know what you’ve done. So you can save your words. Many, many others in police work think the way the case was handled was insulting. It is painfully obvious you don’t care about that. But I know you can’t take a GSR test after you have handled the wound. Nor do you leave a body ALONE out on a pier UNCOVERED. That is decency, much less correct procedure. There is 10 plus years of tiredness, believe me. Loy Buff deserves to be heard. He is speaking for all of us who have lived and suffered under this regime. To take Rex Gore to court for this little question about money is an insult to all who know how he treated us little publicans.

Morty Wadsworth
2015 years 10 months ago

It appears neither of you know squat about Dee’s murder; if you did and had the brains G-d gave a barnacle you’d KNOW it was a murder. Or perhaps you DO know it to be a murder but you’re one of the weak-kneed lily-livered cops or other gutless public officials who participated in the cover-up trying to sell the suicide scenario. Or maybe you’re just stupid. Either way, you ought to keep your pieholes shut and not besmirch the memory of my sister law-enforcement officer by popping off about something of which you know absolutely nothing. And if you’re “tired of Buff,” here’s a newsflash, Sport: WE who know Dee was murdered and her case was botched/bungled/sabotaged by those large and in charge ARE NOT GOING AWAY.

2015 years 10 months ago

Broadcast today on WTVD, Channel 11 in Durham:

Thanks Channel 3 for airing a portion of this yesterday.


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