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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — The Brunswick County Health Department says a bobcat tested positive for rabies. It’s the fourth case of rabies in the county this year.

Friday, a man saw the bobcat chasing his dog on Long Beach Road on Oak Island. The bobcat took one swipe at the dog and then ran into the woods. The dog laid down. The man knew about rabies and did not handle the dog right away. Instead he waited for any saliva to dry. The Health Department says the dog was current on its rabies shots, so it only needed a booster shot. The man did not come in contact with the bobcat.

Meanwhile, about one hour later, the bobcat charged a second man in his yard and tried to attack him. The second man grabbed a tire iron, threw it at the animal, and killed it.

Oak Island Animal Services conducted an investigation and delivered the bobcat to the Brunswick County Animal Protective Services. Brunswick County Animal Protective Services sent the bobcat to the State lab for testing. The results came back positive Tuesday. A Public Health Nurse went to the second man’s house and determined he had not been in contact with the animal.

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1 Comment on "Bobcat killed in Brunswick Co. tests positive for rabies"

Guest trapper
2015 years 10 months ago

traps, the use of leghold traps play a major role in keeping furbearers numbers in check. The trapping laws in nc are so outdated it is unbelievable.The wildlife commission has to abide by local laws made by county commissioners in and about 1975, these laws were made to protect certain sporting activities for certain people.Aslong as the laws stay the same we will see more and more of these cases of wildlife and human conflict, remember you moved into there territory not the other way around. There is not a commissioner on the brunswick or new hanover county boards that can set a trap and they are the ones who are supposed to regulate this activity. what a joke!!. LIVE WITH THEM, LET ME TRAP , OR MOVE ALONG


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