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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Two days after a judge delayed his trial B.J. Wright and his wife have been charged with jury tampering.

B.J. and Karen Sealey Wright are each charged with one count of felony conspiracy, harrassment of a juror and obstructing justice, according to the Columbus County Jail. Columbus County Sheriff Chris Batten says more charges may be filed after investigators talk to the couple.

Judge Douglas Sasser asked for an investigation into allegations of jury tampering Wednesday after granting a request from Wright’s attorney Scott Dorman to withdraw from the case and ordering a delay.

Sheriff Batten says the allegations are that B.J. Wright had his wife approach potential jurors in his trial that was set to begin and offer them money in exchange for a not guilty verdict. Wright was on trial for five criminal accounts stemming from incidents early last year. Prosecutors said he had a total of 21 pending charges. That list will now grow.

Earlier this month Wright was charged with multiple offenses after jumping out of a second-floor window at the Columbus County Courthouse while in the building for a hearing.

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  • Margaret

    I’m sure RC Soles would appreciate a bunch of hot young men in pink undies.

  • WilResnowAzin2013

    One thing I cant wait for is moving to Maricopa County AZ next year. The Governor Jan Brewer and the Sheriff of Maricopa (Phoenix is indeed the capital of AZ unlike some states where the biggest city isnt always the star of the state so to speak) dont take crap and have been fighting to uphold the laws of the state and this nation unlike officials like the outgoing Gov here in NC (McCrory 2012!!) as well as DC. They dont play down there and believe me the recidivist rate for offenders in Maricopa is much much lower compared to other counties in the state but one of the lower crime rates in the entire country. Nobody likes Joe’s pink undies and Tent City county prisons (The prisoners learn real quick its no fun to be in a tent in the desert, but it sure lets them know what our troops are enduring in Afghanistan). If we had more people like Jan Brewer and Joe Arpaio in this country in positions of power we’d be a lot better off indeed.

  • I find it funny that you feel that Gov. Brewer and Sheriff Arpio are so great. I grew up in the Great State of Arizona, and I was around during the race riots of the sixties that took place in downtown Phoenix. I served my country not once but twice in the Air Force and then the Army as did my parents and three brothers, my in-laws and husbands and now a nephew. We all fought for one thing the freedom of all people foriegn and domestic. I have watched these two totally destroy this state and bring it to its knees, people are dying at the hands of those who are supossed to take care of them. Nothing is being done to prevent the beatings, abuse and neglect that is done to the elderly, disabled and sick just because these to individuals do not give a damn. This state has a animal abuse registry yet child abuse and elder abuse is not prevented, reported or stopped. As a matter of fact we have 65,000 Assisted Living Homes and of those only 18 have a five star rating. The other 64,982 have a three star rating or less. The majority have only a one star rating which means the patients are not taken care of in a manner even closely resembling adequate for a poor rating. If you want these two to do their utmost worst for you feel free to come this screwed up state where nobody gives a damn about anyone. This is not what my family and I fought to protect. Our Governor’s son raped and kiddnapped a nieghbor girl and because of his mothers money he sits in a state hospital with art therapy instead of being behind bars having his bunk mate rape him.

  • taxpayer

    the taxpayers of Columbus County have to pay the bill to try this POS…but you make a good point. I think Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s county in Arizona would be a good place to hold his trial. Once he’s found guilty, let him wear Sheriff Joe’s pink underwear for a long, long time.

  • Guest3293

    Good idea, but you have to keep in mind that R.C. Soles has connections statewide. Even if he is convicted (in another county) of the numerous crimes that he has committed, R.C. will find a way out for him. We can thank the criminals we have in the judicial system for all the mess and taxpayer expense B.J. and R.C. has created.

  • carrie

    It seems to me as though it would make sense for the Columbus County court system to request that the trial of this moron be held in a separate county. One where he and his family have few ties. One where perhaps no one knows him. One where possible jurors couldn’t be influenced by media and relatives. Where he will get the full punishment for the crimes he has committed, instead of a lighter sentence like so many times before.

  • guesty

    He is far from the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  • RCsworld

    They need a tv show “Mr. Wrong & company”

  • Noonespecial

    What mother in her right mind would abandon her 4 year old and 9 9 year old to marry this fool.

  • justAstranger01

    thats what im sayin. i know this lady and i cant believe shes came to doing things like this in her life! people sure do change!

  • Guest22

    The evidence shows that Wright & Co. are controlled by RC Soles. RC Soles bought and paid for it all. Who is funding this now? Did RC Soles pay for BJ’s lawyer like he paid for Frog’s lawyer?


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