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TAMPA, FL (WWAY) — Tropical storm Isaac may be delaying the Republican National Convention but that’s not going to stop the GOP from throwing a Grand Old Party.

Helen Pannullo of Ocean Isle was looking forward to changing the political landscape as a delegate at her first Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL. Tropical Storm Isaac threw a wrench into those plans.

Because of the tropical storm, the first day of the convention was cancelled leaving Helen and the rest of the Republican Party to regroup.

“We expect that all of the business that is to be done at the convention will still be done in a very orderly fashion,” Pannullo said. “A little bit of rain isn’t going to dampen the enthusiasm of the Republican delegates.”

Pannullo said that despite the delay of the convention, Republican plans for the rest of the week and the next few months remain unchanged, and that their goal to get the Romney-Ryan ticket into the White House is still on course.

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