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ONLY ON 3: Man arrested for allegedly strangling Chihuahua

READ MORE: Man arrested for allegedly strangling Chihuahua

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -– For many people our pets are like our family and we mourn their loss very difficulty. What would you do if your dog was brutally killed?

Friday, Cory Morgan Gray, 24, allegedly strangled his girlfriend's six-pound Chihuahua while she was in class at Cape Fear Community College.

"I found him there, and I found little Charlie. He just looked like so in pain and so tense, and he just looked so pitiful and helpless," said Jenna Branham, the dog's owner.

Gray was booked on preliminary charges of felony cruelty against animals. After spending one hour in jail Gray was released on a $5,000 secure bond.

"If Charlie had been a person, it would be murder, but it's not. It's animal cruelty," Donna Branham said. "It's not animal cruelty. It's animal murder. He murdered this dog."

The Branham family is trying to raise awareness about animal cruelty cases such as this by starting an online petition to strengthen animal cruelty laws.

Click here for more information on their Charlie's Law.

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I hate the abuse of any kind of animal whether it is an insect, snake or any warm blooded animal. These so called dogs I would make an exception to. They are aggresive and I had one try to bite me in the face the other day. If it was legal, I would feed them to my boa instead of rats!

I hate those rats

I agree. He shouldnt even be charged. I hate those little rats,they aren't even real dogs. On second thought, he is a hippie so he should be charged lol.


People are so stupid on here wanting to hurt a man for abuse on a rat. You are no better than he is. I for one would buy a dozen doughnuts if I happened to live there. Thank you for your service my good hippie.


it is murder-i think id be thinking of doing something similar.....unforgiveable.

Britts Donut owner in support of Animal Killer

The owner of Britts Donuts is in full support of his employee. He was allowed to return to work the same day as his arrest at this place of business. This is a BIG weekend for Britts...we need to show our support for Charlie by BOYCOTTING BRITTS!!!

Britts Donut had a record weekend.

The owner of Britt's was NOT the person who bailed Mr. Gray out of jail. Mr. Gray was also arrested at 10pm. Britts closes around 10pm. Meaning it is impossible for him to have returned to work the same day as his arrest.

Boycotting a donut shop does not show support for animal cruelty. Why not go volunteer in an animal shelter? Do something positive.

It should also be noted that Cory Morgan Gray has not been convicted of any crime. It is against the law to fire an employee for a crime they've not been convicted of.

The owner of Britt's Donuts

The owner of Britt's Donuts is Not in full support of his employee. Everyone including the owner of Britt's Donuts knows that the act committed was despicable, but it is not his responsibility to take the punishment of a non work related crime into his own hands. punishment should and will be left to the courts. let the law take care of its self, leave a good, hardworking businessman alone, and grow up.


If I lived there, I'd be boycotting 24/7. You need to grow up, sir. It's obvious to all who read this what your feelings are towards animals. If the LAW was Just nobody would want to boycott. So, you grow up and learn something before opening your mouth

All Jokes Aside

This was an innocent 6 lb dog who did nothing to deserve the cruelty brought upon it, and I hope this scumbag low life at least serves time. We truly do not have appropriate laws protecting family pets. It's also a proven fact that people who hurt animals are just warming up for the day when they have the courage to hurt another living breathing being, say, a human. Lock him up in general population and let the word get out that he's in for strangling a chihuahua. Problem solved. My heart goes out to the innocent dog.


to the ego buffet where everything said here doesnt matter please continue to feast

43DomesticHomicidesNC-2012 MediaCoverageforChihuahua-Excessive

I would like to express my deepest sympathy to the Branham family, however I do not sympathize with their cause. As a NC resident and survivor of domestic violence I find it disgusting and demeaning that the Branham family would suggest a harsher punishment for fatal strangulation of their family pet than the punishment for non-fatal strangulation of a human.

Why do people always

Why do people always consider humans as the more important/superior species?? We were all put here by god so who is to judge which of our lives is worth more. Plus it's a proven fact that many people who commit violent crimes on people, started with animals!! Our animals love us exactly the way our children do, with no conditions!!!

Are you for real??? BOTH

Are you for real??? BOTH punishments should be the same. I am a survivor of domestic violence also, but totally believe that ANY living creature feels pain, whether it be animal or human and the abuser should be charged as such. And I know that the laws for animals in N.C. SUCK! No spaying and neutering and when your dog gets old, just dump it off at the shelter for them to deal with. And THEN PICK OUT A NEW PUPPY! I adovocate for many shelters in N.C. and also have family there, so I KNOW what I'm talking about!

it was hard for me to read

it was hard for me to read this article. This guy has issues, I'd love to help him with!
I would love to meet this gentleman. I hope i get the pleasure some day.


me too

I'd like to help him too. And I have a tazer, a baseball bat and some pepper spray I think would be very helpful too.


What a pathetic piece of crap.....if he needs to feel so empowered, he needs to find a man of equal size and get the life choked out of him. He better be glad it wasn't my dog because we would of both been in jail and the sad thing is I would still be there. You lowlife, good for nothing, piece of crap!!!!!!!!

I cant believe how blown up

I cant believe how blown up this is. I know the girl and not the guy and can honestly say that this is some BS. This one sided story is worst than today's political commercials. This is whats going to happen. He will either be not guilty, or guilty with probation and maybe 10 days in jail AT MOST! Like quit trying to make it so bad on this guy. And from my standpoint...people with dreads are usually the nice ones. One love :)

what the hell is in your

what the hell is in your drinking water ? You are surely a fist class cretin

if intentionally killing a

if intentionally killing a pet isn't bad then what is it? if there is more to this story then you should enlighten all of us with what you know to be true.

You are as dumb as they

You are as dumb as they come. Blown up? How would you like your pet strangled? Quit trying to make it bad? He is a LOSER!!!!!!!



Thank you for posting a picture

WWAY, thank you for posting this low-life's picture. I'll be sure to share my thoughts about animal cruelty with Mr. Gray if the opportunity every presents itself.

What has happened?

Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? Let's string him up, and hang him! Who cares his side of the story? Who cares about what really happened? Let's just listen to one side of the story! You killed my dog, I saw it, let's give you the electric chair!

couldn't agree more, that is

couldn't agree more, that is 1 guy I hope I can remember, he needs a little southern hospitality!

Whats the Whole story Seems a lil one sided.

ive only heard one side of the story how do we know she didnt have something to do with it?

In memory of Charlie and for

In memory of Charlie and for the safety of family Petchildren please sign this petition and pass it along!

Just what we need.

This is exactly what we need, more laws!! YAY!!! Thank you for further restricting our freedoms. Please, let the government just run our lives, tell us when to go to sleep, tell us when to wakeup, tell us what to eat, tell us who is okay to kill... Please, pass more laws, we need the government to totally control our lives!! PLEASE!!!

To find the petition, Google

To find the petition, Google "petition charlies law" and it will come up.

He didn't do this. She made

He didn't do this. She made this up. Anyone who knows her would know that... but the news was quick to post this before anything was investigated. His life is so ruined now. He should sue her when they realize he isn't guilty.


I think he should sue them for Slander and harassment... They Can't Just ruin his life when they dont know all of the facts... They sure are acting real Mature about the situation...NOT