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GREENSBORO, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — “Good ‘cue comes from good people.” So begins the 36-page feature on North Carolina barbecue in Our State magazine’s September issue.

Based largely on “Bob Garner’s Book of Barbecue,” the story features 10 restaurants that are part of his ‘North Carolina Classics,’ those with strong lineage and historical significance as well as fantastic food.

The ‘North Carolina Classics’ featured in Our State include: Allen & Son Barbecue, Chapel Hill; Bridges Barbecue, Shelby; B’s Barbecue, Greenville; Lexington Barbecue, Lexington; Little Richards Barbecue, Winston-Salem; The Pit, Raleigh; Short Sugar’s Pit Barbecue, Reidsville; Skylight Inn, Ayden; Stamey’s, Greensboro; and Wilber’s Barbecue in Goldsboro. (No BBQ restaurants from the Cape Fear area were included.)

The feature includes a portrait gallery of all the restaurants’ owners or the Kings of Barbecue, photography of a plate of classic ‘cue from each place, and a story of all the people who contribute to making these ‘North Carolina Classics.”

To read more about North Carolina barbecue, pick up the September issue of Our State at bookstores and on newsstands across the state or visit ourstate.com for a sneak peak of the September issue.

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  • SurfCityTom

    why not have a barbecue cook off @ the Convention Center?

    Plenty of open dates available.

    Nice river front lawn for cooking if the weather permits. Move it indoors if the weather threatens.

    Get a few celebrities out there to create pizzazz. Roman Gabriel, Trot Nixon, Meadowlark Lemon, MJ are just a few who come to mind.

    Maybe a couple of picking and grinning bands? Or some good blues.

    Since they have no events of this nature booked, the CC will not have to worry about that 90 day blackout rule which rarely gets mentioned.

    Hold it in October. Politicians seeking re-election could shake hands and kiss babies. Dukie and his cohorts could rent booth space and try to drum up support for the river front albatross.

    This could be large if someone has vision and if the CC General Manager takes an interest and takes charge.

    Now if you can serve beer, you could bill it “Blues, Brews & Barbeque” on the River.

  • KCNative

    is they actually found 10 restaurants in this state that claimed to serve good BBQ? NC is not a BBQ state. It is a pulled pork state…but that ain’t bbq. You can fry your chickens and pull your pig…you can serve them with all the fixins and hush puppies…but you still can’t call it cue.

  • Guest Redneck Across the River

    KCnatve………have I got some shocking news for you! North Carolina IS THE barbecue state. I don’t know where all this “pulled pork” terminology came from, but we have it two distinct ways here, sliced and chopped. I don’t have a clue where you may have dined in our state, but, you have not been to Lexington or Concord or some of the other few places that cook pork over live coals and serve it with a vinegar-based sauce with red pepper seeds floating in the bottle.

  • SouthEastNC

    move back to Kansas City

  • Guest61246

    You obviously don’t know grits from pinestraw when it comes to NC ‘que. Sliced and chopped is how we serve BBQ in NC. What’s with this pulled pork thng? NC is the BBQ capitol of the USA.

  • GuestPEPABP

    “No BBQ restaurants from the Cape Fear area were included.”

    That’s because the quality of the cue in our region has gone downhill….most of it is now flavorless, slimy and gas cooked. Most of the spot on this list still cook BBQ the right way, hardwood coals. The Wilmington joints need to step up their game.

  • SouthEastNC

    you only named places that most of us here would agree are not good BBQ joints.

    I’d encourage you to visit some of the places named in the Our State article.

  • KCNative

    It’s BBQ! That is SERIOUS stuff where I am from.

    And if you want to wrestle with a pig on the subject…remember, the pig likes to get dirty.

    However, in the spirit of love and no real intended offense…I do love me some collards!

  • Guest99

    Love your comments!

  • KCNative

    Since the search for BBQ nirvana really never ends, I’ll have to get to Lexington. I will conduct a full debrief upon my return.


  • GuestUSMC

    No offense, huh? You just called us “lagoon diggers”, hardly a friendly term to get the locals to accept an outsider. Oh, well, why don’t you come on down to the old lagoon and we will welcome you NC style?

  • KCNative

    “serve it with a vinegar-based sauce with red pepper seeds floating in the bottle.” That’s.just.sad.

    I’ve eaten at Jackson’s Big Old nasty fried cornstick..Flips, Shaw’s up in Williamston…A & G. All filling…and pretty much the same menu items at each. I do like Brunswick stew…fried chicken…your pig is good, slow cooked on the hot fire and all…then you pour vinegar and peppers on it. RUINED!

    I do like the standard fare around here, don’t get me wrong…it is filling and tasty, but please… Keep on telling yourself it is BBQ Bless your hearts!

    OK…now you can tell me to move on out like you always do…the standard refrain for all of you huckleberries who get insecure about anyone who doesn’t agree with everything you do.

    Oh yeah…the North won the civil war, too! The prize…great BBQ!

    Love – KCNative, PhD BBQoligist.

  • KCNative

    Just exactly what is the NC style welcome? Bad BBQ? Oh, and I spent a lot of my days growing up on my cousin’s hog farm in Iowa, so I am fairly well-acquainted with the aspects of that business…including the final runs to Jimmy Dean’s! (Still not a vegetarian.)

    Go ahead devil dog…keep diggin’ them latrines and lagoons. Maybe next run out to KC, I’ll bring you back a couple of good bottles of sauce.

    Oh, btw..just whiskey tango foxtrot is Carolina Treet supposed to be good for? I tried to use that stuff for cockroach bait but wouldn’t touch it!

  • guesty

    What is Carolina Treet good for you ask? Just about everything. Burgers, rice, grilled chicken, ribs and many more tasty items.

  • GuestUSMC

    Well………you ARE right about the Carolina Treet….

  • SouthEastNC

    I second the above post regarding Poor Piggy’s. Ed is a great guy and a HECK of a BBQ pitmaster.

  • Guest34534

    For all of those who believe that there isn’t any good bbq in the Cape Fear region, you obviously haven’t tried Poor Piggys. While the prices are a little high, the bbq, coleslaw, and hushpuppies are on point. The chopped brisket is also very good. You wont be disappointed.

  • Guest 71653

    I was born in eastern NC and moved here ten years ago. I believe the reason that no Cape Fear area BBQ places was included is because the places here do not serve “true BBQ.” If anyone loves what you get at Cape Fear area resturants, such as Jackson’s or Flips, then you would hate the places mentioned in the upcoming State magazine article. I have tried BBQ across this nation, including Memphis, Kansas City, and Austin. I have never found any to compare with places such as Wilber’s of Goldsboro or the Skylight in Ayden. Original BBQ has to be whole hog, hand chopped, cooked over wood, and offered with a vinegar based sauce. PERIOD.

  • Guest Redneck Across the River

    The most likely explanation for this is because there is NO B-B-Q in the area. There is plenty of oven-roasted pork with artificial smoke flavor added, but absoltely no true barbecue. However, there is one place in Brunswick County that cooks their pork over live coals and it makes all the difference in the world. I would almost bet that all the restaurants featured in “Our State” cook over wood as well.

  • Mike C

    Too bad no places around here were featured. Of course, the Only BBQ in Wilmington is at Caseys. No one else can even compare. Sorry Jacksons.

  • GuestNative

    Jacksons is way better than Caseys. PLUS…Jacksons actually cleans their restaurant. I think the last time Caseys saw a good cleaning was at least 5 years ago, judging by the looks of things last time I was in there. Seemed very rundown, and blatantly dirty. YUCK. Bye-bye appetite.

  • Wilmington Observer

    In each edition of Our State Magazine there are list(s) of numerous North Carolina “noteables”, often times with a South Eastern North Carolina. I don’t understand why this list, which does NOT have a local mention was reported on in our LOCAL media.

    Wilmington Observer

  • BBQ Lover

    BBQ is just now SE NC’s thing. There are some ok BBQ restaurants, but they are all solid 3’s on a scale of 1-5. Having tried BBQ from three on the list. I would say they were solid 4’s or 5’s. So…it doesn’t surprise me that we do not have a restaurant on the list. We had two good BBQ restaurants in Wilmington that closed down… I guess because we don’t have a taste for the stuff as a region.

    Now…if they review seafood…well we would have several on the list.


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