Christie to help McCrory raise money

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Submitted: Wed, 08/29/2012 - 4:47pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A day after he gave a primetime speech at the Republican National Convention comes word New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will help a fellow Republican try and win the same office in North Carolina.

Pat McCrory’s campaign says Christie will attend a McCrory fundraiser at a home in Charlotte September 13.

“Gov. Christie is a strong, inspirational and visionary leader who is not afraid of telling people the truth and treating people like adults,” McCrory said in a statement. “Unfortunately, while other governors from around the country have been showing leadership and implementing reforms, North Carolina has had a bystander in the governor’s office. I look forward to having Gov. Christie with me on the campaign trail to talk about the kind of strong leadership and vision we need in the governor’s office to start a Carolina comeback.”

Tickets to the event range from $250 per person to $4,000 per couple.


  • Grand Ole Party says:

    In other words you feel that this will help McCrory because you like so many other sheep are very aware of Chris Christie’s popularity.

  • Guest 4545 says:

    I hope your comment makes you feel better because your in for a rude awakening come November. And by the way there are no obese “rednecks” in North Carolina. Moron!

  • Guest 10101 says:

    and by extension, why would anyone ever choose this time around to pick someone who couldn’t even best Perdue last time around.

    Compared to the accomplishments of Christie in NJ, a Republican in a Democratic state, Perdue’s are no more significant than flatulence in a hurricane. If anything at all, she moved NC backward.

    Even though you personally are incapable of seeing this, McCrory obviously has a little more common sense than you.

    And as to your Yankee potty-mouthing:
    Race card, Same-sex card, Whatever card …. and now appearing once again in a post near you ….. the Mason-Dixon Line card!

    Doesn’t matter what card you’re pulling out. Just keep in mind, once you throw it down, you’re no longer playing with a full deck.

  • Guest 101 says:

    So McCrory is bringing in an illmannered loudmouth obese Yankee to drum up support?? Why in the world would you pick somebody like that?! Don’t we already have enough of those type blowhards here already? With those kind of friends he won’t need any enemies.

    Sheesh…the NC GOP has gone to the dogs and seems to get worse by the week!

  • Peter Augusta says:

    You insult your fellow red neck southerners with your statement. This illmannered loudmouthed yankees will help us defeat Dalton. And watch your illmannered loudmouth butt
    because some of us yankees who came to live in NC may stuff our collective foot right up your butt when we beat daltlon and your Messiah this november.

  • Guest 101 says:

    Rude awakening?? I don’t think so as I fully expect McCrory to win and will be voting for him. That said I see somebody like Christie doing nothing but turning off any “fence sitters”.

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, loudmouth blowhard yankee outlanders don’t play well here in eastern NC. I say keep Jersey in Jersey…it’s the armpit of the nation for a reason and Christie is right at home up there.

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