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CHARLOTTE, NC (WWAY) — With the opening gavel of the Democratic National Convention less than two days away, Charlotte is finishing up months of preparations.

About 6,000 delegates and alternates are expected for the event, along with some 15,000 credentialed members of the media. And that does not count all the other visitors, including dignitaries. Of course, such a big crowd at such a high-profile event means plenty of security.

Sunday in Charlotte, the high level of security was evident. Law enforcement from around the region along with private security guards patrolled fence and barricade-lined streets around uptown, where much of the convention activities will take place at Time Warner Cable Arena, the Charlotte Convention Center and Bank of America Stadium.

Police kept vigilant on foot, in cars and trucks and even on dirt bikes as they began closing off roads around the convention venues.

South Tryon Street, among Charlotte’s busiest streets on most days, was closed off in uptown as workers started to set up for Monday’s CarolinaFest. The street festival will feature speakers and musical acts, headlined by Oscar-nominee Jeff Bridges and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and North Carolinian James Taylor.

At the Convention Center, media trickled in to pick up credentials as volunteers and DNC staff prepared to welcome tens of thousands of visitors.

WWAY Political Editor Kevin Wuzzardo is covering the DNC this week. He will begin reporting on the convention starting tonight on WWAY NewsChannel 3 at 6 and 11.

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  • taxpayer

    Let’s not forget “lipstick on a pig”

  • Guest 4545

    You can put a tuxedo on a goat but it’s still a goat. There aren’t enough “finishing touches” in the Democratic Party bag of tricks to make that “goat rope” look good!

  • TEA

    Turn your television off and conserve energy. The Big Tent Party will have quite a circus lineup. Not worthy of attention or re-election. Three and half years in and no progress. The Obamanator said if he could not turn this economy around it would be a one term proposition. You have no plan or new ideas. Your party controlled Congress with Dingy Harry and Princess Piglosi for two years and NEVER presented a budget for setting a course of responsibility. You been too business trying to become a PGA qualifer and giving us the gift of Obamacare. Blame everyone else and never be accountable for anything is his mode of operation. You did not get the job done to my satisfication. Well Mr. President , call the moving company because reality arrives on your doorstep come November.

  • Ole

    We are moving to a new home where they have energy saving electricity which they use solar power. I love the thought of it but haven;t tried it before maybe this spring I will take it to the test

  • Brian

    I want to know why the taxpayers have to foot the bill for an incumbent to stop doing the job we’re paying him to do so that he can attend a nomination ceremony? Not to mention paying for his travel, lodging and security for the event. He needs to acknowledge the nomination via video conference from Washington, and then get back to work.

  • Robert Green

    Obama should request the bust of Mao Tse Tung , Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez and Karl Marx to be on display to show the world who his mentors were and how his mentality was established. He boxed up that bust of Winston Churhcill and had it shipped back to Great Britain because it reminded him of colonialism , instead of a nation that delivering impoverished , semi-civilized nations from despair. The Socialist Party should not expect problems with conservatives disrupting the coronation of the Great One. It will be a week to tune out a failed Administration that plays the same old song , mediocrity , ” you are a victim ” and ” you can not make it in the world without us “. The Obamanites will squeal when the forked tongue orator steps up to the podium and reads from his golden teleprompter regurgitating his failed policies and promises of better days ahead. Unless you are a direct recipient of the FRAUDULENT stimulus plan (i.e Solyndra and those mysterious shovel ready jobs ) , you are not better off 4 years later !

  • Challengetheworld

    Hi Robert…

    The socialist tag is getting old, please try to find a new one. If you want to see socialism, have a look at the current lob-sided situation in France. Should we discuss the alternative? A man, Romney, who has flipped his stance on about every single issue? Or his running mate, Mr. Paranoid? Remember the country we live in now, took decades to culminate into a mess we have now.

    You can scream socialist all you want, but I’m never voting for a party who is more concerned about the bible than the greater good of society. If the Rhino’s could lose some of their paranoia and biblical fear mongering, then maybe I could start to stand on some of their conservative financial policies.

  • Robert Green

    Go see the movie “2016” ! It had a profound effect on me personally and I stand by my previous post on this site. It only confirmed that I was right all along. If the shoe fits , wear it !!!

  • Guest54

    He is a Communist whose first term is to hoodwink the America people. His founding fathers were Frank Marshall Davis , Edward Said and Roberto Unger.


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