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Democrats, Republicans come out swinging in fight for NC ahead of convention

READ MORE: Democrats, Republicans come out swinging in fight for NC ahead of convention

CHARLOTTE, NC (WWAY) -- An afternoon thunderstorm left a rainbow over uptown Charlotte Monday, but the Democratic National Convention is sure to bring more storms of its own.

As Democrats gather to celebrate Barack Obama, the political gamesmanship is underway, especially as both parties battle for this battleground state.

Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson told us Republicans are trying to drive fear rather than hope.

"They don't have a plan to make student loans more accessible to students. They don't have a plan for reindustrialization. They don't have a plan to stop banks from ripping people off and home foreclosures. They don't have a better foreign policy plan to make us more secure," Rev. Jackson said. "So they are speculating, and President Barack Obama is delivering."

Meanwhile Republicans, who have set up shop at the NASCAR Hall of Fame just blocks from the convention, says it's the other way around.

"I think here as we look at what's going forward in Charlotte, it's going to be fascinating to see what the Democrats actually talk about, because I think they're going to have an exceptionally hard time talking about their record," Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said.

That's the basis of how the GOP promises to outmaneuver Democrats during the convention and all fall long to take back the Tar Heel State.

"As far as this premise that they've got a better ground game, I don't buy it at all," Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said. "I've seen it in action, and we have a better ground operation. We're gonna beat 'em here."

Regardless of the outcome, the convention is the jumping off point and momentum-builder for candidates at all levels.

Deb Butler is challenging Thom Goolsby for his state Senate seat in New Hanover County. This week she'll talk to various caucus groups at the DNC, then she will head back to the home stretch of the campaign.

"The campaign has been long and arduous, as you know, and it continues for the next couple of months, but this will give me renewed enthusiasm and energy to finish it strong, and so we're all very excited about that," Butler said.

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Isn't it ironic?

You have to have proof of ID to get in the convention, but the Dems have no problem with you voting without one?

This might be an issue for those they bus in from the hollers and hoods to fill the convention hall for the big O's speech. Imagine, embarking on a bus from Possum Gulch and riding for 7 hours, then finding out you can't get in because you have no ID?

The only

hoods that will be there are the pointed kind that the republicans will be wearing.

Your post makes no sence,

Your post makes no sence, isnt ironic at all, and screams racist.The reason they are requiring ID is for security... the First Lady will be there, you know the President's wife. Amazed at the ignorance and stupidity..

The reason they are

The reason they are requireing ID to see the 1st lady is because the DNC wants to disinfrancise the poor, elderly, and minorities.

Seriously PeaNutts, you don't think vote integrity is a security issue? I know it's important to Democrats to get out the dead, canine, and feline vote. But should't we draw the line on Wasserman-Schutz's other personalities?

Makes perfect sense

So for a woman to get the title of First Lady, you don't have a problem of people not having to show ID to vote for her husband? I know, it may cut down on the multiple times you vote in an election. Where is the racist part of the comment? It is a truth, the democrats are the ones screaming it is racist to make EVERYBODY show ID when they vote. If it is equally applied to, wait for it, EVERYBODY, how can it be racist?

Oooooh, the big racist tag

Peanut - I think you mean "sense" not sence. Let me ask you something...which is more racist...the number of white people that voted for Obama in 2008 which clearly, by the numbers, was responsible for his winning the election? Or, the 94%+ blacks that voted for Obama because he was black?

If pointing out hypocrisy in the Democratic position on i.d. somehow translates into racism for you, you need to go back and reevaluate your critical thinking skills.

In 2008, a lot of white voters probably went for Obama just to prove they weren't racist. In 2012, they probably vote for Romney just to prove they are not idiots! Does that make "sence" to you?

Got it

Great comments Silly Democrats. If you want to see some other ridiculous items concerning the convention, just read about the security restrictions around the convention.

They will probably win no favors from alot since Jesse chimed in!

I don't recall the Democrats

I don't recall the Democrats setting up "shop" and harassing the Republicans when they had their convention in Florida. I don't understand why the Republicans don't have enough class to do the same for the Democrats in Charlotte.

Like Debbie Wasserman Schultz??

Or the Democrats from Illinois that headed to Florida? Source: Aug 29. And don't forget that Joe Biden did have a trip scheduled but it was called off due to Issac, not his grasp of decorum!


Wasserman schultz lives in Florida. Are you telling me she can't go home? What part of NC is Paul Ryan from?

Not just in Florida Guestman

She was actually on premises at the RNC Convention with Sandra Fluke and did a few interviews while on-site. Facts are interesting aren't they! Oh and BTW, Greenville and Charlotte aren't in the same region of NC, just another one of those interesting facts.

Not just Florida Guestman..

She was actaully at the Convention and gave a few interviews while she was there. Perhaps you should check your facts.

No one is harassing anyone

The Republicans are not harassing the Democrats during there convention. They are not even in the City of Charlotte, they are on the outskirts. They are in North Carolina to support their campaign just like the Democrats. The media is in Charlotte and they want responses to statements made by Democrats. The RNC is just putting resources in the state to work on campaigning just like everyone else.

They have to harass people

How else would they get the right-wing paranoia accross? They have to dress up in little colonial outfits and come up with stupid acronyms about the President and make lies about how he is going to take their guns and healthcare away.

I don't care what party affiliation your are, but please read up good and well about Mr. Ryan and Mr. Romney. If they were a little moderate I would consider listening, but they are so paranoid it is literally the product of a sheltered life.

If you were a little more moderate I'd take you seriously too

but "right-wing paranoia", "little colonial outfits", "they're paranoid"?

We're not even close to election time and already I'm about ready to vomit from ingesting all the rhetoric from proponents of both parties including your post (if it's of any help, you are most certainly not alone). Name calling, distortions, etc; it's a crying shame that this is what's happened to America.

It would be really refreshing if somebody, ANYBODY, actually talked about real issues.

It's okay Guest 350....

It's okay Guest 350. No one else noticed him there either. Nobama probably wishes he'd never noticed him too.

What are you talking about?!

What are you talking about?! Joe Biden... you know, the VP, was in Florida during the GOP Convention.