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JACKSONVILLE, NC (AP) — The coyotes in Onslow County have a sweet tooth.

The Jacksonville Daily News reported that farmers have reported the coyotes are eating watermelons.

Melissa Huffman with the cooperative extension service in Onslow County says coyotes usually kill calves, goats and sheep. But she says the animals have started eating melons and other vegetables.

The North Carolina Wildlife Commission has authorized nighttime hunting of the predators.

Jack Holland says a pack of coyotes has eaten $1,000 worth of watermelons in the past two weeks, sometimes eating as many as 20 melons a night. Holland says this is the worst year for coyotes on his farm.

Coyotes can threaten public health because they carry rabies.

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  • Mike Sostakowski

    My inlaws live in Richlands and as we come down each year from PA I hear about these animals becoming a problem for farmers and locals in the area. In Pennsylvania coyotes are hunted all year around 24/7. This has helped keep the population in our town to a minimum. It also gives sportsman the opportunity to enjoy the sport of hunting as deer season comes to an end.


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