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Wilmington, NC (WWAY) — Residents of a Wilmington apartment complex can’t sleep tight because the bed bugs will bite.

Residents at The Pines of Wilmington say that they started noticing the problem in May and that they contacted property management.

A maintenance man was sent out to spray for the bugs but after a few days they returned and have yet to successfully be exterminated and the problem seems to be getting worse.

“The bed bugs have been getting increasingly worse and worse each day and they’re going from one apartment to another,” said tenant Ife Alexander. “They’re getting inside of peoples beds, peoples couches, the tenants sheets, blankets, anything that you can think of they’re getting into. People are having to get rid of a lot of stuff.”

Some tenants say that the problem has gotten so bad that they are moving out of The Pines of Wilmington.

WWAY contacted management at The Pines of Wilmington by phone and they say that they are aware of the problem and they have taken care of the situation.

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7 Comments on "ONLY ON 3: Apartment complex overrun with bed bugs"

Bed Bugs and Apartment living
2015 years 10 months ago

I recently moved from an apartment on one of the main apartment roads off Market Street between Kerr and New Centre Drive. The entire building became infested and the landlord was doing minimal spraying to try to get rid of them. Some tenants chose to bomb on their own, which only sent the pests fleeing to adjoining apartments. It got so bad they were coming out of electrical outlets. All the while, the landlord was denying they were still a problem, even when tenants were still suffering. Eventually the entire building moved out, but sadly, new people moved in unknowingly in all units. I think this should be illegal. I personally did my own spraying in addition to landlord spray treatments till I could get out of there and it helped to ward the numbers of them settling and nesting in my bed…(Landlords spray was around 20 dollars a bottle…hmmm sounds like some great stuff! …sarcastic grimace!). They did continue to multiply in the walls and I have pictures of them around the baseboards quite alive and well after several treatments. It became unbearable. I unfortunately had to lose everything I owned that they got into that couldn’t be exterminated and cleaned and was not a fabric of any type. From conversations with tenants who have moved and didn’t get rid of their property, they have now only taken them with them to their new places and still suffering. This is part of the epidemic. You simply cannot risk taking all your furniture and beds with and expect that moving will end your problem. Unfortunately this is what is causing them to multiple and put our area on the red part of the US map of the bed bug registry. Now other complexes are going to have to battle them as they slowly move their way thru the units. I know of bed bug bed mattress encasements, but really, who wants to sleep on a bed they know is trapping those nasty things. I’d rather take the floor in a different place. The encasements are great for prevention though. I had renters insurance but yay to NC law…renters insurance does not yet cover bed bug property loss yet, although that is in motion. Little to late for me, but I have accepted my losses and moved on with shame and a loss of respect at the owner for his actions and conscious. I have recently been given information from several extermination companies who say my area was one of their top money making spots for treating bed bugs on an ongoing basis. I hope this info will help others who are looking for a place to stay or live to be especially weary of this area of Wilmington. Make sure there is no problem before you move in or decide to stay in a hotel. If you have never experienced them, you are lucky. I’d personally make the landlord sign something declaring the problem is absolutely irradiated or does not exist to protect yourself. It doesn’t matter if your home is the cleanest or the most dirty of homes. They just want to suck on you at night. Bed bugs are most certainly becoming a huge problem in our area. Precaution is your best bet. Don’t take on used furniture except from family or friends who are POSITIVE no bed bugs exist in their home…and for extra measure, inspect it carefully. There are many youtube videos that will help you know where and what to look for. To all suffering from this plight, my best advice is unless there is a TRUE professional treating the problem, accept your losses, keep your non fabric sentimental items (inspect any wood items like crazy if you keep those), clean items like you never have before and move on as soon as possible. This has truly been the worst experience living in an apartment I’ve ever had. I will NEVER live in one again. You can’t trust what is going on around you in surrounding units. I am so sorry for any going thru this. I do understand and wish you a solution on the flip side of the bug hell. Oh and the scars from the bites…nice tattoos for a while :(. They still are visible on my skin after several months :((((. I am in massive debt having to move so sudden. But honestly, small price to pay compared to being a constant blood bag for those nasty little vampires.

Jessica Montroge
2015 years 10 months ago

I know the person stirring up the trouble at the apartments. She told me she had them before she moved there and she owes them a lot of money. Shame you WWAy3 for not looking up court records before you slam a local business and for not telling the whole story. Bed Bugs are everywhere, even in the finest hotels.

Derek Wilson
2015 years 10 months ago

Bed bug infestations are now epidemic, thanks to an uninformed public and incompetent exterminators who don’t know how to treat bed bugs specifically.

‘The Bed Bug Survival Guide’ is definitely the best book available in terms of learning how to avoid and get rid of bed bugs.

2015 years 10 months ago

This is not a lie , i stay in the pines , they came and sprayed my unit and low and behold i still have bed bugs who are currently enjoying my 18 month old daughter body.She woke up screaming because it was messingt with her so bad. So when they say they are handling it thats bullshyt. The can give two fucks about there residents

Sadie Godfrey
2015 years 10 months ago

I understand that it takes high heat to kill them that spraying will not work.

2015 years 10 months ago

I had some friends who lived at the Pines.
The rate at which the property has gown DOWNHILL from 2000 to 2012 is unbelievable.. To drive through, it doesn’t look like the same place.. It looks like a nasty ghetto… Its no wonder they have bug problems… Yuck!

2015 years 10 months ago

We are battling this issue right now at The Pines. They sprayed two weeks ago and they are back. Do they not know that spraying does not get rid of them? Hire a professional to get rid of them.


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