Bald Head Island Public Safety Chief resigns

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Submitted: Wed, 09/05/2012 - 5:10pm
Updated: Thu, 09/06/2012 - 2:45am

BALD HEAD ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — Jerome “Chip” Munna, Jr. resigned Tuesday as Chief of Public Safety for the Village of Bald Head Island. He had been placed on paid adminsitrative leave pending an investigation a few weeks ago. Chip served the BHI for 14 years.

Chris McCall has been named as Acting Director of Public Safety and Shawn Freeman is Senior Captain and Assistant Director of Public Safety.


  • bhiobserver says:



  • Guestteheimer says:

    Personal politics on money island. Just like the cover up of the murdered police officer flim-flammed and labeled as a “suicide” for public observation. We all know that was baloney as well and a cover up to save the so called “reputation” of Bald Head Island as a “Family” resort. Yeah’s full of little rich kids spending daddy’s money, dealing drugs and stealing property. No different than the dregs of society that swarm 4th and Castle in Wilmington. These punks are the very reason for the fires and constant break-ins/theft that you never hear about either!
    So now…there’s one more responsible person of law enforcement to hit the road and less to be reported by someone concerned about the safety of the public.

  • Elaine says:

    Actually home owners worried about property values falling were clamoring as much as the Mitchells needed her death to go away quietly. Too many people had their own agendas and none of them had to do with who killed this officer. As a home owner, I would have been – and would still be – more concerned about the number of thugs who can come to the island and disappear for many hours undetected. I hope they all keep their doors locked. You also described the scene over there very well. And I agree that they have sent Mr. Munna away and lost someone concerned about the safety of the public. Davina wanted to do her job like it was supposed to be done and not look the other way while laws were broken. And few people cared – yet when she died, they came by the tens and twenties, from village council members to ferry boat pilot to gawk at her dead body when they finally put her in the ticket office, after having left her body uncovered and unsecured on the dock for a while. The BHI dignitaries did not send a single bloom or bud for her funeral. It took years to get a badge from that place. Even now, no one can leave any kind of remembrance where they left her body like garbage. It is removed quickly, as you said, for the appearance of being so family oriented. At least Mr. Munna got out alive.

  • Simpson says:

    This guy is a jackass-he deserves to go, hopefully he will end up somewhere other than public service!No one with his attitude should stand behind a badge!!!

  • meee says:

    This is a shame in so many ways… shame on Calvin Peck for being such a jealous person, shame on the council for their lack of backbone but mostly, what a shame for the residents & visitors of BHI who won’t have Chip around any longer.

  • 4271EMTPFF says:

    If your innocent why resign?? Low morale,numerous homes lost to fires,teaching classes through community college while at work,covering up for past fire Chief Brown,who groomed you in return for his position,( who later quit,was hired by Oak Island and fired soon after)backstabbing present and past employees,have fire trucks respond to all ambulance calls with ambulances to boost statistics to the State of North Carolina,showing large number of fire truck responses on Island,thus more funding from Brunswick County tax payers,tax refunds on gas for fire trucks and ambulances(listed as Volunteer paid fire/ems services,these records are public and there!
    Sucking up to the volunteers for support is another page out of past fire Chief Browns playbook!!

  • Disgusted says:

    It looks like The great and powerful wizard of Bald Head, His wicked witch and their flying monkeys have sucessfully smoke and mirrored out another veteran employee. Hopefully someday, someone will pull back the curtain and expose him pulling his strings as the puppetmaster that he is. Today is a sad day for Bald Head Island. You should fly your flag at half mast in shame. Another casualty of Peck’s war.

  • outsider says:

    There is a story that tells of a woman who is constantly beaten, battered, raped, belittled, opressed and ridiculed by her husband. No matter how many times it is reported…. she still loves him and is afraid to be alone. She will have to start again, so She lives in constant fear but will do nothing about it. She makes excuses to justify her mind what he is doing is for the better. He didn’t mean to. He was just upset. He won’t do it again. In reality…He is a genuine coward at heart. He thrives on tormenting her and her family. Threatening of what will happen if she leaves him. Then one day. She is dead at his hand. You all ask….why didn’t she just leave while she had a chance? All she had to do was say ENOUGH! She is too scared.
    There is a story of an island with a battered council. Beaten, battered, raped, belittled, and made to look like FOOLS to the very people they are serving. They live in fear of a manager they gave too much power. Now they are afraid to start over. Afraid to say ENOUGH! What secrets does he hold over you? Why do you let him push you around? EVERYONE CAN SEE IT BUT THE BATTERED WIFE. YOUR CITIZENS ARE CRYING OUT FOR JUSTICE!!! How many prople would be speaking up for Calvin if he was forced off the job??? (insert cricket chirps here!!) NOBODY!! We all see him for the fake, plastic, evil shell of a man he is and we see what he is doing to your community. LEAVE HIM BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE FOR YOU ALL !!!!! FIND SOMEONE ELSE!!! START OVER BEFORE YOU ARE SO FAR BEATEN AND BRUISED THAT YOU CAN’T RECOVER. IT IS NOT TOO LATE!!! Take away his power over you.
    You just have to want to change. A better place to live without fear. What Bald Head Island should represent.

  • BHI Contractor says:

    Chip, you’ve never been anything but a gentleman with me and I always felt safe when you were around. I have no idea what happened, and it’s none of my business. I’m sorry to see you go, but I wish you the very best in the future. Take care of yourself, and I hope to see you around.

  • Peggy Garrett says:

    I absolutely CAN NOT comprehend that this village board would even consider accepting the resignation of one of the most dedicated employees they will ever have. Dedicated to Bald Head Island, dedicated to the residents,dedicated to the tourists, dedicated to his employees. I can’t explain how strongly I believe in Chief Munna’s integrety, professionalism, knowledge, ability, and genuine concern for humankind. He has dedicated his entire career to serving people and this is how he is treated. Tell this to the parents of the nine year old boy struck by lightening on your beach who is alive today because of Chief Munna. Tell this to all the other countless people that are alive today because of his dedication and teaching. I know that I could never be half the person he is and I know that if anyone in my family needed assistance Chief Munna is the man I would want there. The only thing we have been told is there was a problem with a “policy”, nothing illegal. Let me ask you, village board, and village manager, (I will not use capital letters when referring to you, as you do not deserve the respect), how many lives have you saved and what policy is going to take the place of A MAN LIKE CHIEF JEROME MUNNA? You have made the BIGGEST MISTAKE of your lives. My family and I will never visit Bald Head Island again. This is nothing short of a terrible shame on your part. I wish Chief Munna the best in his future endeavors and hope his next employer realizes their gain because of your stupidity.
    As far as calvin peck is concerned, I suggest we pray for him as we know he will rot in hell for his jealous, immature, inability as a man.

  • Plain Jane says:

    Unless you’ve worked with Chip as a employee, you have no idea how things were ran. The residents or volunteers clearly have been misinformed. Once the decision was made to combine all departments into Public Safety things changed, and not for the better. Morale went down rather quickly. It was the police verses the fire/ems. There were and still are police that had no desire to learn or train in the emt/fire side. Yet, Emt and Firefighters were told they would have to get their BLET. The Emt/fire was clearly not as important to the Chief or Town Manager. I find it interesting that people want to blame this all on Calvin Peck. While he has a hand in this, you are foolish to think that Chip did not. Chip was rude to employees and had a do as I say not as I do policy. Here he was making almost 100,00 a year and was barely there! Now let’s wait and see how long it takes until they announce that Chip is the new Chief at Oak Island!

  • guest962012 says:

    From your comment, I am taking it you work for Bald Head Public Safety to have first hand knowledge. How did you benefit from Chief Munna’s dismissal? Promotion? Are you sure you are not refering to the manager’s do as I say not as I do policy? I’m sure Peck is Making a nice 6 figure salary and off the island more than he is there! No investigation of him violating policy? Oh thats right…He is King and not accountable to anybody. Chief Munna may have possibly been hard to work for. I do not know. I have never met him but from what I understand he was a perfectionist. That could be conceived as hard to work for. But I have also read about all the good he has done and ultimately how dozens of people have said “if something happens to me, I want Chief Munna there!” I have NEVER read or heard ANYTHING good about Peck. Most of the commenting people want him gone. Interesting…….

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