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LAURINBURG, NC(WWAY) — As the Democratic Party collects in Charlotte, the GOP candidate for governor in North Carolina went to Scotland County this afternoon. The topic isn’t who’s running for the job of president, but where are the jobs in North Carolina?

Scotland County has the highest unemployment rate in North Carolina at 17.6 percent. The community in Laurinburg agrees that this high number affects the entire community.

“People love this community and aren’t anxious to leave it,” said store manager Terry Gallman. “But I think you end up having to go out of the community to find a job because we are small and we don’t have enough to offer.”

Many businesses have closed and jobs are hard to find here. Some folks say they have to drive for hours to find work.

“It takes me two hours to get to work,” said Lonnie Robison. “I have to go all the way to Wilmington just to work because there’s nothing around here.”

The lack of jobs may mean more than just an economic impact on the region.

“It’s hard for everybody to find a job and I feel like it coincides with crimes that are being committed,” said Robison. “People’s houses are getting broken in to stuff like that because people don’t have any work and people want to eat.”

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Pat McCrory visited a plant in this mostly Democratic county Tuesday to address the unemployment problem. He says a stronger connection between businesses and those without jobs is necessary.

“We need a long term economic development plan out of the Governor’s Office which is going to try to connect the unemployed with needed workers at plants such as this,” said McCrory.

McCrory agrees the problem is bigger than just a lack of work. He says it goes all the way inside the pocket of tax payers.

“My goal is to get these people off unemployment not only for their sake but for the sake of the tax payer of North Carolina,” said McCrory.

McCrory says the state owes more than two billion dollars to pay off unemployment but it doesn’t have the money. He says that’s another problem that needs to be solved quickly.

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4 Comments on "ONLY ON 3: McCrory talks jobs in county with highest unemployment rate in North Carolina"

2015 years 9 months ago

dont blam obama !! if there is any blame to go around start in your own back yard , with sentor burr !! he has turn down the job bill that obama has giveing the GOP , AND the republican party , and yes it is the party of no ,, no jobs no health care , and no tax breaks for the poor and midlle class, but thay do say yes to tax break to the rich !!look folks , we have a port here in wilmington nc, and it should be open 24/7!!!! and we should have over 3-4k people working there , but we dont , we need our roads fixed, and there not ,obama has said this over and over ,, but sentor burr said NO !!! asked the sentor what he paid in his taxes last yr ,, mmmm opps im sorry he recived lots of money back and paid a rate of 15%

2015 years 9 months ago

how much of the $800 million in stimulus money alocated to NC went to the worthy projects you named, such as roads?

Of the 100 worst uses of stimulus funds identified in a report issued by 2 United States Senators, how many were in North Carolina? Try 12. Things like funding a study on the impact of video game useage by senior citizens, funding for the NC Insect Museum are just two.

NC had shots at a tire factory in Brunswick County and a Caterpillar facility, each of which would employ 1,500 people once construction was completed. And how about the plant which could have come to NC but ended up in Mobile, Alabama? Another opportunity lost. And how many would have been employed during the construction phase.

So don’t blame Burr or the Republicans.

Start closer to home.

Start with a Governor who allowed the stimulus funds to be used for frivilous, do nothing projects. Continue with a Governor who allowed a Secretary of Commerce to lose opportunity after opportunity. And still she did not replace him or at the very least demand he get out of Raleigh & directly contact the decision makers for these lost opportunities.

Don’t throw stones @ Burr or the Republicans. Remember, they were in the minority when these things were going down.

Want the same ole, same ole. Vote for Mike and Bev’s little boy Walter Dalton. And vote for the current White House occupant who would have four more years to drive this nation deeper in debt.

Or vote for change. McRory for Governor. Romney for President.

2015 years 9 months ago

Senator Phil Berger head of the Republican led Senate has attempted to block every incentive package offered industry across North Carolina except those in his home district, the triad area. Folks in the Wilmington area might recall how we lost Continental Tire last year even when there was clear Bi-Partisan support for the package. Pat McCrory has no idea what he is up against if he thinks he will bring jobs to NC.
I do wish him well!! Senate Republicans would do well to oust Phil Bedrger if they have any hope of solving NC unemployment problem.

2015 years 9 months ago

the state owes over $2 Billion to the Feds for funds loaned to keep Medicaid afloat.

And it owes another $2 Billion to the Feds for funds loaned to keep benefits in place for the long term unemployed who were unwilling to seek alternate employment outside of their industry or to take available training to prepare for another career.

The state can not afford continued borrowing when it does not have the funds to cover current expenses.

Add to the above, underfunded state employee retirement funds and state retiree health insurance funds.

McRory gets the message. Mike & Bev’s boy, Walter Dalton does not get it.


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